Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sephora Friends & Family 20% Off

It's a bit of a bummer that most department stores have cut the beauty counters out of their friends and family promotions. Not all hope is lost if you're looking to save a bit on cosmetics. Starting next week, Sephora will be offering VIBs 20% off beauty products plus exclusive gifts.

The promotion will begin Thursday, November 7 and run through Monday, November 11. The discount is available in stores and online at Each VIB and Rouge member will be sent or emailed a code to access the discount for yourself and a friend. If you're code "doesn't make it to you" a helpful sales person can usually asset you in accessing the promotion. You can also receive a free tote bag using the code VIBTOPIA at checkout.

If you haven't been keeping up with what's hot in beauty, you might want to point your attention to the new Marc Jacobs beauty line. The nail polish in particular have been receiving lots of accolades by beauty experts and armatures alike. With cold weather on the way, you might want to consider socking up with a thicker moisturizer, self tanner or bronzer. If all else fails, you can always nourish your beauty impulse with a new lipgloss.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sample Sales: Louboutin & Walter Steiger

Next week is turning out to be a major week to snag high priced shoes at a fraction of their retail prices. The Christian Louboutin sale is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 4th and Walter Steiger will start on Wednesday, November 6.

Shopping the Walter Steiger sale is pretty straight forward. Simply RSVP for an appointment and shop through an assortment of shoes and bags starting at $100. The Louboutin sale, on the other hand, is shrouded by secrecy and custom. Shoes start at about $250 and there is a secret RSVP email account, security and successful crushers.

So, if you're planning on cueing up for your shiney red soles bright and early Monday morning we suggest-- you don't! The first days of the Louboutin sale are reserved for those whose star is shining bright enough grace the cover of a magazine or a headline on a network drama. For instance, Blake Lively is a day one sale regular.

If you're really serious about snagging some red hot sole love, your best luck will be when press begins shopping on Wednesday. Usually an email and a RSVP line are established but we all know the press isn't very good about keeping a secret.

Stay tuned, we will continue to update readers on the best Louboutin shopping tactics and remain watchful of prices at Walter Steiger. And, just remember, if Louboutin fails you, there's alway Manolo.

Christian Louboutin Sample Sale
Monday, November 4 through Friday, November 8
306 W. 38th St. (bet. 8th & 9th Ave.)

Walter Steiger Sample Sale
Wednesday November 6 through Friday, November 8
10am to 6pm daily
325 5th Ave. @ 33 st. suite 38A

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Save the Date: Dolce & Gabbana Sample Sale

We just received word that Dolce & Gabbana will be hosting a 4-day sample sale beginning Monday, November 4. Merchandise will include items for men, women, children, handbags and shoes from prior to the 2013 collection. Prices will be up to 90% off.

During last year's sale, we found the most recent merchandise to be discounted 60%, the prior year 70% and the year before that 80% and even older merchandise was 90% off. Archival items were discounted 60% off. We found a body-con corset dress for $400 from almost $4000. Shoes were marked between $50 and $250 and handbags were all under $250.

We suggest hitting this sale early because the most desirable items tend to go quickly when they are marked 90% off retail. Really, how much more of a discount can you expect?

Dolce & Gabbana Sample Sale 
Monday, November 4 through Thursday, November 7
Mon 10am- 10pm, Tues & Wed 9am -6pm, Thurs 9am -7pm
Metropolitan Pavilion 123 West 18th Street, 4th Floor (The Gallery)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ralph Lauren Pre-Sale

Online shoppers can begin shopping the Ralph Lauren presale and save up to 40% on select styles and then an extra 15% off. The final discount is just about 50%. You can click here to start loading up your shopping cart. If you have a problem applying the discount you can use the code MPRE13 at checkout.

The presale includes a wide selection of merchandise for men, women, children, babies and the home. While the best items are reduced 30% we were still able to find some notable items discounted even more. For example, the Arctic Down anorak is $303 from almost $600, the Equestrian Vachetta Saddle Bag is $about $590 from $1150 and there are rare markdowns within the children's Create Your Own Polo section.

