Sunday, June 30, 2013

Men's Markdowns Summer Overview

Markdowns for men's clothing and accessories always come a bit after women's. Here is a brief overview of current sales for the guys. The discounts range from about 40% to 60% off. We would say that Saks Fifth Avenue has the best selection but the winner of best discounts goes to online retailer Mr. Porter where the savings run up to 80% off.

Clothing and shoes are 60% off and accessories range from 60% to 70% off. We are unapologetic about the fact that we are done with $1000 spiked sneakers. We suggest opting for a more moderate style of basic canvas. Thom Grey's will do just fine at $89 from $225. We are in love with this muscle enhancing YSL tee that's marked $189 from $320 and basic Paul Smith swim trunks that are $79 from $195.

Bergdorf Goodman
The Bergdorf man may not have a restaurant of his own any more but he can take advance of the same 60% markdown as his female counterpart across the street. Shoes are 50% and you really can't go wrong with a basic Gucci loafer for $212 from $425. Most clothing is 60% off but higher end items like a Brioni french-cuff dress shirt is only 20% off or $476 from $595.

Mr. Porter
Hey men, if you're really looking for some decent savings and love wonderful customer service than Mr. Porter is the destination for you. The all-men's site is offering savings up to 80% off and there are still some great items from which to choose. This Balmain field jacket is a true classic and keeper at $780 from $2600. How about a unstructured Dolce & Gabbana linen blazer for $118 from about $1400?

Most men love shopping at Nordstrom because of their no hassle customer service. We can't argue with that. Take note that Nordstrom boys can save up to 60% off. Call us crazy but we love the lines on this Just Cavalli leather moto for $863 from $1400. This Dolce & Gabbana Madonna tee is unlikely to go unstolen from your girlfriend or boyfriend but it's okay considering it's reduced to $132 from almost $300. We generally love Oriebar Brown for his relaxed and fashionable designs. At 50% off you're looking at some very reasonably priced summer fashion. Most men also love the store's Faconnable brand, which is even more attractive when it's 50% off.

Saks Fifth Avenue
It seems as if the Saks man might be able to save even more than the Saks woman. Many clothing and shoes styles are priced 60% off. You can't go wrong with these Prada sailing sneakers for $171 from $380 or Prada Drivers for $216 from $480. How about a classic Diesel jean jacket for $134 from almost $300? Seems like another one of those items you can love and share.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

YSL Sample Sale Full of Disappointment

Over the years the Saint Laurent sale has either been a total bust or a complete score. Considering the tremendous deals we found the few seasons we were almost sure that this season was going to continue the trend. We couldn't have been more wrong.  Shoppers at today's YSL sample sale VIP preview were unanimous disappointed.

For beginners, the VIP sale kick-off to the sale is usually not very strict. Today, however, organizers were checking names AND photo identification before allowing admittance. This is the strictest door policy we've ever encountered. Not even Christian Louboutin or Hermes VIP sales required a photo ID. (Perhaps they were trying to hide the fact that this sale is so dismal?)

If you were one of the lucky shoppers to get into the sale you were still not immune to disappointment. One shopper texted, "Don't bother. It's clothing from the dark ages and prices are a fortune." As a matter of fact most items are just discounted 50%. "Even the scarves are expensive," another spy wrote.

This season Tribute pumps are priced at $399 as opposed to $350 at last season's sample sale. Saks Fifth Avenue has a selection of Tributes priced at $417. Clearly not worth the cab ride to 8th Avenue. White Y shoulder bags, which were yellowed with age, were priced at $749 from  a retail price of $1795. Tiny keychains were $99 from $199 and leopard scarves were $200 from $400.

Most everyone who shopped today left empty handed. Our advice is to skip this sale and enjoy the 50% discount at the boutique or wait for the third markdown at department stores. It shouldn't be too long now.

Saint Laurent Sample Sale
Friday, June 28th through Sunday, June 30th
Fri &Sat 9:00am—7:30pm, Sun 9:00am—6:30pm
Soiffer Haskin 317 W. 33rd St btwn Eighth & Ninth Ave

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

YSL Sample Sale Begins Thursday

If you are looking to find the best selection of discount Saint Laurent and beat the crowds you're going to want to hit the YSL sample sale Thursday with the VIPs. We generally suggest attending the sale mid-afternoon when there are usually no lines, crowds or list checkers.

At the last sale we found Roadys ($600), postcard patent totes ($400), YSL canvas totes ($300), duffels/weekenders ($400), Cabases ($800), clutches for $200 and wallets for $100. There are tons of shoes too. Trib 2 were $350, sandals $350, boots $350 and all other shoes $200. Men's shoes are all $200. Right this way for details on the last YSL sale.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date sale information.

YSL VIP Sample Sale
Thursday, June 27
Soiffer Haskin 317 W. 33rd St btwn Eighth & Ninth Ave

Shop Jeen Sample Sale Like No Cal Candy

The online variety store, Shop Jeen is hosting a sample sale on everything from novelty gum to iPod covers to Dannijo jewelry and printed leggings and cool temporary tattoos. If you're not a Instagram follower of Shop Jeen then let us explain the lure -- it's like a no calorie candy shop for trend setters.

