Sunday, December 4, 2011

Your Guide to Chanel Handbag Prices

The Madison Avenue Spy team is always talking about prices. What's the real value of an item? What's the markdown?  What's the retail price? 

When it comes to Chanel's Classic bags we even get confused. There are so many different sizes, styles and leather finishes. Even Chanel salespeople get confused. So as you jump into your holiday shopping, we offer you the Madison Avenue Spy price guide to Classic Chanel handbags.

We picked three of the most popular styles-- the Classic Flap, the Reissue and the Tote -- and priced out many of the variations. Just for fun, we also dug up prices from 2009. Although we can't fully vouch for the complete accuracy of the vintage information, we thought it would be an informative reference. 

You can access a PDF version of our price guide here or click on the image above and expand the copy so that's legible. We hope you find this guide useful and we plan to bring you more. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. 


Toni R said...

Do you have the measurements of the bags?

Lila Delilah said...

There is a mistake in the chart. I am getting a new version worked up and will post it as soon as it's ready.

sorry for any confusion.

Cwong said...

Hi, I just bought a M/L Lambskin Classic Flap in Hawaii on Nov 14. The price there is US$4000. I have seen some other posting online that they pay for US3900 too. I wonder why the Chanel store in Honolulu charges US $100 more.

Lila Delilah said...

Hmmm. That is very interesting. You might want to call a Chanel boutique in NY and ask. The US headquarters are here and you're the most likly to get accurate information.

Anonymous said...

I bought my PST in 2007 for $1250. My medium Caviar classic flap was $2350 in Summer 2008. I don't think the 1999 prices are correct at all. They look more like 2009 prices. Yes, Chanel increased their prices that quickly as of late.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the small classic flap is 3500.. I was expecting 2200. So much for buying that, lol.

Anonymous said...

@ Sunshine
What do you expect? Personal fulfillment? We are all just speculating here-- prices change regularly and maybe--just maybe there are other things to do in life!
Go to the store and tell us differently-- whining about your disappointment (!) is useless!