Tuesday, July 29, 2014

100s of Manolo Shoes Marked 75% Off

It's not rare to see a bunch of tourists lining up for an unseemly amount of time and chuckle to yourself. Today, it was the tourists coming from the MoMa who were laughing as New Yorkers  waited nearly an hour to gain entrance to Manolo Blahnik's final markdown.

At around noon today, the wait to get inside the designer boutique ran up to 45 minutes. If there was ever a fashionable line this was it. Many of the attendees arrived in non-TLC Escalades and one pair of women was escorted by personal security.

Once inside, shoppers were delighted with an assortment of shoes that were all priced according to color coded stickers-- red is $195, yellow is $225, greens are $250 and blues are $295. Croc shoes are all half-off. The retail price for these lovelies is $3000 and up. You can click here to see all the shoes that are available at the sale.

Most of the sale selection is from this past spring and summer collection. We found lots of styles with PVC, classic sling backs, flats, loafers, classic sandals and more daring caged sandals too. What makes this sale great is that most shoes fall within the $195 category. Unlike past seasons, we didn't see a lot of jeweled classic Hangisi-style shoes.

Although some readers companied that the service during the sample sale wasn't ideal, we were wildly surprised. One must remember that a huge sale, such as this, can be difficult for a sales associate to navigate. The days are long and very, very busy. The customers are demanding and, as always, everyone is a rush.

So now, you can rush here to view pictures of all the sale shoes. Afterwards, head out to get your Manolos while they last. The sale ends August 7.

Manolo Blahnik
31 West 54th Street
212-582-3007 (Don't expect anyone to answer)
Monday-Friday 10:30AM-5:30PM
The boutique will close from 2pm to 3pm (but they stop letting new customers in at 1:30pm)


Anonymous said...

Could you advise how much the pvc ones are?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Very misleading review. I was there yesterday at about noon, and there is very little selection; what they do have are mostly in very small (35.5) or large (39 and up)sizes. The photo which shows shoes aplenty are of the reptile shoe selection. And they are 50% off.

Anonymous said...

I was there at 3 pm and there was a TON of stock. The store was very organized when they opend at 3. The problem is people take the samples and hoard them so you can't see everything. The woman on the bench next to me had 4 pairs behind her and 3 in her lap as she was being told not to hoard. The staff are doing thier best to put back the samples. In addtion there were many people trying on a lot of shoes for fun with no intention of buying.

Lila Delilah said...

I'm sorry if you found the post misleading. I personally made out very well and saw lots of sizes on the bottoms of shoes.

In the post, I stated that the croc shoes where half-off.

Anonymous said...

I think the selection is based on timing. I also went on Tuesday (around 12:30) and there was very little stock. However, when I went today (around 12), they had an extensive selection.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your post, I own my first pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes! I went at around 4pm today and there weren't too many people. Mostly big sizes, 39 and up. But I was luckily to find a 37 in the shoe I wanted!.

Anonymous said...

Do you know when they stop letting people in at the end of the day? If I got that at 5:15, would I be turned away?

Lila Delilah said...

I don't think there should be lines any more but would leave a bit more time. They might stop letting people in 30min before closing,