The presale ends October 30. Going forward we assume the discount will be available to the general public.

Love It, Find it, Collect It, Cherish It

We fashion girls all have something in common: We collect and cherish the things we love. Finding unexpected items on eBay has always been a thrilling pastime but their new feature. eBay Collections brings this experience to a whole new level.

One of our collections was inspired by none other than Mademoiselle C (ex-French Vogue fashion editor, Carine Roitfeld). We included everything from the shoes and handbags we imagine her wearing to the flat iron used to straighten her hair. In another collection we curated an assortment of our favorite classic handbags, which range from an Hermes Medor clutch to a Gucci bamboo handle purse. Ready, Jet, Go is a collection of everything we would want to take with us on a long weekend at the beach.

We hope you will take some time to explore the collections we made and follow MadisonAveSpy as we create more. #eBayCollection and #FollowItFindIt

My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Inside the Ippolita Sample Sale

Considering the price of costume jewelry, it's hard to turn up the opportunity to shop Ippolita's sample sale at a 65% cut off of retail. The Soiffer Haskin sale started Saturday but Sunday's shoppers still had plenty of merchandise from which to shop. (You can click here to see a few more pictures from our shopping trip.)

During our Sunday sale inspection we found an assortment of best selling items in gold, silver and silver plated with rose gold. All the merchandise is discounted 65% off retail. The original tags are attached and a sales associate will arm you with a calculator if one is requested.

While shopping we found 18k Lollipop earrings for $1050 from about $3000 and 18k-gold five station Lollipop bangles were $700 from $2000. A similar style with 8 stones in sterling silver is $228 from $650. All of these Ippolita iconic styles are available in a wide variety of semi-precious colored stones.

In addition to the classic assortment of jewelry, the sale also includes a range of leather wrap brackets with silver or gold hardware. These styles are marketed towards men but we think they still resonate more with a woman's style. A gold version is priced at $450 from $1000 and a silver style is about $100 from almost $295.

If you're looking for the very best deals, we suggest that you wait until the last day to shop . During past sales shoppers were offered an extra 15% off. Now, that's a jewel of a deal.

Ippolita Sample Sale
Through Tuesday, October 29
Mon—Tues 9am—7pm
Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St btwn 8th and 9th Aves

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Inside the David Yurman Sample Sale

If you're a fan of David Yurman's sample sales then you might not want to miss his latest. Our spies say that this season's event includes a lot more merchandise for higher discounts.

A majority of the merchandise is still 30% to 50% off but there were lots of affordable items marked down 60% too.  In the 60% off category there was  a silver charm bracelet with gold links for $980 from $2450 and 16" gold and silver link chain for $1500 from $3750.

The sale includes a lot of Petite Albion items. Rings and earrings with semi-precious stones are 30% and 50% off, depending on the particular item. For example, silver and pearl varieties are 30% off. Most of the jewelry selection is composed of  link-type items and a few cable styles. Most of the iconic cable pieces were discontinued and just 30% off. The watch selection was quite limited, but all timepieces are 50% off retail.

Despite the larger discount on more items we would still suggest shopping outlets and discount stores for discounted David Yurman. The prices are about the same but the selection is usually not as dated. As always, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the collection before attending the sale.

David Yurman Sample Sale
Thursday, October 24 through Sunday, October 27
Thurs 3pm-8pm, Fri & Sat 10am-7pm & Sun 11am-5pm
The Altman Building, 135 W. 18th St between 6th and 7th Avenues

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Row Fans...Run!

The Row is known for their mastery of proportion and sophisticated silhouettes (and sky high prices.) So when a sample sale rolls around, you know there will be throngs of brand fans looking to save a pretty penny on all the things they love.

