Thursday, August 22, 2013

Huge Disappointment: Barneys Warehouse Sale

Barneys Warehouse Sale started today and we couldn't imagine a group of more disappointed shoppers. All our shopping experts report that the merchandise is almost entirely from the men's store and what women's inventory does exist is less than desirable.

Basically, there are no good shoes, no good bags, no good clothing. For men, no good shoes and no good casual wear. The only spotlight, or in this case dim light, is suits and outerware for men. Sure it's easy to put together critical words but we'll let other say it for us, this time:

The Shophound: "If you are a lady, you probably won't want to bother at all." The sale is not something we would save our money for or even particularly look forward to.

Racked: The space is nice and easy to shop but "there wasn't much to look at."

The Choosy Beggar (comments): "The sale gets worse and worse every year."

Barneys Warehouse Sale
Thursday, August 22 through Monday, September 2
Thu Aug 22—Fri Aug 23 8am—9pm, Sat Aug 24—Sun Sep 1 10am—8pm, Mon Sep 2 10am—7pm
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W. 18th St between Sixth and Seventh Aves


Japolina said...

What a bummer! I think that e-commerence and outlet stores have really affected these types of sales.

MAC said...

I agree with Japolina, e-Commerce is sweeping the market these days.

Anonymous said...

I went yesterday and was utterly disappointed. I think there were like 5 shoes in my size, all duds. And there were next to no designer clothes. NO BIG NAMES at ALL. A SA said the sale was "online"--is this true??

Anonymous said...

I scored a pair of lovely 5 inch heel Amani booties. They weren't torn up and looked really good. $179 from $895. While that was Definately the exception, fact is they were still there for the taking. My advice: if you have nothing better to do (long lunch on a slow Friday at the office) it doesn't hurt to look around.

Lila Delilah said...

Yes ecommerce has had a big impact along with the growing number of Barneys outlet stores.