Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Spy: A Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale (Kirkwood Intel.)

Once upon a time the Manolo Blahnik sample sale was a no-brainer. There were clear rules, there was order, there was a great assortment and the prices were absolutely amazing. As time has gone on, the assortment has become hit-or-miss and the crowds have become insane and the event has become shrouded with inconsistent by-laws.

This season, we hear that the bi-annual event is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately, a spokesperson for the company would only say, "We can't comment because the sale is private." One can only speculate that the company is not planning on opening the sale to the public.

Friends don't lose all hope. There have been other seasons when Manolo said that the sale would be closed to the public. Later, when there was too much remaining stock they welcomed one and all. We can't predict the future but we will be sure to keep you posted. Check here for information on last season's sale and here's our Manolo Blahnik sample sale survival guide.

If you're looking to get some new shoes now, we suggest you hit the Nicholas Kirkwood sale at Century 21. Friday is the final day and all shoes are 80% off. Click here to see photos and prices.

Manolo Blahnik
Wednesday, May 6 and Thursday, May 7
Wed 12pm-4pm, Thurs 9am-4pm
Warwick Hotel, 65 W 54th St. (off 6th Ave.), 2nd Floor

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Best Upcoming Sample Sales

Sample sale season is about to get very busy. There are 100s of sales scheduled for May and figuring out which ones are worthy of inspection takes a critical eye. To help you sort through the madness, we put together a list of the most deserving sales. Let us know if you think we missed anything spectacular.

Jonathan Adler
Thursday, April 30th through Saturday, May 2nd
Thu 11am—6pm, Fri 10am—5pm, Sat 10am—4pm
The Bronx: 885 E 138th St Btwn (Walnut & Locust Aves)
Last year, the Jonathan Adler sale was held in a traditional fashion venue that didn't work so well for home furnishings. If you're in the market for mid-century quark we suggest you go North, way North. To the Bronx. Prices will be up to 75% off and the assortment will include furniture, lighting, decorative accessories, rugs and fashion accessories. On site delivery will be available for an additional charge.

Jimmy Choo
Tuesday, May 5 though Wednesday, May 6
Tues 11am-6pm, Wed 8am-4pm
Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St. (bet. 6th & 7th Ave.)
The Jimmy Choo sample sale is somewhat of a nightmare. There are lines, waits, hoarding, chaos-- everything we despise about sample sales. The one redeeming quality is the great pricing. We suggest avoiding the sale all together on Tuesday and taking a peak around on Wednesday if you're really that curious. 

Tuesday, May 5th through Sunday, May 10th
Tues 9am—8pm, Wed—Thu 9am—7pm, Fri—Sat 10am—7pm, Sun 10am—4pm 260
Sample Sale 260: 260 Fifth Ave btwn 28th & 29th st.
Sandro has quickly become one of our favorite mid-priced fashion lines. It's chic and casual at the same time. We are very much looking forward to the brand's inaugural sample sale. We don't expect discounts to be dramatic but the selection should be very good.

Adam Lippes
Wednesday, May 6th through Thursday, May 7th
9am-7pm daily
32 Bank St btwn Waverly Pl & W 4th St, parlor level
We are told that prices at the Adam Lippes sale will be up to 75% off. A wrap gown will be $500 from $1750, leather drop-crotch culottes will be $700 from $2650 and a more basic shift dress will be $300 from $1090.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Theory Friends and Family Sale

Theory is hosting a friends and family sale where shoppers can save 25% off at boutiques and online. The savings goes up to 30% when you spend $600 or more. Internet shoppers can use the code FRIENDS to access the discounts at checkout.

Theory isn't known for the most exciting pieces of fashion but they may provide the most wearable items. This classic shirt dress comes to about $300 from $385. Here's a tailored shirt that comes to about $180 from $225. This jumpsuit is the perfect blank canvas to a super accessorized summer outfit and is about $400 from $475. Normally we love to stack a friends and family discount on to sale items but unfortunately there is no sale section.

The Theory friends and family sale runs till April 30. The only exclusions are third party denim and Mansur Gavriel bags -- but we're pretty over them anyway.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Yigal Azrouel Sale is Back With Great Pricing

Yigal Azrouel has been a longtime favorite sample sale. His clothing is edgy and the price for price-quality ratio was always spot on. This season, you'll be happier than you've been in a long time because the prices are truly good and the samples are plentiful.

