Thursday, October 13, 2011

The IT-It: Moshi Moshi Phones

Pop-culture is such a big part about shopping and trends. It's hard to ignore all the new and interesting items that sweep retail culture. So starting this week, we are going to hightlight the newest, the hotest and hard-to-get items that make our mouths warter and hearts pump.

The big buzz can come from a $5 braces bracelet or impossible to get $995 Christian Louboutin men's spikey sneakers. Regardless of what IT is, it's obviously an IT-it.

This week. with the launch of the new iPhone we are struck by Moshi Moshi headsets. They are bright plastic retro shaped headsets that plug into your cell phone. Fans range from those concearned about SAR radiation to others who are tired of crooking a skinny cell phone under their chin.

Moshi Moshi headsets come in a wide array of bright colors ranging from bubble gum pink to electric blue. They are sold in cell phone and variety stores inlcuding, Lester's and Feldman's Hardware on the Upper East Side.

Moshi Moshi Headsets
$34 Lester's
$29, plus shipping Amazon


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

looks pretty neat...should be interesting to see how long it lasts!

Anonymous said...


Can we get back to Madison Avenue sales please?!!!


Anonymous said...

i have a red one and it has lated me months! It's really cool and it!!