Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beware of Marni Sample Sale Hype

Today was the first day of the first-ever Marni sample sale. Since there hasn't been a major sample sale, we weren't surprised with the amount of buzz that surrounded this event. Most blogs have reported that the prices are pretty good and we agree. It's the selection of inventory that disappointed our Marni experts.

Although the space is full with Marni merchandise, much of the inventory is "from year one," our resident Marni expert reported. Most of the dresses are priced at just $195 but many of them are badly damaged and oddly shaped. (Oddly shaped beyond the standard deviation of Marni's unusual silhouette.)

One of the better items she found was a canvas coat, trimmed with fur. The price on this one-off was $1135. A three-quarter sleeve jacket for $355 was a much better deal, but again, there was only one. The sale has lots of pants and skirts along with shoes and lingerie--all of which, were not too popular with fans of the brand. "Who needs a plain sweater for $75 even if it is from Marni?" our expert questions.

The sale includes a very small collection of children's clothing (hot pink silk blouse $45, beige coat $80, cashmere sweater $75) and a bit more for men. We would skip the sale if you're focused on shopping for either category. Addition pictures from the sale are after the jump. Take note, most people who shopped, left empty handed or with very little loot. That's usually a pretty telling sign.

Marni Sample Sale
Tuesday, February 4th through Thursday, February 6th
Tues & Wed 10am to 7pm, Thurs 10am to 6pm
317 West 33rd Street (Soiffer Haskin)

Reporting by the Spy in 50 Shades of Mink. More pictures right this way...


Anonymous said...

Yes I went there yesterday
A loot old old collection :-(
A loot of pieces are damage
I got 3 belts but one had missing pieces and I saw that after :-(
Men all pieces are very very old :-(

Anonymous said...

Totally disappointed, these people do not know what it is a good sample sale . A sample sale is enticing your customers to even want more of that brand, treat them with good stuff at a very good price and not cleaning out your warehouse with merchandise which look too old and damaged. Do you all remember YSL sample sales of 3/4 years back? wow that stuff was amazing and the prices with the extra cut at the last days with clothing and shoes still in mint conditions and I do not talk about old shoes but Tribtoo and tribute heels!! That is what made me want to buy more of that brand because then you fall in love with it by wearing it. Shoppers nowadays know what to buy and what to expect as a price we know everything about outlets,second markdowns,department store sales and online websites. We are educated buyers and we know what to expect. I'd rather go to the outlet and spend 600bucks for a lovely recent season coat than a 300$ for an old one (by the way there were not coats...). the jewelry was...was no jewelry some doll pendants and some stretchy plastic bracelet who would wear it, the underwear was way too pricey, clothing I did not like for the reason you stated,bags there was really non only some old clutches, the only good buy i believe was the shoe department but at the end i left empty handed.

Lila Delilah said...

Thanks so much for your comments. I am happy that you agreed with our evaluation of the sale and feel free to continue to share as sample season starts up again!!!