Prices start at just $1 and there is so much from which to choose. If possible, take a child (or a friend) to the sale and really make an afternoon of fun. (You can also receive an extra 10% off if you pair up.) While you're there be sure to say hi to Erin, who was formerly one of our spies. Click here to see pictures from inside the warehouse sale and be sure continue shopping virtually through the store's Instagram account.

Shop Jeen
Through Saturday, June 29
11am to 7pm
325 West 38th Street, #208
Cash & Credit Cards

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DVF Sample Sale: Too Hot to Stand

Today was the first day of the Diane von Fustenberg sample sale. As expected the deals were great but when the air conditioning went out this afternoon, it was truly too hot to stand. One woman was so focused on the deals that she literally shopped until she dropped-- an ambulance was called.
Mad-Spy Fan Shopping DVF

Hopefully the air conditioning will begin functioning again on Wednesday and shoppers can focus their strength on sorting through the always outstanding $50 sample sale racks rather than persevering the heat. We suggest hitting this sample sale sooner rather than later. It seems as if there isn't to much back stock for replenishing.

Prices are the same as the prior season with wrap dresses priced at $150, regular dresses are $125 and skirts and blouses are $80. Take note that much of the merchandise is better suited for fall and winter. There are lots of long dresses and there's lots of sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. The bags are a bit pricey but are quickly becoming a highlight of the DVF collection. Handbags are $285, clutches are $100 and canvas bags (perfect for the beach) are just $60.

Markdowns are expected later this week but in this instance we would opt for selection over savings. Just be careful not to over do it with the sequins, rhinestones and paillettes. You can click here to see more pictures from our shopping trip.

Diane von Furstenberg
Wednesday, June 26th through Saturday, June 29th
Wed & Thurs 10am—8pm, Fri 9am—7pm, Sat 11—7pm
260 Fifth Avenue btwn 28th & 29th St

Monday, June 24, 2013

Inside YSL's Summer Markdown

Everyone has YSL on their mind considering that the sample sale is scheduled to being later this week. We always suggest scoping out the bonafide boutique before we every suggest waiting in lines or shopping among hoarders. Right now spring, ready-to-wear is 50% off, several bag styles are marked down 40% and shoes prices are cut 30%.

The most interesting deals are the handbags especially considering the classic styles included in the markdown list. A classic black Muse is about $1300 from over $2000 and matte black Muse Two is $1050 from $1530. The only problem is finding these bags still in stock. The more Hedi Slimane-styled Duffel Bag 12 is discounted in both green and white from $2850 to $1859.

Despite lackluster critic reviews, several retailers say that this past YSL collection sold much better than previous seasons. We must admit that we liked Hedi's hint of punk couture. This asymmetrical top in leather and wool ($950 from $1800) is highly wearable and stylish. A black and white stripped blazer ($1480 from $2900) is going to look as stylish next summer as it does this summer. And this LBD with chain details, ($2500 from $5000) will be perfect going to into fall.

If you're looking for shoes we would definitely head to a department store or wait for the sample sale. A 30% cut this late in the season isn't a good deal for any shopper. We found the best prices at Barneys with a 60% cut but the best selection at Saks with a 40% discount.

TJ: (212) 980-2970

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Inside the Ippolita Sample Sale

Considering the price of costume jewelry, it's hard to turn up the opportunity to shop Ippolita's sample sale at a 65% cut off of retail. The Soiffer Haskin sale started Saturday but many of those early shoppers suffered a two hour wait to get inside. Sunday's shoppers faired a much better luck-- no wait and there was still plenty of merchandise.

Prices started at $20 for an arrangement of bangles and run through over $6000 for a gold necklaces with diamonds. A majority of items are 65% off but there was a small selection of jewelry for 70% off. The assortment in the higher discount category was so undesirable that it's better just ignore the whole category. The newest Ippolita designs were discounted 50% off.

A sterling silver necklace similar to the one shown here with different stones was marked $113, this exact style was $193 from $550. There were lots of Glamazon hammered bangles in both silver and gold, along with lots of jewels with colored semi-precious gems. We couldn't resist these rose large teardrop earrings that were about $200 from about $600. Equally attractive, were these gold hoop earrings with diamonds, which came out to approximately $3300 from $5500.

If you're looking for the very best deals, we suggest that you wait to shop until the last day. Last season they offered shoppers an extra 15% off. Now, that's a jewel of a deal.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Obsessed with

Remember when you could get the most fabulous deals on Gilt? It seems like the days of online discounts on Prada, YSL, Celine and Gucci are as far gone as the days of $600 Chanel bags.

