Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fashion Week: Pink Wednesdays and Midi-Skirts

Our feet are shot and the novelty of celebrity spotting and free cocktails is wearing off but that doesn't mean our fetish for fashion has fleeted. Today, we continue to call out the biggest trends of the season the moment they emerge.

The Midi-Skirt
This season's midi-skirt take the spotlight from her two older sisters, the miniskirt and the maxi skirt. For fall 2014, almost every designer incorporated this mid-calf length skirt into their line-up. Michael Kors, Reede Krakoff and Proenza Schouler are just a few of the designers who opted to embrace this new skirt length. Take notice of the assortment of shoes. Kors paired the skirt with sandals, Krakoff used low boots and Proenza opted for oxfords. Which styling do you like best?

Pink Wednesdays
Ever read a person's totally absurd bio? Like, so-and-so popularized the use of the term "wasabi," in place of "what's up." Well I've made it my personal mission to popularize Pink Wednesdays. Yes, like in the movie Mean Girls. After all, "On Wednesdays we wear pink." This season, designers are making it easy to blush it up, with a large assortment of pink to choose from. J. Crew showed the prettiest pastel pink coat, Thakoon opted for a hot pink and Delpozo used a petal pink. Now, who is jointing me in Pink Wednesdays?


diane said...

i am with i have a fuschia agnes B cashmere chesterfield coat from about 20 years ago that is still in perfect shape that i wear in the depths of winter to combat the all black blues, so i will pink my wednesdays with you diane

Lila Delilah said...

There's nothing better than shopping in your own closet. Vintage pink is perfect! xxoo

Little Bird said...

Pink Wednesdays, it is!

Unknown said...

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