Monday, March 30, 2015

Henri Bendel Mid-Season Sale

Let's be frank about the prices of handbags--the prices are insane. Despite the insanity it's fun to indulge from time to time. Other times, however, it's fun to buy something new that doesn't result in financial guilt.

Over the course of the past year, Henri Bendel has launched a line of bags that are quite beautiful and affordable. The styling is classic and the colors are quite pretty. The best part is that the mid-spring sale has a large assortment of bags priced 30% to 50% off. There is also an additional 20% off online coupon that brings the discount to 60% on some styles.

Look at this pretty sea foam green cross body bag. The price is $114 from $228 and that's without any additional discounts. Here's a snakeskin clutch that's just $160 from $228 and here's a designer-inspired lizard satchel for $325 from $650.

Beyond the bags, there is also an assortment of jewelry and accessories included in the sale. A pretty pink leather cuff bracelet is $82 from $118 and an iPad Mini clutch case is $68 from $98.


Anonymous said...

Bendel's is a useless store for unwitting tourists. They have removed all the great stuff they were known for (clothing, hair accessories, jewelry and now cosmetics). There is nothing special about their bags and all that HB branded stuff is not even fashion forward - maybe if you live in Indiana.

Anonymous said...

You can't apply the 20% online thing for sale merch.

Unknown said...

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