Sunday, June 3, 2012

DVF Online Sample Sale

Diane von Furstenberg has an alternative plan for those who can't make it downtown for the sample sale or wish not to shop among throngs of aggressive discount shoppers. For the first time, shoppers can access DVF's sample sale when they log onto

Those who register their email addresses will be able to shop for discounted DVF starting June 4th. Like the real sale, the online version goes public on June 5th. The downside is that we don't expect for there to be a $50 "sample rack" at the online sale.

You can click here to read our previous post, which outlines the ins and outs of the DVF sample sale. Happy clicking!


nancy said...

Thanks for turning my original DVF comment re twitter followers into a post See sample sale survival guide too.

Anonymous said...

hi, the online sale actually started today, but looks like pricing not as good as the physical sale unless they're raising prices this year

Anna H.C. said...

I went to the sale during my lunch break today as soon as it opened. I would like to add I barely saw any of this stuff online at the actual sale unless they plan on adding more of this throughout the week. There were tons of wrap dresses and there are not many of those on the site. The pricing is especially off. The dresses at the actual sample sale was $130, wraps were $150, and so on (notice the pattern).