If you're wondering where all the online discounts went we are excited to say that we've found them. has some of the best online deals we've seen in a very long time. During a recent YSL sale the site was offering the ever-so-popular YSL large Caba satchels for $1760 from $2500 and current sale has a YSL duffle bag for $899 from $2700. Jason Wu's sexy shoes are about 80% off and colorful Missoni umbrellas start at just $69. Need a pair of stylish kicks? Grab a pair of Alessandro Dell'Acqua for about 50% off or an unbelieveable Derek Lam black and white trench for $500 from almost $2000.

If that's not enough for you be sure to look out for the upcoming sales, which include Halston Heritage, Tom Ford, Marni and Balenciaga handbags and accessories. We appologie in advance if turns into your obsession too.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Best Upcoming Sample Sales

While we've been combing the markdowns at department stores and boutiques, designer sample sales have been heating up. This coming week is turning out to be a great time for sample sale shoppers. Even though there are dozens of scheduled designer sales we would suggest selecting your shopping destinations carefully. Here are a few of our top picks:

Expect to find the brand's gem bangles priced at about $600 each from a retail price of $2000. That means that you can get a full 3-stack for the normal price of just one. Silver hoop earrings with topaz are normally $1400 reduced to about $420. A gold pendant with onyx is normally $2000 reduced is likely to be priced at about $600. Click here to read more from the past sale.=
Saturday, June 22 through Tuesday, June 25
Sat& Sun 9am—6pm, Mon& Tues 9am—7pm
Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St @ 8th Ave

Fashionable men and their stylists take note of this sale. Isaia is known throughout the world as one of the finest designers of men's clothing and finding discounts like these is not a normal occurrence. At the last sale shoppers were able to snag suits and tuxes for $850, dress shirts for $125 and outerwear for $450. Normal retail prices for suits and tuxes can go up to $3000, $450 for shirts and upwards of $4000 for outerwear. Even the most irreverent Goldman snob swoons over deals like these.
Tuesday, June 25 through Friday, June 28
Tues—Thurs 10am—7pm, Fri 10am—1pm
225 Fifth Ave btwn 26th & 27th St

Diane von Furstenberg
DVF, need we say more? It's always one of our favorite sample sales of the year. Prices normally start at $50 for samples and run up to $250 for vintage wrap dresses. You can read full coverage from last season's sale right here.
Tuesday, June 25th through Saturday, June 29th
Tues—Thurs 10am—8pm, Fri 9am—7pm, Sat 11—7pm
260 Fifth Avenue btwn 28th & 29th St

Yves Saint Laurent
This is the perfect sale for those who have their heart set on a YSL item and can't stand the idea of paying full price. Most importantly there are loads of bags. AT the last sale we found Roadys ($600), postcard patent totes ($400), YSL canvas totes ($300), duffels/weekenders ($400), Cabases ($800), clutches for $200 and wallets for $100. There are tons of shoes too. Trib 2 were $350, sandals $350, boots $350 and all other shoes $200. Men's shoes are all $200. Right this way for details on the last YSL sale.
Friday, June 28th through Sunday, June 30th
Fri &Sat 9:00am—7:30pm, Sun 9:00am—6:30pm
Soiffer Haskin 317 W. 33rd St btwn Eighth & Ninth Ave

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Second Markdowns at Saks, Bergdorf & Barneys

By ManhattanMataHari 

 New York’s big three department stores– Bergdorfs, Saks, and Barneys – started taking their second markdowns and added sale merchandise from Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Alaia. We scoured the stores and compared prices on our favorite designer items. We found that Barney’s has the best prices on accessories and clothing but the selection is more limited than their competition. Saks generally has the best pricing on shoes but their ready-to-wear discounts are currently tied with Bergdorf Goodman. You can click here to see dozens of pictures from our shopping trip.

The first floor of Barneys, which is essentially a handbag gallery, has discounts that range from 30% to 40% off. We found a surprisingly large selection of Proenza Schouler handbags on sale, including a great lime PS1 satchel for $1119 from $1695. Balenciaga has two seasonal non-leather bags on sale, a small olive First for $959 and large cherry red work bag for $999. If you head to the second floor you will find the best selection of Giambattista Valli and Lanvin clothing, which takes the cake at 60% off. On the third floor we were impressed by the selection of Jil Sander and The Row for 60% off. Unfortunatly, the Missoni selection was rather thin. There are loads of Celine ready-to-wear but the discount is just 40% off. On the fourth floor we were sad to not find any discounted Saint Laurent or Proenza Schouler but were buoyed by the huge selection of Balenciaga, Marni and Givenchy at a 60% cut. As for shoes, Chanel will go on sale Friday at 40% discount and Louboutin, Alaia and Celine are all currently 40%. Most other designer shoes are currently 60% off retail. Barneys shoe department is a clear winner for the best selection of Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Miu Miu and Maison Martin Margiela. We spotted some funky Bottega Veneta platform pumps for $349 from $880. We don’t anticipate further discounts on shoes but there will be one more markdown on clothing, which usually goes to 75% off. More pictures are right this way.
Jamise (accessories): 833-2031
Olga (2nd floor): (212) 833-2522
Alicia (3rd floor): (212) 833-2088
Kareem (shoes): (212) 833-2141

