Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Missoni Boutique Slashes Prices 80%

While you've been hiding from the the Polar Vortex, sleet and hail, the Madison Avenue Missoni boutique has slashed the prices of their famous zig-zag designs up to 80%. The discounts include most of what's left over from the winter collection along with a selection of bathing suits and cover ups.

If you head to the back half of the store, you will find the entire area filled with deliciously colored discounted fashion and accessories. The sale selection also includes a small assortment of men's and kid's merchandise. Winter hats and scarves are discounted about 30% while shoes and clothing up marked down to about 80%.

A full length zip-up wool coat is $695 from $2770, classic knit sweaters are $300 from $1170, a cashmere coat with a fox collar $995 from $5320, a reversible cap is $475 from $2520. One style bikini is $276 from $460 and another is priced at $243 from $405. A colorful child's vest is $200 from $620. The best deal may very well be the shoes, which area almost all mostly priced at $195 from a starting range between $600 and $900.

Everything that is available is already on the sales floor. It appears as if most of the smaller sizes have been sold. The majority of the selection is a 38 to a 42. Most of the shoes ranged from a size 37 to a 41. Online shoppers can head to the Missoni website but prices are only reduced 50%.

If you're a Missoni lover, this is a sale you won't want to miss. You can click on the jump link to browse a variety of pictures from inside the boutique.

1009 Madison Ave @78th Street
(212) 517-9339


Japolina said...

Very tempting. Very tempting

Lila Delilah said...

Yes it is... but be warned. It's hard to resist not breaking the budget on this one.

Unknown said...

This was an awesome pretty sale, loved shopping out myself at Missoni Boutique; just thought that it would have been real great if i could shop at my general stores offering me such deals to buy general merchandise pallets.

Nina said...

These creations look's great ^^