Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Best Manolo Sale Ever Starts Now

Our favorite Manolo Blahnik sale is finally here and it could be the best boutique sale ever. These final markdown sales always boast discounts at about 75% off and usually only run for just four days but this year the sale is 10-jam-packed-days of Manolo bargains.

The markdown event will begin this Monday and run through August 7th. Once the sale ends the Blahnik  boutique will close as it undergoes bit of a facelift. The planned renovations will continue until Monday, August 25th, when the store will reopen with the new collection.

We expect that the added sale days mean that that there will be a huge amount of inventory. We might even venture to say, this sale will be better than the sample sale. During final markdown events, shoes are always marked by sticker dots. Prices usually range from $195 for a red dot up to $375 for a green dot. Most shoes and low boots-- even highly ornate styles-- are priced at $225. Last season, Lisa pumps were a budget friendly $225 and high boots were $325.

The store can get crowded but at least there isn't usually a long line to get in. Although this sale runs longer than usual, we would suggest trying to attend towards the beginning days. We doubt there will be a lot of restocking. Styles and sizes always run low quickly.

Manolo Blahnik
31 West 54th Street
212-582-3007 (Don't expect anyone to answer)
Monday-Friday 10:30AM-5:30PM
The boutique will close from 2pm to 3pm to restock


Anonymous said...

Abby is the WORST most evil salesperson I have ever seen. She brings the whole brand down, she needs to be fired immediately! She is a horrible representative of MB, the rudest, worst person of all time, avoid the sale unless you wanted to be treated like a second class citizen!

Lila Delilah said...

That sounds horrible, What happened?

Anonymous said...

The only way you can deal with nasty sales people is to complain directly to the company. Write them a polite and specific email about your experience, mention the time, day and the name of the sales person. Italian brands don't tolerate bad representation. I have done it in the past with few high end brands and got a good response.

Anonymous said...

I actually was in the store yesterday afternoon. Is Abby the one who is really loud??

Nikki said...

I just went today and had a great time, staff was nice and friendly.

A couple things to note - although they close from 2-3 for restocking, they quit letting people in at 1:30. They gave some people notes so that they could come back at 3 and skip the line to come in (but they didn't cut the line, so those poor people were just left waiting outside).

Also, there is a decent selection of alligator shoes that are all up to 50% off as well.