The sale started Monday morning when VIPs swarmed the sample sale racks. Once the sale opened to the public in the afternoon the sample racks were running lean but there were abandoned piles of great deals scattered throughout the space. This season, Yigal samples are $60, Cut25 samples are $40 and leather items are $125. Among the coveted samples was a cobalt leather jacket, lots of black sheath dresses, plenty of knits and a few flouncy tops.

A majority of the inventory is from past Winter seasons but there are still some items that will reasonable translate to Spring and Summer. The full price list is below. Among the open stock, which contains a full size range of many items, we found leather jackets, dresses and some gowns. The most popular items were the leather jackets that are priced at $500 from a retail price of $1900. A simple LBD with jeweled short sleeves is $275 from $1390 and a black dress with white netting is also priced at $275 from $960. A navy and white blazer was $225 from $990.

From the Cut25 open stock racks we found a blouse with beaded fringe on the front that is $125, a neoprene crop top is $65 from $225 and an iconic red dress with leather patches and zippers is $125 from $790. There are also lots of tops and casual tees. Pictures of all the aforementioned items can be found right here.

If you haven't been to a Yigal Azrouel sale we would suggest you give it a shot. The fit and texture of the collection is always great. Veterans will be happy that it's a lot of the same favorites that have made appearances at past sales.

Yigal Azrouel Sample Sale
Through Friday, May 1st
Mon 1pm—7pm, Tue—Fri 9am—7pm
225 W 39th St btwn 7th & 8th Ave, 7th floor

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Trickles Back Into Stores

It was just last week that Lilly-Pulcalypse ensued in Target stores. The backlash from the lack of inventory even reached the Washington Post where  Robin Givhan angrily wrote, "The classic Lilly Pulitzer dress comes in shrill shades of yellow and pink that are vaguely infantilizing."

If you're not sipping from the sour grapes of the Washington Post, we can help. We've already explored alternative avenues to secure your pop-of-Pulitzer for Summer right here. Then today we scoured two New Jersey Target stores and found a limited amount of merchandise.

Anyone stalking for the designer's sunny-colored merchandise should begin their hunt at the customer services area. That's where returns are made and the merchandise collects until employees can bring it back to the sales floor.

At one suburban Target, we found a pile of returned clothing sitting on the counter. Among the "bounty" was a green and white kid's jumpsuit, a wristlet pouch and a shift dress. On the sales floor there were home items like dessert plates, votive candles and strung lights. More pictures are right here.

At the second stop there were several of items of clothing in the changing room, a tote bag at customer services and stoneware stool, candle lanterns and nail files could be found near the registers.  There were also other random items scattered throughout the store.

Merchandise hasn't really been re-released online. As of now, the only available items are the hammock stand and the umbrella stand. We wouldn't get your hopes up too high if you expect to find popular items of clothing back on the site. Seems like it would be a bigger headache to replenish stock when inventory may remain quite limited. Nonetheless, we'll keep stalking.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

50+ Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is celebrating its 101st anniversary on Sunday, May 10 and we couldn't be more excited to be the beneficiary of pampering and praise. The first thing you have to know about Mother's Day is that moms don't want you breaking the bank to say, "I love you." They also don't want a thoughtless card with a scribbled signature.

Finding the perfect gift can take a bit of determination and thought. In order to get a jump start on the task (and give some hint to loved ones) we compiled a Mother's Day guide of over 50 items that are sure to inspire even the most impaired of gift givers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Givenchy, Gucci Balmain for 70% to 80% off

Looking to spice up Spring with a super purchase without wiping out your Summer travel budget? We have just the right sale. Linda's Stuff is hosting one of her most luxurious designer eBay sales ever. The best part is that everything is brand new and still has the tags.

The sale includes the best high-end designer clothing, shoes, jewelry and bags for men and women. Notable names include Givenchy, Gucci, Erdem, Bottega Veneta, Balmain and more. All of the merchandise is listed at deeply slashed prices. Check out these Givenchy shark bit low boots that are $539 from $1700 and here is the high moto-version for $479 from $1600. Over here is a men's military style double-breasted Balmain coat for $1700 from $6200. Right here is a one-sleeve Gucci gown for $1179 from almost $4000. Always wanted an Alaia belt? Here's your chance to have your belt and your dress too.

We don't blame you if you're feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices. These are some serious brand new designer pieces for major discounts. Just don't be surprised if you start obsessing about this sale. We are afraid to tally how much time we've spent sorting and stalking our favorite items. Better to buy and walk away... if you can!

