Friday, October 4, 2013

Hermes Sale Manhasset, LI

We were just told that the Hermes boutique at the Americana Manhasset on LI hosted a sale last night. Assorted jewelry, small scarves, small leather goods, shoes and clothing for men and women were discounted 50% to 80%.

We are told that almost all of the sale merchandise sold out but there is still a selection of men and women's clothing. If you are in the neighborhood we would love further details. Readers can continue to check back here for story updates.


Anonymous said...

it was an great sale... i got a pouchette for 40% off... and some scarves.

Anonymous said...

I got a croc cdc with GHW and also saw the pouchette-- I should have snapped it up when I saw it. Thank god for VIP access!

Lila Delilah said...

Both finds sound wonderful. I might have to switch where i shop. Madison Ave never has sales.

Anonymous said...

I got two enamels and a scarf. Everything was gone this morning.

Anonymous said...

It was beyond . . . just amazing.

There were three or four bracelet racks of enamels alone in all the sizes (both wrist and enamel widths),
racks of clothes, scarves, ties, shoes . . . it was what the CITY VIP SALE should have been but wasn't.

I can only imagine how fast everything would have sold bc it was a mad storm of frenzied women!

Excellent sale that was immensely satisfying.

Thank you Hermes Manhasset and thank you MadisonAvenueSpy for sharing this information with fellow deal-hunters! While not in NYC it was a trek worth making!