Today, we were able to preview the sale with selected editors and employees and couldn't believe the savings there was to be had. Clothing and bags are all 70% off and damages are 80% off. There are no sunglasses at the sale but there are some gloves and collaboration Supergas.

Most of the selection is from last winter and spring 2013. Those who shop the collection at Barneys and Bergdorfs will be shocked to see many of the same items they purchased over the past year. For example, a leather coat was $11,000 reduced to $3500, a leather jacket is about $1000 from $2900, a classic blazer was $1790 reduced to $537, a $2900 messenger bag was reduced to $870, most pants were about $300 from $1000 and leather dresses in hunter green and black were about $1000 from $3300.

Sizes run from 0 to 12 with most merchandise sorted by size. There is a large rack of furs with retail prices as fine as the pelts. There are also lots of tables  with sweaters, which ranged in quality and knit. We would suggest staying away from the sweater damages because fixing a knitted hole or a pull is sometimes impossible.

Our best advice is to be patient when shopping. It seems as if women tend to grab arms full of merchandise without realizing how quickly the numbers add up. Eventually most of what people took was edited and returned to the racks. This was true even with the most coveted handbags.

The Row Sample Sale
Thursday, October 24 through Saturday, October 26
Thurs 12pm—7pm, Fri 9am—7pm, Sat 9am—6pm
The Altman Building, 123 W. 18th St btwn 6th and 7th Avenues

Newsflash: Extra 50% Off YSL Sample Sale

If you were hesitant to attend the YSL sample sale, now would be the time. We just got word that all merchandise beside shoes and sunglasses have been reduced an extra 50%. Sunglasses are now all a straight $50.

Let us know how you make out so we can share with others.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Steeleing Away For Winter Vacation

It may feel like summer just ended but those with the foresight to think ahead are already planning for winter vacation. Regardless of if you're looking for a villa for the family on a sandy beach, an extreme experience in virgin snow or just a non-hastle business trip, Steele Luxury Travel knows how to get you there with all the bells and whistles for the best prices available.

Steele Luxury Travel owner, Dane Steele, specializes in creating experiences and appreciates the meaning of five stars and flat bed seats. The best part is that he understands value of a good discount and is able to offer his clients the highest level of service for the best prices.

For example, Steele Travel and can offer roundtrip confirmed business class seats* to or from the United States or Canada to South America for $2800, to Africa for $3800, to the Middle East for $2900 and India for $3200.

Steele Luxury Travel works closely with some of the best hotels in the world. They speak to the director of sales at each property to assure that your name is known and all your personal needs and wants are met before you arrive. After all, nobody likes to be known as a confirmation number.

As is the case with all luxury brands, there is no reproducing the real thing. Steele Luxury Travel can reliably get you exactly where you want to go for the best price. Now if only someone could offer the same type of service in Chanel.

Steele Luxury Travel

*Taxes and fees may be up to an additional $120. Seating is capacity controlled and not available on all flights and routings.

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Laura Mercier: Bummer Sale

Laura Mercier started their first sample sale ever and from the look of the line you would imagine that they were selling $200 YSL bags. Obviously, there wasn't any design fashion but there weren't any amazing deals either.
You will find a bit-- not an insane-- amount of savings if you have over an hour to spare waiting in line and the patience to navigate throngs of people sifting through cosmetic tables. Lip glosses are $12, nail polish is $8, foundation is $20 and eye shadows are $12.

Those willing to tough it out will be disappointed by the fact that there are no tinted moisturizers, body creams, hand creams, scented candles or other beauty accessories. On most items the color variety was also very limited. We spotted less than five shades of lip gloss and fewer than 10 nail polishes.

We would suggest using your time more wisely unless, of course, you're planning on purchasing a large volume of items. After all, you can shop All Cosmetics Wholesale and pay less than the sample sale without standing for an hour on West 36th Street.