Bergdorf Goodman
If you’re looking for Tom Ford purses then you should head to Bergdorf Goodman. There are two red Jennifer bags for $1829 from $2750 and a small cross body version in blue suede for $1129. We also found print Proenza Schouler and Givenchy satchels in the sale mix. Our favorite discount bags are the selections of Valentino and Nancy Gonzalez, which are marked down 40%. Heading up to shoes, there are many misleading signs that will tell you the shoes are 40% off, however you will be hard pressed to find any styles discounted more than 30%. The good news is the shoe selection here is definitely the best of all the department stores and includes high end brands like Roger Vivier, Alaia, Lanvin, Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, Charlotte Olympia and Christian Louboutin. In the mix are gold and silver metallic YSL Tribute sandals and a great selection of boots. Heading into the boutiques, Tom Ford and Fendi are nearly full of 40% off ready-to-wear. The Gucci selection is also still very plentiful. The third floor of Bergdorfs has loads of mixed designer sales racks. We were smitten with the great selection of Roland Mouret dresses and discounted Prada and Balenciaga. The fourth floor selection of Akris, Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin and Valentino is far more extensive than Saks. How can you say no to one of those clear rockstud trench coats? Since the selection is so extensive, you may want to hold off until July when shoes typically go to a 50% cut and clothing is discounted up to 75%. Click click for photos.
Carlos (Chanel accessories): (212) 872-2858
Scott (shoes): (212) 872-8940
Trayvion (Chanel clothing): (212) 872-8689
Rachel (3rd floor): (347) 986-9629

Saks Fifth Avenue
When you go to Saks Fifth Avenue prepared to take an additional 25% off sales prices (plus an extra 10% with your Saks card), which puts prices in Barney’s markdown territory. We are not usually impressed with the handbag selection at Saks but we did spot some discounted Stella McCartney faux animal fur Falabella totes and Marc Jacobs shoulder bags for 40% off. We also found an orange Chloe Paraty and snakeskin embossed micro Marcies discounted 30%. There are a few Alexander McQueen day bags for 40% off. On the second floor you will find loads of discounted Michael Kors. We saw tons of Piazza Sempione, Escada and Brunello Cucinelli, Yigal Azrouel, MaxMar and Moschino. Checking out the Burberry selection we were please to see several coats and trenches, including a nice basic short black trench for $717 from $1195. There are also great sale options at Etro, Missoni and Ralph Lauren Black Label. Up on the third floor we were disappointed there weren’t many signature Emilio Pucci prints on sale but nearly everything in the extensive Dolce & Gabbana section is 40% off. The Jason Wu, Herve Leger and Proenza Schouler sales racks are becoming sparse but we were thrilled to find lots of awesome Peter Pilotto print dresses. Heading to the shoe salon everything is currently 30% off plus the extra 25%. Chanel, Dior and Louboutin shoes are all segregated on the right side and are elageable for the additional 25%. We found our favorite Chanel velvet smoking slippers for $595 from $850 but were not impressed by the Louboutin selection. Of all the department stores, Saks has the best selection of YSL Tribute and Tribtoo pumps. Same goes for Brian Atwood’s Maniac pumps, Nicholas Kirkwood, Giuseppe Zanotti crystal-embellished everything and Alexander McQueen. Peek at our pictures for more in store details.

Sarah (Chanel accessories): (212) 940-4347
Steven (2nd floor): (212) 940-2713
Em (3rd floor): (212) 940-4296
Deanna (Chanel clothing): (212) 940-2454

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The DVF Sale Lives On

Earlier this month we were startled when were were told that there were no plans for a Diane von Furstenberg sample sale this season. We are glad to report that DVF has decided not to forgo the fashion-loving event  and has scheduled to run the sample sale from Monday, June 24 through Friday, June 28.

The sale will take place at it's normal location at 260 Fifth Avenue and we wear told there will be "loads of great stuff." This is always one of our favorite sales of the year and last season we went home with stylish tops and dresses. Prices normally start at $50 for samples and run up to $250 for vintage wrap dresses. You can read full coverage from last season's sale right here.

DVF Sample Sale
Monday, June 24 through Friday, June 28
260 Fifth Avenue

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pictures Inside the Chanel Sale

The Chanel markdown officially begins on Tuesday and we have tons of stock lists, pictures and prices to guide you along your double-C discount shopping adventure. Prices on clothing and shoes are generally 40% off while bags are 30% off. And in the case you find yourself in the presence of a sales associate who insists Chanel bags never goes on sale-- you can show off these pictures!!!

Don't be too shy to call around if your local department store doesn't have the item you desire. We always suggest starting with less popular department stores. Personally, we've always had good luck shopping remotely with the Saks and Neiman Marcus at the Galleria in Houston, TX, the Saks in Desert Palm, CA and the Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale, AZ.

