Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Open Secaucus Outlet

Just when you thought that Secaucus was a dying outlet center, Dolce & Gabbana comes to save the neighborhood. The brand's Woodbury store is under construction and New Jersey is the beneifciary of their wonderful discounted overstock.

The outlet includes Dolce & Gabbana and D&G for men and women, accessories, shoes and kids. Right now, product from the spring 2011 collection is 50% off, spring 2010 is 85% off and fall/winter 2009 is 85% off. A strapless silk chiffon eyelet dress is $660 from $4,395, black python and patent leather pumps are $112 from $750, a men's luxury fit suit is $240 from $1595 and a D&G quilted Lily bag is $535 from $1070.

Those prices deffinitly make an outting attractive. This is also the only location where you can find outleted (yes, we're making that a verb now) D&G kids merchandise. No one knows how long the Secaucus store will be open, so we're going to take advantage while we can.

Dolce & Gabbana Outlet
900 Secaucus Road
Secaucus, NJ


Anonymous said...

I happened to go in there the last weekend of July. Had no idea it was there. I bought a pair of nude strappy heels for $97 from $650.

Jess said...

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melike said...

hi, do u know any outlet mall near to madison new jersey? i am new in here (for 2 weeks) so i dont know anywhere. thanks...