Laura Mercier Sample Sale
Tuesday, October 22 through Thursday, October 24
11am to 7pm daily
Clothingline, 261 W. 36th St btwn 7th & 8th

Monday, October 21, 2013

What We Found (and Didn't) at YSL Sample Sale

The YSL sample sale opened to press and VIPs at 9am Monday and reports from both categories of shoppers are mixed. Basically, there are no bags worth mentioning but the clothing is super highly reduced.

Within the category of "bags not worth mentioning" are a few patent leather Roadys with tarnished hardware for $200. (Sometimes you get what you pay for.) Small leather goods like, iPad cases, wallets and coin purses are $50. An assortment of jewelry is also priced at $50.

If you're a real YSL fan and don't mind past season's Stefano Pilati then you will make out big. All skirts and pants are priced at $50 and full-on gowns are just $400. One of these evening stunners had an original price tag that was over $22,000.

Regardless of how good the prices are on jewelry and clothing, we wouldn't suggest waiting on the multi-hour line that is expected to begin growing in the wee hours of morning. Instead, we suggest attending the sale later in the afternoon. You know, before work lets out but after the die-hards have left for the day?

YSL Sample Sale
Tuesday, October 22 through Thursday, October 24
Tues—Wed 9am—7pm, Thurs 9am—5pm
Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St between 8th & 9th

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Which YSL Boutique is 40% Off?

We won't be able to tell you if the YSL sample sale is worth your time until VIP shoppers begin attending the sample sale on Monday. In the meantime, we tracked down the best Saint Laurent boutique on earth. Would you believe that some of the most desirable items are up to 40% off at all times?

We recently became aware that pricing at the Saint Laurent store in Honolulu is up to 40% less than in the Continental United States. And these prices, my friends, are without a markdown.

For instance, a large Sac du Jour in New York is priced at $2950 but is just $1900 in Honolulu. The smaller size is $2500 in NY and $1660 in Honolulu. The YSL logo clutch is $650 in the Continental US and $550 on the Big Island and the small Cabas Chyc is $2350 here and $1450 in the Aloha State. Shoes in Honolulu are generally 10% less expensive and clothing ranges in price.

We questioned a sales person in the Land of Paradise and was told that their pricing is done in such a way to "attract international buyers." In the case, "you don't have the time to get away," the Hawaii store will ship anywhere in the US and extend their pricing. Shipping is $10 and local sales tax applies. However, with these prices you can practically afford a trip to Hawaii and have money left over to shop.

Saint Laurent Honolulu
Hawaii is 6 hours behind NYC

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rodarte & Moschino on Sale at the Met

It's hard to admit, but we all know that the best part of going to a museum is hitting the gift shop. It goes without saying that the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Punk: Chaos to Couture gift boutique was a real hit among fashion lovers. There were great fashion items ranging from Charlotte Olympia clutches to Rodarte sweatshirts.

As is the problem with most novelty stores, the prices were high, high, high. Although the exhibit is be gone there are still items available from the museum store. The best part is that they are now 30% to 70% off.

To find these discounted items you're going to need to search out the graveyard gift shop within the Met. The easiest way to navigate it's location is to enter the Museum through the handicapped entrance and you will find it across from the coat check.

Within this markdown museum mecca you will find a variety of items from the Punk exhibit. For example, we found basic exhibit tees for $16 from $30, Vivianne Westwood mini-heels for $15 from $30, Rodarte sweatshirts for $108 from $180 and Moschino tees embellished with safety pins for $210 from $350.

No, we didn't find any of those Charlotte Olympia clutches but you can save an extra 10% on all gift store items by becoming a member of the museum. Membership is a great value regardless of whether you're a true art fan or a lover of the gift shops.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Celine & Chanel at JCP Shopping Fundraiser

Every year, non-profit JCP hosts an amazing fashion sale that is reminiscent of shopping a local consignment store in the 1990s. The merchandise is amazing and prices are, would you believe, reasonable!