You can see a full catalogue of more than 50 sale items on our photo stream right this way.

Saks Fifth Avenue Jonathan 770-331-9600
Bergdorf Goodman Omitted
Bloomingdales Ricky 917-517-0077

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Baccarat Re-Opens on Madison

The new Baccarat flagship store opened its doors to customers and in doing so unveiled the template for the new global direction of the brand. The 2,800-sq-ft store located at 635 Madison Avenue at 60th Street was designed by architect Rafael de Cárdenas and asserts Baccarat's strong foothold as a leader in luxury home decor and accessories.

We recently set our spy eyes on the new store and we can boldly assert that this isn't your grandmother's crystal chest. The store highlights the Baccarat's long commitment to haute design and craftsmanship. The new location pays special attention to showcasing the numerous Baccarat designer collaborations including design veterans like, Nicolas Triboulot and Marcel Wanders.

The bi-level store also displays the wide range of products which include tableware, lighting, decorative objects and pays special attention to the brand's jewelry collection. We especially love the lighted design details like the purple display boxes that are placed throughout the store.

You can click here to see a collection of pictures from the store. Not a bad place to through back a several glasses of bubbly, huh?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Marni Madison Second Markdown

Marni sales associates just alerted select customers that the markdown is going to 50% off. from a 30% cut. Considering the level of discretion we were surprised to see that the sale is online too. As a matter of fact you may even have better luck with finding your select size when shopping on line. The downside to virtual shopping is that you can't try the items on and try-ons are always important for a Marni customer.

Some of our favorites from the sale category include the sleeveless faille print dress that's priced at $1835 from $2878, a blue geometric print cotton dress $650 from $1300 and jacquard duster that's  $950 from $1900. While you're shopping don't overlook the jewelry. We especially love the kitty bangle  $380 from $760 and this runway necklace that's $260 from $520. We also wouldn't mind this bag with suds and faceted crystals for $610 fr0n $1220.

 Kenny: (646) 442-6015

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spying Midtown Markdowns

By ManhattanMataHari

After covering the boutique spring/summer sales on Madison Avenue, Meatpacking and in Soho, we didn’t want to miss out on some of our favorite Midtown stores. Sales are now in full swing, so hurry in for the best selections of designer accessories and clothing for at least 30% off retail.

On the main accessories floor you will find lots of handbags 25% to 50% off, including classic styles and fun bright metallic numbers. On the second floor there is the higher end London collection, which is mostly 20% to 30% off. We were enamored with a $895 bomber style quilted jacket for $725 and a $795 short cropped trench for $650. For a better discount head to the third floor where you will find loads of jackets and ready-to-wear at a 35% to 50% cut. Some buttery soft $2545 black leather jackets are now $1296, while head-turning $3195 metallic trenches are now $1595.
Chris (accessories); Danny (rtw): (212) 407-7100

Don’t expect to find any handbags on markdown but shoes and ready-to-wear are discounted 40%. Since the sale started May 30th there isn't a surplus of sizes in heels. Don't worry though, there is plenty of clothing stock and a sales associate will call around to find your shoe sizes at other stores before they are sent off to the outlets. Now that’s service!
John: (212) 759-4646

While the private sale started on Friday, the Italian designer’s public sale starts today. Expect to find plenty of seasonal shoes and accessories for a 35% cut. This is the year of the Vara classic shoe – and we hear there will be seasonal colors included in the sale even if we can’t customize our own pair at a discount.
Dillon: (212) 759-3822

Emporio Armani
Clothing and accessories have been discounted 40% from retail. We were most impressed with their sublime selection of leather jackets in many colors. Unfortunately, no black leather jackets are included in the markdown since they carry over from season to season.
Edward: (212) 317-0800

If you are looking for a new handbag, we suggest you head over to Mulberry soon. There are loads of highly covetable leather goods and handbags now 20% to 40% off. Even the highly covetable $1500 Alexa satchel is marked down to $1050 and there are tons of different styles and colors to choose from. A small basic black Brin ($1100) is now $650. Clothing is also 50% off but we couldn’t take our eyes from all the great handbags.
Karina: (888) 685-6856 x3

Saint Laurent
We have never seen basic black Muse handbags on sale before, but our source informed us it is included in the 30% accessories markdown.  (We have a feeling that shoppers didn't respond well to the redesign of the classic bag.) Shoes have a similar markdown and include both Saint Laurent styles and YSL classics like Tribute sandals and Tribtoo heels. We got confirmation these YSL styles are destined for a planned phase out, although a timeframe has not yet been solidified. Hedi Slimane’s avant-garde clothing collection is a hefty 50% off if you can pull off his punkish looks.
TJ: (212) 980-2970

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

LVMH Tag Heuer Friends & Family Sale

LVMH is hosting its annual Tag Heuer friends and family sale where shoppers can save between 40% and 60% off retail on the fashionable and sporty watches. To access the sale you must use the link and enter the access key link2013 in the friends and family login section.