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Cynthia Rowley Sample Sale: $89 Dresses

Cynthia Rowley is one of the founding mothers of contemporary designer wear. Her style and attitude to fashion paved the way of entire floors in department stores. (Prime example: Bergdorf's F5) Without designers like Cynthia, there would be no Milly, Alice & Olivia or Alexander Wang.

If you haven't recently browsed through the racks of Cynthia Rowley, now would be the time. The designer is hosting a sample sale in her West Village boutique and you may not want to miss the opportunity. All open stock dresses are priced at $89, pants and jackets are $79 and skirts, and tops are $59. We found this great iridescent scuba dress, this pink ruffle top, a lace color block top and this mesh cop top and skirt.

In an unexpected twist, the plentiful samples that are mainly size 2s and 4s are a bit more pricey. Dresses and jackets are $109 and tops and bottoms are $89. Among the samples there was a variety of colors and prints of this side tie top, many variations of this leave appliqué from Winter 2014, this rainbow mesh dress and, of course, lots of scuba fabric. Click here to see pictures from inside the sale.

The sale also includes lots of swimwear that's priced at $19 a piece, rash guards for $39 and assorted workout wear. The sale will run through Sunday and sizes will be restocked as supplies last. Today there wasn't too much of a crowd but waiting for the one dressing room wasn't worth the time. We prefer to risk it than spend time on lines.

If you can't make it downtown to the sale, we suggest you explore the designer's off-Madison store on 78th Street. It's a really special space with a magical candy store on the second floor, called Curious Candy. We promise, it's worth the trip.

Cynthia Rowley
Through Sunday, April 26th
Wed 12pm—8pm, Thu—Sun 10am—8pm
376 Bleecker St btwn Perry & Charles

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Herve Leger NJ Closing Sale 70% Off

The Herve Leger store at the Garden Sate Plaza, in Paramus, NJ is closing on Sunday. In order to clear out older merchandise, the store is offering an extra 20% off merchandise that's already discounted 60%. That brings the grand savings to 70% off.

The selection is two full racks of clothing with some additional sizes in the back. An adorable aqua a-line dress comes to just about $300 from nearly $1000, a navy knee-length mermaid style dress is $550 from $1740 and a classic black bondage dress is $430 from $1340. You can see more pictures from our crossing of state lines right here.

Remember, New Jersey doesn't have sales tax on clothing. That can equate to an additional savings of almost 10% for us New Yorkers. The Jersey store will ship merchandise but all sales are final. If an item isn't available in your size you can always stalk the Herve Leger online store. Twice a year, the company offers similar discounts through the website.

HERVE LEGER Garden State Plaza
(201) 843-2900 | (201) 843-2904
One Garden State Plaza
Paramus, NJ 07652 USA

Looking to start Spring off on the right foot with a great deal on a Chanel bag? A Modern Take is hosting a private sale this Friday and Saturday, which will consist of a great assortment of new and preowned designer bags. Shopping is by appointment only. Please click here for more details or you can email for an appointment.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Get Great Lilly Pulitzer, Now!

It's a rare event when the local evening news in New York's lead teaser is about a retail collaboration story. Today, nearly everyone was talking about how quickly the Lilly Pulitzer collection sold out at Target. It almost feels as if it was gone before it got here. We wouldn't be surprised if Target cut their production numbers after a series of several collaboration flops.

Before you panic, however, remember that most of those opportunistic eBay sellers will promptly return their hauls when they realize that most consumers aren't willing to pay a pretty premium for Target-manufactered merchandise. As a matter of fact, many retailers have an average return rate of 33%, according to The Retail Equation. If you factor in the "limited-edition" psychology, the novelty of a collaboration, hyper media engagement and the inertia of mass hysteria, you can expect that the return rates will be even higher than the average.

That is good news for me and you because Target shortened their return policy to just 14-days for these types of limited edition collaborations. So you're likely to see a lot of Lilly come back if you stalk your local Target customer service department.

The best news is that Lilly Pulitzer is always available at, yes, Lilly Pulitzer. Be sure to take a look because many items are less expensive than you would imagine and the quality is much higher than anything found at Target. This little girl's shift dress is just $48 or about $20 more than the shift dresses from Target. Women 's shift dresses are still affordable at $138 and maxi-dresses are under $200. Take note, Lilly Pulitzer has bi-annual sales (see our review here) where a large assortment of merchandise is reduced 50% to 70% off.