This season the sale will begin on Sunday, October 20 and run for four days. We got a sneak peak into some of the primo items. The extensive list includes a mini-size Celine Luggage tote for $595. (The retail price on that tiny-tot runs between $2300 and $2800.) Dolce & Gabbana leopard heels will be $175 and a Marni fur vest will be $395. Other designers include Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Lanvin and Oscar de la Renta among many others.

You can point your courser right here to read about the finds from JCP's last sale. One word of wisdom: JCP can be a bit tricky about not putting out all the best merchandise on the first day. So this might be a sale you should consider seriously stalking if you're looking to find fashion gold.

JCP Fashion Sale
Sunday, October 20 through Wednesday, October 23
Sun 12:30 - 6pm, Mon 11:30- 7pm, Tues 9am- 7pm, Wed 11:30am -7pm
Cristina Dos Santos Store
39 North Moore Street Tribeca

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saks Friends & Family Live Online

The Saks Friends & Family sale doesn't officially start until Thursday but the sale just went live online. The discount is 20% off jewelry and 25% off most everything else. Given that there are so many designer exclusions we thought we would shop Saks.comto highlight the best uses for the discount. Just remember, Private Night is usually the first week in November. Most designers are then included and the discount is 40%.

Mad-Spy Saks F&F Top Picks:

1. Tom Ford Glasses
Nikita Cat's-Eye Sunglasses come out to $270 from $360

2. Ferragamo
Varina Flats are $337 from $450

3. Burberry Brit
Lightweight Trench is reduced to $552 from $750

4. Stuart Weitzman
Demiwedge Leather Wedge Boots are $448 from $508

5. Helmut Lang
Stretch Leather Leggings are discounted to $690 from $920

Monday, October 14, 2013

Shopbop Friends & Family

The Shopbop friends and family is scheduled to begin on Tuesday. The discount is 25% off when you use the code INTHEFAMILY25. As with most of these types of promotional sales, some of the most desirable designer goods are excluded. (Usually Shopbop's list isn't too bad.) On the bright side, you can use the discount on previously reduced merchandise.

Once the official sale goes live we will bring you a list of what you can and can't buy using the discount. In the meantime, we suggest leading your cart up now. It wouldn't be the first time the site went down from too much traffic.

Below is a list of exclusions:

3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang, Aurelie Bidermann,
Canada Goose, Carven, Cedric Charlier, Creatures of
the Wind, Eddie Borgo, Gareth Pugh, Giambattista Valli,
J. Mendel, Jamie Wolf, Jason Wu, Jay Ahr, L'Wren Scott,
Lisa Perry, Maison Martin Margiela, Michele Watches,
Monique Lhuillier, MM6, Nina Ricci, Reem Acra, Rochas,
Rodarte, Stuart Weitzman, Suno, Tabitha Simmons for
Creatures of the Wind Shoes, Thakoon, Versace and Wes Gordon.

Major Superga Sale

Needing new sneakers for the entire family we brought everyone to Superga, in Soho, not expecting to find about a quarter of the selection majorly discounted. Sale shoes include popular styles for men, women and children, such as studded versions, The Row collaboration from last season and metallic.

A variety of kid's shoes are reduced to $20 from $40. Studded women's styles are $30 from $120, basic reds blacks and browns are $30 from $80 and metallic are $20 from $70. A variety of styles from the collaboration with The Row are 30% off or $105 from $150. Unfortunately, the same discounts are not included online.

While shopping be sure to check out the newest Superga collection with The Row, which are made of cashmere and priced up to $300. The tweed styles from the collaboration with The Man Repeller are interesting too and priced at $150. We'll be keeping our eyes open for markdowns on thees too.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Columbus Day Shopping at the Outlets

Columbus Day these days doesn't mean much unless you work in banking, work for the post office or love a good sale weekend. While sample sale season is still heating up, a holiday weekend at the outlets may be provide some very good deals. Just beware, some outlet stores are better at the holiday hype than the holiday discounts. Read below to find out the promotions at some of our favorite outlet stores at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.

