Tuesday, July 1, 2014

50 Pics Inside Saks 70% Off

The discount at Saks Fifth Avenue goes to 70% off starting Wednesday. The online sale started today but, as usual, the in-store assortment is much better. Beware, since Hudson Bay Company purchased Saks, they have created new rules. All third markdowns are final sale. We are told that these rules are strict and there are absolutely no backsies.

As you head out for the holiday weekend, it's hard not to wonder what you might be missing inside the store. To quench your curiosity we scoured every cranny of the Saks flagship to bring you a virtual shopping experience. After the jump we have more than 50 pictures of sale merchandise. Links are added to items that can also still be found online.

We started out hunt on the main floor where there are still a few bags left from the prior markdowns. We found this Alexander McQueen clutch that's now $898 from $2245. A floral print Jimmy Choo beach bag is $550 from $1095 and quilted Lanvin Happy bags are about $1200 from $2420. You see more pics of sale bags over here.

Heading to the third floor, designer clothing, there is still a great variety of summer fashion ripe for the picking. Today the discount is 60% but tomorrow it will all be 70% off. We found a stylish Prabal Gurung jacket that comes to $840 from $2800, a blue floral Peter Philotto dress is $537 from $1792, an Antonion Berardi fishtail dress is about $650 from $2100 and a colorful Mary Katrantzou dress is also about $600 from $2020. There is still a small selection of Chanel clothing at 40% off. We are told that there will be no further markdowns but we wouldn't be surprised if another discount was taken in a few weeks.

In the shoe department, on eight, there is a huge variety of shoes. The assortment is really staggering. Almost all shoes will hit 70% off. The only exceptions are Louboutin and Chanel, which are still only 30% off. While browsing, we found Saint Laurent studded leather pumps for under $400 from about $1100, a Miu Miu wave d'Orse for $243 from $675 and Jimmy Choo PVC high heel sandals for $450 from $900. Jump, jump, jump to see more than 30 pictures of sale shoes.



Anonymous said...

I live in Canada and when I heard that Saks was purchased by Hudson's Bay, I predicted that Saks would deteriorate.

With little competition in Canada, Hudson's Bay is known for terrible customer service. Only one store in Canada carries designer items; they are not shown online and the only way to access it is to call a sales associate and have them and photos. If you want to purchase the item on sale, it is final sale.

Accordingly, I have found it easier to shop in the U.S.A., although it seems that Canadian "don't know how" is coming to you. (Neiman's was also purchased by a Canadian pension fund).

I had already noticed that at Saks the web site sale sold out quickly, implying limited stock.

This new final sale policy is a deterrent to online shopping; unless you can go to a store to try things on first, it is very risky to buy online with no return option.

Will not be shopping there any more

Sarah said...

Thanks for the pictures!

I have to agree with the previous poster that this new final sale policy is a deterrence for shoppers.

Lila Delilah said...

Yes, many customers are very disappointed with the new policy. I understand how difficult it can be to accept returns but there are lots of other places to shop that offer flexibility,

Anonymous said...

It’s the European way and Marigay will have to tread lightly here. Too much competition as you point out….. Can’t risk losing a customer although you could make the case that the deep discounts bring in a different customer but everyone loves a deal, even the typical “Saks customer.” As an ex retailer (Saks and Macy’s), it’s a slippery slope. And Nordstrom is coming and service is their forte as are shoes – so a winning combination….

My guess is Marigay backs down – she will have a customer service nightmare when people try to bring things back.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time. I went this morning and many of the items were damaged, dirty or still had return tags on them. I picked up a Stella McCartney handbag and saw there were scuff marks all over. I went upstairs and looked at an Oscar de la Renta dress and noticed foundation/make-up all over the neckline. Considering all sale items are "Final Sale," it's totally not worth it. If you dare to shop, I suggest examining your items carefully.

Anonymous said...

many of my friends are very surprised about the new policy, and will not purchase items that are marked as such. In NY I do not think they will be able to get away with it and might wind up losing more customers than they anticipate.