Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Best $10 You'll Spend All Month

We have to admit that we have been a bit slow to pick up on the Uniqlo craze. We aren't exactly starved of inexpensive basics. Initially, it was the light ultra-light down jackets that got us into the store. They are the perfect layering item, which was incredibly useful this past winter.

As the entire family enjoyed their colorful jackets, it didn't take us long to start exploring other departments of the store. The next logical stop was the children's department. The pajamas were a huge hit with the little ones and they couldn't get enough. (These kiddy jammies are now reduced to $8.) While posting a huge online order, this week, we started clicking around and found women's ultra stretch color jeans in the sale section for $10 from $40. For $10, we had to try these brightly colored jeans.

For clarity, these pants are less of a denim and more of a stretch cotton jegging. The fit is great and they come in a rainbow of bright colors. While the fabric weight might be a bit too heavy in a matter of a few weeks, they are perfect for these cool Spring days. These skinny pants will also be very useful to have during cool summer nights by the ocean.

We don't usually find $10 items that we like so much as these jeans and had to share the find. Let us know of other hidden Uniqlo gems. With some items, it's hard to tell if they are cheap-cool or just cheap-junk.


Denton said...

I try and avoid fast fashion but Uniqlo is the exception. I usually shop at the store at 5th Ave & 53rd Street, where the store is really nice and the help exceptionally friendly. My wife got a slew of those stretchy pants and loves them. Also a few months ago they had a bunch of silk blouses in a rainbow of colors, very cheap, I think $30 iirc. Currently you should look at the linen blouses. They also have a joint effort with MOMA resulting in some very cool tshirts featuring the art of Warhol, Basquaiat, Haring, and others. And the totes from that line are way cool and quite rugged for the price!

Lila Delilah said...

I agree! I got the Basquaiat canvas bag. I think it will be perfect for beach towels!

SkinnyManhattan said...

All of their heat-tech stuff and now their 'Airism' collection shirts are fantastic for layering. On these many warm-cold days we seem to be having right now where I feel like I have no idea how to dress, I carry a one of these light T-shirts with me, rolled up in my purse. It's a quick layer I can put on (or take off) under a shirt and makes a huge difference. Lots of great colors.