Bottega Veneta
The Italian luxury outlet regularly provides a 50% savings off of most everything in the store. There are no additional discounts for the long weekend but there are some good promotions already in place. Bags are an additional 30% to 50% off the outlet price and clothing ranges from an extra 20% to 60% off.

Shoppers at Chloe can save an additional 20% off the outlet price when shopping over the weekend. Right now the majority of the collection is a full year behind what is currently in stores. We were told that Marcie and Paraty bags are in stock and will be an extra 20% off too.

Etro- Closed

All Moncler outlet merchandise is 35% off of retail. For the long weekend, shoes and accessories are extra 50% off. A shipment of merchandise came in yesterday but most of the better coats and jackets are already gone. Unfortunately, another influx of merchandise is not expected before Monday.

Tom Ford
Columbus Day at Tom Ford doesn't look as good as it has. Outlet prices are about 60% off retail and they are offering an a additional savings between 25% to 50% off for the holiday. Clothing and shoes from 2013 are an extra 25% off, while 2012 merchandise is an extra 50% off. There is no additional markdown on handbags, which are discounted 50% off retail at the outlet.

Weekend shoppers can save an extra 15% off shoes and handbags, which are normally just 40% off. . The majority of the merchandise is last winter's collation. The outlet has a few styles of Rockstud shoes included ankle boots and a pair of black and nudes. There seems to be a much better variety of Rockstud handbags, which are also eligible for the extra savings.

Yves Saint Laurent
Exotic handbags and pony hair items will be an additional 40%. Shoes are discounted a straight 50% off retail and clothing ranges from 50% to 70%. The outlet is just starting to receive merchandise from the newly branded Saint Laurent Paris. Right now, the outlet only has the new body-types of the New Must and Muse2.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Save the Date: YSL Sample Sale

Considering the disappointment of least season's sample sale it this post would be more aptly titled:'Keep an Eye Out for the YSL Sample Sale.' Nonetheless, YSL or Saint Laurent, is always a noteworthy sale.

The sale will be hosted at Soffer Haskin and run for three days beginning on Tuesday, October 22nd. We don't expect that the inventory will be much better than last season's sale considering that it's officially billed as "Yves Saint Laurent" as opposed to the updated "Saint Laurent Paris."

Even if the inventory isn't great we hope that pricing will be better than the half-off retail discount that was offered during the sale's last go-round. Our spies were not even tintilated by $400 Tributes and off-color $750 Y Bags. We'll keep our fingers crossed, and you can keep your eyes peeled right her for updated information.

YSL Sample Sale
Tuesday, October 22 through Thursday, October 24
Tues—Wed 9am—7pm, Thurs 9am—5pm
Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St between 8th & 9th

Presale for Saks Friends & Family

Friends and Family doesn't officially start at Saks Fifth Avenue until October 17th but in-the-know shoppers can start curating their discount purchases now. The markdown will be 25% off on clothing, shoes, and accessories. Jewelry will be discounted 20%. Unfortunately, beauty is not included in this promotion.

Speaking of sale exclusions, the list is extensive. Generally speaking, all luxury designer brands are excluded. The friends and family discount can be applied to most contemporary lines like Alice & Olivia, DVF, Rag & Bone, Milly, Valentino Red and most denim lines. Brands like Valentino, Proenza, Alexander Wang and Chloe are all excluded. Take note, Burberry Brit and Stuart Weitzman are included in this season's friends and family sale.

The sale begins in stores on October 17 and runs through October 20th. Online shoppers are usually given a code to begin shopping the sale two days early. You can use the code FRNFAM at checkout.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The IT-it: Perrin Paris Clutch

Sometimes the same old guard gets, well, old. Chanel, Hermes, Vuitton, Gucci... enough!

Some days call for a personal style statement. Since Perrin Paris 1893 opened on Madison, we've been in love with their Clutch Cabriolet, a glove inspired clutch. It walks the fine line between hard edge and high style. The bag is both functional, as the glove component makes it easier to carry the clutch, and stunningly handcrafted.

