Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Walter Steiger Final Clearance

The Walter Steiger sale that started last week continues on and prices are reduced almost ridiculously low. Today we stopped by the sale to find shoes starting at just $50. This is quite the deal considering that most of the collection had a retail price of about $900.

The selection includes lots of samples. There is still a great selection of merchandise ranging from boots to snake skin peep-toe heels, sandals and platforms. You can see lots of pictures from the sale within the jump link.

The final clearance will only run through Friday. If you're looking for major deals we assure you that this is a great place to go hunting. No rsvp required.

Walter Steiger Sample Sale
Last Day: Friday, May 23
10am to 5pm daily
325 5th Ave. @ 33 st. suite 38A

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Anonymous said...

Any flats? What were the price points if there were any available?

Lila Delilah said...

I think there were a few pairs of flats. I don't recall the sizing that was left.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the update. How's the selection for 6 and 6.5's? The selection in these sizes weren't great during the last sale. I'm wondering if that has change this time around. And are the $50 shoes the wedge sandals (3rd picture after the jump) like last time?

Many thanks!
P.S. Really have been enjoying your posts lately.

Lila Delilah said...

It depends on the style. Some styles had inventory in large sizes and others were mostly small.

Thank you so much. I am sooo happy that you enjoy the site.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sending info about walter

my favorite shoe designer

its insane but i spend over 1000 dollars lol

Anonymous said...

what were the prices like? since this is a sponsored post, i get a little cautious. i went to the sale on day 2 and the prices, although largely discounted from retail, were still hovering around $200-$250. didn't see a single $50 shoe. can anyone chime in on prices? thanks!

Lila Delilah said...

When I was there a woman bought about four bags of $50 shoes. I think they go really quickly when they are there. I know they want move the shoes and shoppers have been reporting lots of luck!