Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Upcoming Sample Sales

There are some very interesting sample sales coming up this week. Instead of posting about them individually, we thought we would list them all in one post. Of course, there are several more sales going on in the coming weeks but here's what we think will be the best, brightest and most money saving.

Rag & Bone
Past coverage c/o Racked
Thursday, December 1 to Sunday, December 4
Thurs & Fri 10:30am to 8pm, Sat 12pm to 7pm & Sun 12pm to 5pm
Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Ave. (btwn. 15th & 16th St.)

Alexis Bittar
Past coverage c/o Racked
Friday, December 2 & Saturday, December 3
Fri & Sat 9am to 6:30pm
125 W. 21st St. (bet. 6th & 7th Ave.)
Cash Only

Pre-sale scoop c/o Mizhattan
Friday, Dec 1
10am to 7pm
The Ace Hotel 20 W 29th between 5th and Broadway


Anonymous said...

Anybody knows anything about the DVF sample sale?

Anonymous said...

i just went to the alexis sale this AM, thank you MAS! however, beware: the cashiers are not too savvy in calculating (not their fault, it's not their full time job), so they made several mistakes in adding up my order. and even then, i overpaid by $49 due to another calculation error. i did not realize this by the time i left. Plus everything is cash only and they do not give you a receipt so even less chance for you to prove anything.

bring your own calc and add it all up yourself before heading to the register. Its easy to get overwhelmed.

Lila Delilah said...

That's horrible. I am very sorry to hear that!