We especially like giving Tag watches as a gift to young adults and sporty dads. Take note that if you order before this Thursday, you can get your purchase delivered before Father's Day! The sale will run another week until June 17. We suggest shopping quickly because we see popular styles already selling out.

Our favorite style is the Formula 1, which is listed on the site with face options that come in red, black and orange. Watch enthusiasts will love the Carrera Automatic Chronograph that's on sale for $3000 from $4500. Usually the site offers a wider variety but sometimes less options simplifies gift shopping.

Take note that purchases are limited to a total of three watches and shopping is only open to US residents. In addition, all sales are final-- no backsies! On the bright side all watches are covered against manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase. So keep your receipt!

Monday, June 10, 2013

What's On Sale At Barneys

First markdown started about two weeks ago but don't always be be fooled by the early bird analogy. Today we took a tour of the front line of Barneys and found plenty of red hot markdowns. You can click here to view a photo gallery of our shopping trip or read on for in depth more details.

On the lobby or handbag floor, you can find a small selection of markdowns from almost every designer. All of the discount handbags are either 30% or 40%off. On sale is a Proenza PS11 with a woven body motif and a baby Givenchy Nightingale in white and gold for $989 from $1850. There is also a really nice sale selection of classic Mark Cross bags, which are reduced about 40%.

Moving up to the shoe floor there is a wild amount of discount shoes still waiting to find the perfect home. You can figure that there are still at least two islands of shoes for every size. The sad part is that so many styles are utterly horrible. Seriously, there are some fugly shoes out there. However, of course, we did spot some classic, pretty and even stylish shoes within the mass of questionable footwear experiments. We found very nice Miu Miu bow flats for under $225, Casadei wedges perfect for the girl on fire and our new favorite designer Alberto Moretti had a selection of heels that rival Louboutins.

Between the floors of bags and the shoes almost every piece of clothing in the store is on sale. As a matter of fact we only found a rack of Balmain lather jackets and some Balenciaga clothing not on sale. The discount is 40% on most items but some designer racks are already running thin. For example, only a few unessential Mary Katrantzou items remain and we found little more than one Prabal Gurung dress. On the other hand, Rick Owens is packed with sale merchandise.

On all floors and all accounts, you can get a good feeling of what's in the store by looking online. Still, for us, nothing is better than touching and feeling the merchandise. Had we not gone shopping we would have never fallen in love with Alberto Moretti.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

RSVP for Louboutin VIP-Sale

We previously reported that the Christian Louboutin sale would be starting this week but if you want to get in on the boutique presale you're going to need to RSVP to the store manager. Uptown shoppers right this way Downtown shoppers over here Events.HoratioNY@

The champagne sale promotion will take place on Thursday, June 13. Even though this is a boutique sale you should attend expecting a line. After all, for some unknown reason the store seems to have lines on any given Sunday.

Even though the presale hours are from 6pm to 9pm, we suggest going much earlier. We've heard stories of shoppers having the unfortunate experience of getting closed out even 30 minutes before the end of store hours. Shoppers should also be sure to know their shoe size because the lackluster Louboutin sales support disintegrates all together during a presale. (Think more Forever 21 than Cartier-quality assistance.)

Those not looking for a boutique specific style of Louboutins may enjoy shopping better at a local department store: Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue all sell Louboutins and will start the markdown on the same day. You should be able to presale even earlier.

Christian Louboutin VIP Presale
Thursday, June 13
6pm to 9pm
Uptown: 965 Madison Avenue
Downtown: 59 Horatio Street
RSVP: Events.HoratioNY@

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Save 10% on Chanel & Dior Cosmetics

Right in time for Father’s Day Lord & Taylor is hosting a Friends & Family aale where customers can save 25% off regularly priced merchandise and 10% off fragrance, beauty and cosmetics. The sale started today and runs through Tuesday, June 11. Online shoppers can use the code FRIENDS at checkout.

 Lord & Taylor is unique among all other city department stores as they are the only destination where cosmetics are included in their friends and family sale. Most recently Bloomingdales and Saks nixed their beauty departments from all discount promotions. The best you can hope for these days is a gift with purchase or cash back.

The Fifth Avenue flagship store includes high end cosmetic brands like Chanel, Shiseido, Bobbi Brown, Deborah Lippman and Christian Dior. Other unexpected brands that can be found at L&T include Eric Javitz of millinery fame, Marc Bouwer, Missoni, Rachel Roy and Trina Turk.

Lord & Taylor
Janet/ Chanel Counter Manager 212-391-3344

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Coming Soon: Chanel and Louboutin Markdowns

Most stores have already started their first markdowns on contemporary and luxury lines but there are a few brands that strong-arm all retail outlets to hold off on discounts. Starting next week, you will be able to snag seasonal merchandise from brands like Chanel, Louboutin and Alaia at about a markdown of 30%.