In addition to our favorite glove bag, shoppers should also take some time to inspect the Ball Bag. This iconic handbag is considered an architectural achievement that takes more than 40 hours to produce by hand. The store also has a great assortment of leather gloves, sunglasses and accessories.

Perrin Paris Clutch Cabriolet $975

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chanel, Hermes, Celine and Vuitton Bags for $19.99

Just when you were anticipating an uneventful week, we get word of an incredible handbag and accessories sale. Linda's Stuff is hosting one of their largest eBay handbag sales ever! The selection includes over 300 handbags with styles ranging from brand new to preowned and full-on vintage. The best part is that the auctions for all these beauties start at just $19.99.

You can click clack your mouse right here to browse all 300 bags. The sale includes almost every important brand, like Chanel, Hermes, Chloe, Celine, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Gucci and more. In addition, there is an impressive selection of jewelry and small accessories.

We don't blame you if you're feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices. We hope you don't mind if we direct your attention to a few of our favorites: 35cm Birkin bag, a sleek Chanel duffel travel bag, the Lanvin hobo and the Hermes charm bracelet. How can you resist a horse bit, an Eifel tower and a Kelly bag all on your wrist?

Don't let these wonderful prices cause you doubt. All of these sale items are verified by professional authenticators. So get clicking and shop away. The sale ends Sunday, October 13 and 9pm. So be sure to click the "watch" feature and bid often.

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DVF Friends & Family Sale

We know that nothing comes close to the values found at the Diane von Furstenberg sample sale but we can still appreciate a good promotion when we spot it. Right now, DVF is offering 30% almost all full price items. The discount runs through Tuesday, October 8 and can be accessed online using the code FRIENDS30.

We have to preface our picks by saying this isn't our favorite DVF collection. The prints seem drab, there don't seem to be many interesting shapes and the items we do love happen to be priced too high. Take the tricolor Quilted Leather Moto Jacket. It feels like a Celine Trapeze bag but for $1600 (after the discount) there are better options. The same goes with the awesome Liberty leather leggings ($1000).

That doesn't mean, however, we can't find pieces that are worth the splurge. For example, his Flirty Lip Leather clutch ($365) reminds us of Salvador Dali and almost never goes on sale. The Sidra Wing Cutout Dress ($375) appears to be sultry and not sleazy, which is sometimes hard to do with bodycon dresses. We can also see getting a lot of use out of this Leopard Print Tee ($245), which will pair well with jeans or black cigarette pants for a night out.

Keep in mind that most department stores only give a 25% discount during friends and family. So, this is a better option if you have your eye on DVF.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hermes Sale Manhasset, LI

We were just told that the Hermes boutique at the Americana Manhasset on LI hosted a sale last night. Assorted jewelry, small scarves, small leather goods, shoes and clothing for men and women were discounted 50% to 80%.

We are told that almost all of the sale merchandise sold out but there is still a selection of men and women's clothing. If you are in the neighborhood we would love further details. Readers can continue to check back here for story updates.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Save the Date: Sample Sales

It's still early in the fall season but we are just starting to see the scheduling of some very interesting sample sales. Here are a few that we will be sure to watch and suggest you consider doing the same:

Photo Credit: Bazaar

Pierre Balmain
Wednesday, October 9th through Sunday, October 13th. 10am~6pm
20 W. 36th St. (bet. 5th & 6th Ave.), 6th Floor
Not to be confused with the uber expensive Balmain, Pierre Balmain is more of a diffusion line. The collection consists of more $600 dresses rather than $6000 dresses from the haute line. Prices are promoted as up to 70% off of retail but we'll have to see just how much hits that high note before officially giving this sale a thumbs up.

