Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beyond Mansur Gavriel: Bucket Bags

Mansur Gavriel bags may be the hottest trend for the spring. The waiting list for their iconic black and red bucket back may as long as long as Gulfstream's list for a G650. Luckily the Mansur Gavriel bags are less money than the long-range aircraft. Just be warned, prices on the next shipment of bags are up about 25% from last season.

Taking the price inflation and hype over this brand, we would seriously recommend investing in an alternative bucket bag. Some of our favorites include the Louis Vuitton Noe drawstring bag, which can be found on eBay for just about the same price as the Mansur Gavriel version. A denim Chanel bag with a chain drawstring is also priced under $600 and black and it doesn't get more 80s fabulous than a white MCM bucket bag for $300.

You can check out my entire collection of bucket bag selection here on eBay. We would love for you to comment about your predictions for the Mansur Gavriel brand and hear what you think about our eBay bucket bag alternatives.

My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay.


Anonymous said...

Steve Alan in TriBeCa has a ton of them

Lila Delilah said...

Really! I was told that they were all spoken for. Are we tired of them yet?

Anonymous said...

Im glad Im old enough to remember (and still have, even though its time to sell it at my annual yard sale!) a bucket bag from the last time bucket bags were fashionable.

And Im glad Im old enough not to care about whats trending right now.

They're not all that attractive and difficult to rapidly locate what you want.

I'll stick to my clutches inside my tote... but my totes are either Birkins, large Balenciaga's, YSL Roadys, .... I guess I am a slave to fashion too!

Thanks for your posts.... You are a gem!