If you have something particular in mind, we suggest contacting a reliable sales person to keep an eye out for your anticipated purchase. Last season was exceptionally good for Chanel lovers. Bergdorf, Saks and Bloomingdales quietly released a larger than normal assortment of Chanel bags during the markdown period. You can click here to see images of select jewelry and bags that were included in last season's sale.

Those looking for some new Chanel treads would benefit for waiting until the end of the season to make their purchases. Most seasons Chanel clothing gets slashed up to 70% off, which in many cases is less than vintage or pre-owned prices.

Louboutin shoppers can access the best discounts when shopping at a Louboutin boutique. The seasonal discount starts at 40% off where most department stores and boutiques offer only a 30% savings.

Stay tuned for lots of pictures of sale items.

Chanel Soho boutique" Nicole, 212-334-0055
Saks Shoes: Antionette 917-806-6579
Bergdorf Handbags: Bruce (212) 872-8796
Bergdorf Shoes: Bill (212) 872-8940

Louboutin Uptown: Marina 212-396-1884

Intel on 12 Soho Boutique Sales

By ManhattanMataHari

Uptown girls may want to head downtown to check out the great designer sales just beginning (or in full swing) in Soho. If your uptown sales hunt left you empty handed, you might want to consider downtown outposts because they tend to carry edgier styles. In some boutiques we were even able to find specific styles that were completely sold out uptown. Happy saling!

3.1 Phillip Lim
Head downstairs to shop the sale selection of spring/summer dresses, separates and small selection of accessories for 40% off retail. Our favorite is a $450 classic LBD with sheer v-neck detail marked down to $270 and an assortment of their colorblock dresses.
Marie: (212) 334-1160

A Detacher
In a couple of weeks you can find designer Mona Kowalska’s sculptural dresses and tops for a 30% cut. You will be able to find the gathered knot dresses and her well-received jumpsuits from the spring/summer 2013 collection. Sadly, don’t expect to find any of her great convertible suspenders belts included in the markdown – all leather goods are excluded.
Caitlin: (212) 625-3380

Alejandro Ingelmo
While this up-and-coming Cuban-born designer’s line was carried in Bergdorf Goodman and Jeffrey, we suggest stopping by his Soho boutique for the best selection, which is now 30% off. While most of the sale is dominated by seasonal colors and fabrics, our favorite signature “Collider” cutout sandals (sold out online) are still available in white and silver. Check out the website to preview which styles are marked down.
Pearson: 646-692-8184

Alexander Wang
Get your downtown wardrobe ready. Wang’s spring/summer collection clothing is now discounted 40%, while his diffusion T line, accessories, and shoes are 30% off retail. Popular studded Rocco handbags are available on sale in seasonal colors like lilac, acid. and tundra. The Donna is available in dune, figi and yellow shades. We also really like the selection of Emile and Prisma structured totes in summer appropriate whites and tans. While you can still find the popular Marta gladiator sandal-boots in the store, the online sale selection for shoes seems much better.
Myra: 212-977-9683

At the French couturier’s Soho store you can now find ready-to-wear and some accessories marked down 30%. Sadly, our favorite moto jackets are not included in the markdown nor any of the Arena line bags and shoes. This means no sale ballet flats. There are a few styles of seasonal handbags included in the discount, including a couple of padlocks, pocket totes and some runway bags in basic black. Since the markdown just started last Thursday there is plenty of stock.
Amanda: (212) 206-0872

Isabel Marant
Expect to find chic Parisian spring/summer ready-to-wear, jewelry, shoe, and accessories discounted between 30% and 70% off. Don’t expect to find the designer's cult favorite Dicker booties or the runway ready-to-wear to be marked down until later in June. Jewelry is at a 40% cut, while shoes are mostly 30% to 50% off. A few styles are of shoes are discounted up to 70% off. Scarves range from 30% to 50% off. Hurry in – while this sale only started few days ago it has been extremely busy and much of the store has been picked through.
Alicia: (212) 219-2284

Jil Sander
Expect to find minimalist spring/summer ready-to-wear and accessories at a 40% cut. While there don’t seem to be many of her coats. There are some trenches in larger sizes still available since. We think that these trenches are a great alternative to played out Burberry versions.
Paula: (212) 925-2345

Kirna Zabete
We are not usually a fan of shopping Kirna Zebete's first markdown because items are all mixed on the racks along with non-sale items. Right now, if you have the time to sift through the racks you can find well-curated pieces marked down 30%. Don’t expect to find any Dior, Alaia, Givenchy, Celine or Balenciaga on sale. You will be able to find discounted Lanvin, Erdem, Giambattista Valli, Altuzarra, Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung among other designers. You can preview the sales options on their website.
Jerry: (212) 941-9656

Marc Jacobs
Spring and resort collections ready-to-wear and shoes are now 40% off retail. Sadly, their sale always excludes handbags and small leather goods. Since the markdown just started officially this past weekend, there are still lots of sizes and styles available. Don’t expect to find any sandals in the collections- it mostly included the pointy toes shoes and Mary Janes in low, mid and high heels. Resort pieces are mostly heels and wedges. While the discount will go to 70% off later, by that time last season most of the shoes were gone. Preview the ready-to-wear on their website to make your sale wish list.
Cori: (212) 343-1490