David Yurman
Thursday, October 24 through Sunday, October 27
Thurs 3pm-8pm, Fri & Sat 10am-7pm & Sun 11am-5pm
The Altman Building, 135 W. 18th St between Sixth and Seventh Avenues
At the last sale, sterling silver jewelry and bangles were 30% off. The 18K collection and yellow gold and silver assortment were discounted steeper at 40% and 50% respectively. The watch selection was quite limited, but all timepieces were 50% off retail.

The Row
Thursday, October 24 through Saturday, October 26
Thurs 12pm—7pm, Fri 9am—7pm, Sat 9am—6pm
The Altman Building, 123 W. 18th St between Sixth and Seventh Avenues
Our expert Rowers reported that the last sale was amazing. Leather pants were $450 from $1500 and ostrich leather mini-skirts were priced at $2500 from $8500. Day Luxe totes were $1620 from $5400 or small shoulder bags were about $1500 from over $5000.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What to Look for at Century 21

Since Century 21's expansion, it's hard to justify traveling to the financial district to shop. The Upper West Side may not be entirely convenient but is much closer to our core neighborhood. Today, we took a fresh look at what the discounter has in stock for the winter season. While we found a lot of mediocre merchandise there were several items that deserve fashion attention and a good home. You can click here to browse a catalogue of photos from our shopping trip.

The serious "designer" section seems to be getting smaller every year but loyal customers can still count on finding a good selection of Lanvin, Valentio, Rochas, Martin Margiela and Victor & Rolf. The best and largest selection is Lanvin-- it's hard not to fall in love with at least one item. To name a few, we found a tweed Lanvin shift dress for $700 from $2350, a coat with an oversize safety pin closure is $1000 from $3740 and fitted cocktail dress with a ruffled collar and sleeves for $1436 from $4000.

Other standout designer pieces include a Margiela coat with a fur body and knit sleeves for $2000 from $5500 and a Victor & Rolf coat with a collar beaded in such a way that it looks like shimmering porcupine needles for $2700 from $7300. A long Galliano puffer coat is $460 from $1030 and a satin and jeweled Valentino skirt is $1300 from $3800.

If you're looking to shop trends in from the more "contemporary" designers you might find satisfaction. For instance, a Marc by Marc Jacobs leather mini-skirt is priced at just $280 from $500. You will also be able to find a lot of denim fashion lines that have taken inspiration from high fashion runway pieces. We actually lost count of all the oversized Kenzo-type animal prints we spotted.

Over in the accessories department Missoni scarves are priced at $80 from a "value" of $200. The best find, however, was a small display of ornate Missoni belts. The prices of the belts range  from about $100 to $190 but the retail values were up near a $1000 on the larger styles. Any of these styles are a really great value as they are all outfit makers.

We headed down to the shoe department but were really disappointed by the designer options. DSW provides a much better selection and value. We found stylish Gucci shoes for $449 from $650 and three year old Manolos for $400 from $1400. The discount on the Manolos wasn't necessarily bad but we happen to have purchased the same pair at the 2011 sample sale for $250.

Those who are ultra petite or shopping for children might be pleasantly surprised by the variety of D&G and Marni for kids. A great geometric print Marni blouse is $67 from $150 and an over sized knit sweater was the same price.

The main floor bag selection was generally lackluster and expensive. The best item was a phantom-like red Mulberry for $1000 from $1700. There were also some Alexander Wang bags but none of the iconic styles and lots of Fendi print bags too.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vince Camuto Friends & Family Sale

It feels so effortless to shop for designer "inspired" shoes now that we have our very own Vince Camuto boutique in the heart of the Upper East Side. What's even better is that the brand is offering 25% off online or in the store.

Before we start shopping, however, we should discuss how close these shoes look to the $1000+ designer versions. Check out these booties, which has a closure that closely resembles a pair we love from Givenchy. Those obsessed with YSL studded shoes can torment themselves over this version, which only comes out to $75 after the promotional discount. If you've been lusting for Jimmy Choo biker boots, look no further than these mottos.

This friends and family sale excludes clothing. Online shoppers can use the code FRIENDS at checkout to access the discount.