Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bottega Veneta Bags 70% Off

Browsing through a store and being told that a particular item NEVER goes on sale is especially infuriating when you know for a fact that the item has been marked down in the past. This is often the case when we inquire about Bottega Veneta bags.

 "Oh, our bags never go on sale," a willowy sales person has scolded.

"We never have markdowns on bags," we were admonished on another occasion.

As we all know, most items do go on sale at some time and place. As a matter of fact, we just found out that the Bottega Veneta outlet is having a major sale on-- you guessed it-- bags! Soft Lambskin Soffios in army green and a dark rose red are priced at about 70% off or $374 from $1100.

Woven bags may not be discounted so steeply but a 50% cut is pretty nice. Mini-shoulder bags/ evening bags are $573 from $1150 and a large handbag with a woven flap is $1252 from $2550. There is also a full range of last season's floral and mesh large bag is $3289 from $6700. (The same bag is on Bluefly for $4685.)

So now we just need to come up with a good answer next time we are told bags don't go on sale! Suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

sounds great... and were is the outlet...? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Is this online or at a physical store? If so, where is the store?

Lila Delilah said...

Woodbury Common is about 40 min outside of Manhattan in Harriman, NY

Anonymous said...

When a salesperson says that something NEVER goes on sale. There are several possible responses – “Don’t say never, because you never know” or “Never is a long time” or “There is always a first time”. I say take your pick.

Anonymous said...

"Funny that you would say your bags NEVER go on sale...... (as you unravel a paper out of your Bottega Veneta bag) this very bag was purchased on sale for 70% off! (as you smirk and hand said sales person your receipt)