Miu Miu
Spring/summer clothing and shoes are a generous 50% off retail, while handbags and small leather goods are at a 40% discount. There are quite a few basic black and Matelasse style bags available still, especially some of the bulkier runway styles. Even though the sale started about a week ago they have loads of shoes available.
Jackie: (212) 334-5156

Opening Ceremony
You may want to check Opening Ceremony's web site before heading downtown. The 40% off selection includes various designers such as Altuzarra, Chloe Sevigny’s collaboration, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christopher Kane, Kenzo, Mugler and many others.
Jeremiah: (212) 219-2688

Stella McCartney
Clothing and accessories are now 40% off retail for the spring/summer collection. There are a few popular Falabella handbags included in the markdown. seasonal colors like coral as well as faux python versions in gray and yellow will give you the biggest savings. Since the sale just started they still have a good amount of stock.
Liz: (212) 255-1556

Monday, June 3, 2013

Scouting for Discount Charlotte Olympia

Sale season is red hot and we can't help ourselves from romancing the novelty of Charlotte Olympia shoes. Before dropping on close to a grand you have to remember that most of the styles are novel and not easy to incorproate into every day wear. For this reason, it's a practically necessary to scout out the best prices before taking the plunge. After all, theme type shoes can certainly make an outfit but they aren't going to make all your outfits.

Charlotte Olympia Boutique
Right now the Madison Avenue Charlotte Olympia store is offering customers 30% off handbags and shoes. This is where you will find the best assortment from the English designer. We especially love the cruise Dolly's with the flower adornment and the Birds of Paradise with the parrot in a caged heel. A second markdown should happen later in the season.
Contact: Harlina 212-744-1842 
The online discounter is hosting a Charlotte Olympia sale where the designer's shoes are discounted 50% to 70% off. If you're a ostrich loving women this is the place to shop. The exotic skin shoes are offered in an assortment of colors and are priced at $895 from almost $3000. More whimisical Russian doll sandals are $785 from $1565.

Moda Operandi 
Yesterday we posted about Moda Operandi's amazing private sale and would you believe that they have about three dozen current season style shoes and about six handbags that are all marked 50% off. The merchandise on the site is very similar to what's in the boutique-- but obvi, for much less. They even discounted the now-famous Pandora Clutch, which is now $630 from $1255. The sale section of the site even has a pair of Kitty Cat loafers for and an Oh La La loafer both for $365.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chanel, Hermes, Celine and Vuitton Bags for $19.99

Looking to score a great bag without wiping out your summer travel budget? We have just the sale. Linda's Stuff is hosting one of their largest eBay handbag sales ever! The selection includes over 200 handbags with styles ranging from brand new to preowned and full-on vintage. The best part is that the auctions for all these arm gems start at just $19.99.

You can click clack your mouse right here to browse all 200 bags. The sale includes almost every important brand, like Chanel, Hermes, Chloe, Celine, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Gucci and more.  In total, we counted  11 Hermes bags, 23 Chanel bags and 20 Chloes, which means that there is enough for you to likely win one of these beauties for the price of a chilled glass of Clicquot.

Before you set your sights on just one bag, be sure to check out this Hermes Rouge 35cm Birkin, this white Chanel Caviar Grand Shopper Tote and this classic Louis Vuitton Black Multicolore Alma. All are perfect for summer and since they all are priced at $19.99, you'll still have money left to take them for long beach weekends.

The Linda's Stuff bag sale just started and will run all week ending Sunday, June 9th, at 9 pm EST.  Can't you just imagine walking your new $19.99 Fendi Electric Blue B Bag through Athens airport? Us too!
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I Spy: A Private Moda Operandi Sale

It's hard not to faun over the selection of luxury online retailer Moda Operandi. The site specializes in allowing customers to pre-order fashion from the time they are shown on the runway but they also have a great selection of current merchandise. Right now, the site is hosting a private sale where a wonderful assortment of spring merchandise is 50% off.

To access the private sale you must register with the site and use this link. If you're still having issues you can call or email customer service to have the discount applied to your shopping cart. The best part of the sale is that these items are more highly discounted here than any place else -- online or offline. Did we mention that all of the orders are returnable too?

During a not-so-quick shopping spree, we nabbed a perfect-in-every-way Prabal Gurung drop wasted dress for about $1600 from approximately $3200. Opening Ceremony cat-eye sunglasses are about $80 from $165, a Clover Canyon print summer dress is $125 from $250 and this figure perfecting one shoulder bathing suit from Adriana Degreas is about $150 from $305. If you're ready to max out the Amex go for this Valentino tulle dress with silver beading for about $5000 from about $10-grand.

Really, Moda Operandi's assortment is so wonderful  that more is just never enough. Have fun and remember to email customer service if you have problems accessing the sale!