Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Must Be Kidding: $20,000 Vintage Fur

The second-hand fur market has never been stellar. Realistically, a coat that's more than 5-years-old has likely depreciated much as the bride's maid dress you wore to your sister's wedding. The technology used in manufacturing new furs make the old, heavier, bulkier styles almost completely undesirable.

It's for this reason that we almost fell off our chairs when we came across this ad on Craigslist: "Vintage, Exquisite, 1 of a Kind Natural Tourmaline Arcturus Mink Coat- $20,000." We were so intrigued by this post that we gave the seller a call. Turns out that the coat is currently in Arizona, was purchased in 1983 (truly vintage) and has been appraised for $25,500.

Now, this old, out-of-style, out-of-date, coat can be yours for just $20,000. But it gets better! Act now and ready yourself to enjoy the monograming of the prior owner. Tempting right? Unfortunatly, a complimentry trip to Arizona is not available even if you would like to try on this minx of a mink. (For clarity, we are still taking about the coat and not the woman.)

How much, if anything, would you pay for this blond beauty? Again, the coat!


Anonymous said...

you made me smile :) this is crazy.
thank you.


Anonymous said...

couple of things wrong with this:

Why would a woman who lives in Arizona even need a fur coat?
If the fur coat was not kept in cold storage, especially in Arizona it isn’t worth anything because the skins have dried out.
I am sure that she can find someone to appraise the coat for any amount -$25,000, $30,000 or whatever.
Is anyone even still wearing white mink?????

My last comment: I can say this - The coat looks vintage and so does she. I think both need to be restyled! I wish her luck, hey maybe she could sell it to the woman who bought the $30,000 Chanel bag; now there’s a sucker.

Anonymous said...

You have been particularly mean lately. Why don't we focus on sales and shopping tips? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was just mean. The person took the time to take your call and you make fun of them? Very unprofessional.