Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fashion Week: Improvd

By TJ Kennedy

Mastering the contrast between hard and soft, feminine and edgy, is no easy task. With ethereal blue tie dye dresses holstered with textured leather belts, Improvd hit the nail on the head. The collection was sexy, with slits up the skirts and leather detailed wrap dresses, but it looked comfortable and put off an chic bohemian vibe.

Stand out trend: Sky-like print tie dye maxi dresses with thick black leather belts

How to get the look: This messy French braid is easiest to have done by someone else, but with a little hairspray and a lot of Bobby pins, you can pull it off yourself. Uncleaned hair will make this easier. Tease the top and start braiding from the crown of the head all the way to the ends. For the eyes, we are seeing copper eyeshadow almost at every show. It's absoulutly time for a trip to Sephora. Depending on eye shape, apply shadow liberally, use minimal mascara and pair with a natural lip tone.

Who makes it work: The California girl who made the move to the Big Apple look effortless; she kept her Boho style but mixes it up with edgy accessories.


Anonymous said...

Get a spell checker... improved on this post and Dior in the one on MJ. Come on guys.

Anonymous said...

improvd is the correct spelling of the line.