Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zadig & Voltaire 80% Off

Zadig & Voltaire likely fits best in the contemporary-grunge section of your closet. It's cool. It's young. It's on Madison. And yes, it's on sale.

The Zadig & Voltaire sale starts Tuesday at the 260 Sample Sale space. This evening we took our spy gear and scoped out the situation. Shoppers will find an assortment of shoes, bags, belts, scarves and clothing for men, women and children ranging from 60% to 80% off.

If you're looking for leather jackets or pants you are going to want to get to the sale early. There isn't a lot of inventory and you can bet leather jackets priced at $300 and leather pants at $200 will be the first to run out. Silk pajama tops for $150 from $450 are also poised to be a big hit. A tattered leather jacket, which was clearly a return from Macy's was priced at $350 from over $1000. Blazers with bedazzles skulls on the back are $190 from $530.

You're in luck if you're looking for items from last year's sequin collection. There are sequin dresses ($200), tops ($150) and tanks ($150). There's obviously also lots of brand classic tees and tops for $60 and sweaters, which range in price from $90 to $120.

Moving on to shoes, there are a few styles of combat boots ($150) and an eye catching sparkle style wedge ($100). On the bags table, shoppers flocked to the classic style leather tote, which was priced at $130 from $380. Clutches are $100 and cool colored bowling bags are $170. The sale also includes a great range of hats, including straw styles for $30 and leather ones for $70. Scarves are priced between $30 and $50.

If you're a brand fan, this is a sale you won't want to miss. Those who find the contemporary-grunge outside of the comfort zone may find more satisfaction shopping elsewhere. You can browse though a full catalogue of sale pictures on my Flickr account here.

Zadig & Voltaire
Thursday, October 25 through Sunday, October 28
Thurs 9am-8pm, Fri & Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm
260 Fifth Avenue, between 28th & 29th st.


Anonymous said...

This sale was great! Got 3 sweaters/tops in wool, good quality for $100 each and a bathing suit for $50! Went there during lunch time and there were lots of people but no line... Wondering if I am going back on Sunday! ;)

Lila Delilah said...

i imagine there will be price cuts on Sunday. I vote to go back!

Anonymous said...

Even after discount, the price still high. It's more like "Christmas sale" than a real sample sale!!

Anonymous said...

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