Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chanel's Clothing Languishes at Bloomingdales

This season, Chanel took the very bold move and changed their discount policy to only one markdown a season. If you were shopping for clothing, the discount never made it past 40% off. Sales people were insistent that the winter stock was selling so well that further incentives were not needed.

Fast forward to mid-March and Bloomingdales shoppers will find an abundance of Chanel's winter leftovers tucked in the back of the Oscar de la Renta department.

The discount is still just 40% off and when Bloomingdales sales associates are questioned they just shrug their shoulders in confusion. Perhaps this should be a strong message to Chanel and it's customers that there are only so many people willing to pay top dollar-- even in a big city like ours.


Anonymous said...

Its interesting to note that Chanel is trying to follow Hermes into this extra extra exclusivity - high high bracket but no one really buys Hermes clothing hence you find plenty of it at their sample sale and if Chanel doesnt discount their stuff - the stores will carry a lesser selection because Bloomingdales is bearing the loss of this merchandise (i don't think clothing is a lease department)

Lila Delilah said...

I agree. Clothing is virtually a loss leader for both brands. I don't think retailers will be happy if this type of policy is going to continue.

Anonymous said...

Saks, Barneys and Neiman have all been bought out by VCs and they are not making any money anymore

in the world of fast fashion and kardashians the 1 % are probably not shopping at these stores (celebs free stuff from designers) anymore - they probably go to designers direct

no wonder saks and barneys are all adding floors of economy fashion rather than high end

i personally cringe when i see tory burch and coach bags at saks - but what can one do?

the way for chanel and hermes is to create clothing which is aspirational and which people can buy or would want to buy and then focus on accessories and shoes!!

Anonymous said...

Chanel is also closing several department store doors in mid sized cities. Saks in Indianapolis had a built out clothing boutique, a bag and accessory boutique, and they also carried shoes….all are gone within the last month. Sales people say they sold the bags and shoes VERY well, not so much with the clothing, but it was Chanel's decision. They did get a huge new Cosmetic Counter as consolation. Many disappointed Pacer & Colts wives in the circle city.

Chanel said...

Nice colection of the outfit! I LOVE this dress. They make a real style statement.

Anonymous said...

I use to see a good amount of people with Chanel jackets. Now I don't see many. Their clothes (frankly the styles have been from hunger the last year) are just awful and getting away from Coco's original designs. I hate the zippers! I hate a lot of the weird new styles. I like the old styles brought into a modern design. Chanel is known for it's stunning buttons, not zippers. But karl is saving money with cheaper fabrics and cheaper designed clothes. On top of that the discounts are awful. The stores are getting less and less clothes because he has tripled prices. Even his bags are not selling. I don't like the soft caviar at all. I don't like the new calf on the boy bag. It scratches all over. This is outrageous for a $6K bag. I heard Chanel will be going online. Who on earth will buy a $10K jacket online. We are supposed to buy all our bags online too. There will be massive fraud. I think Chanel wants to get rid of most of it's retailers and make it ultra exclusive. But I don't consider spending that much money for something I haven't seen or tried on sane. Why can't they ship to people like before? Think it's time for Karl and his awful designs to retire. Chanel is not doing well in the USA.