If you're looking for the real deal on sale items now, you don't need to go any further than Saks Fifth Avenue. The designer is one of the few included in the store's friends and family sale and is all now 30% off. Neiman Marcus has this print dress on sale for just $32

Amazon also has an interesting range of merchandise. Here's a beach bag for just $32, this market bag is $15 and here is a large assortment of print dresses.

Before you have a preppy beach party of your own, be sure to read our interview with Lilly Pultizer's fashion director, Janie Schoenborn. It's from 2010 but the content is still classic.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saks Friends & Family Sale Offers 30% Off!

The Saks Fifth Avenue Friends & Family sale started today and we were expecting the same old. Boy were we surprised by how friendly Saks can be. This week, shoppers can save 30% off select clothing, shoes and handbags and 20% off jewelry.

If you're shopping online use the code FRNFAM at checkout. Just take note, the exclusion list is longer than ever.  We counted over 300 exclusions. (Read: Not so friendly.) Some contemporary brands and popular denim brands that are normally included in the promotion  are now excluded. Among the surprising exclusions are Tory Burch, Polo Ralph Lauren, Rag & Bone and Burberry Brit, McQ Alexander McQueen and T by Alexander Wang. Yes, it's a bit overwhelming.

Finding desirable brands that are included in the discount isn't easy but here's a small list of brands that are eligible for the 30% discount: Red Valentino, Theory, Frame, Missoni, Milly, Alice & Olivia, jewelry brand Marco Bicego and Ippolita.

This isn't a bad time to think ahead towards Mother's Day, especially if you're considering a jewelry brand that's included in the friends and family promo. If you're looking for savings on designer brands you are going to have to wait until the end of May.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reed Krakoff Discounts 85% Off

It's quite clear that Reed Krakoff's days are coming to an end. The not so well kept secret is hard to keep silent when the designer's website is selling merchandise for over 80% off.

Right now, Reed Krakoff is offering a 60% discount with the code EXCLUSIVE60. That promotion applies to the newest summer collection and the past winter collection that is already reduced 50% off. The final discount on the already reduced collection comes to an amazing 85% off after using the code!

Check it out: Those silver ankle-strap shoes are $100 from $750, this white leather panel tee is $125 from $950 and this leather skirt is $200 from almost $1700.

Many of the sale items are already sold out but there are still lots of lucky sizes. We would also suggest browsing the Madison Avenue store before it closes and calling the outlet.

Weekend Shopping: Nordstrom, Lilly x Target, Saks F&F

Spring is finally here, which means that it will be the perfect weekend to stretch your legs, take a walk and, of course, shop. There happens to be three upcoming shopping opportunities. Follow along for more details:

Saks Friends and Family
Start your presale engines now. Saks Fifth Avenue's friends and family sale will afford customers 25% off most contemporary designer items. The sale will first go live online Friday and then begins in stores Monday, April 20th. The sale will run for a full week and ends on April 27. Designer merchandise will have their first markdown mid-May.

Nordstrom ended the tradition of half-yearly sales and instead hosts six smaller sales. This weekend marks the next of those mini-promotions. Online we found merchandise discounted up to 60% off. This DVF sleeveless wrap dress is $160 from $400 and this Rachel Zoe one shoulder goddess cut dress is $140 from $275.

Lilly Pulitzer x Target
It's about time you change out your Theory wardrobe of black, white and gray for some Palm Beach happy prep. Lilly Pulitzer's collection for Target drops on Sunday. Be sure to scope a Target that's out of the city, we mean Palm Beach county, to score the most desirable items. Shift dresses are bound to go fast but past experience has taught us that most items make a reoccuring surprise appearance. A 14-day return policy is also poised to help the situation.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Google Express vs Amazon Prime Now vs Instacart

Back in the dark ages of, say 2010, you needed to go to your local Gristedes or D'Agostino and pay top prices for household basics. If you needed a Barbie or toy for a birthday you went to the neighborhood side-street toy store and paid 50% to 100% more than you would from a big box store. But hey, city living isn't easy and you have to pay for convenience.

That was way back when. Now, the game is changing. This year, a variety of personal shopping and same day delivery services have started to change the shopping landscape for many New Yorkers. Technology-based services like, Google Express, Amazon Prime Now and Instacart are offering city dwellers delivery of basic (and not so basic) household items within just a couple of hours.

Unlike Fresh Direct, these services offer a lot more than cereal and milk. Google Express and Instacart employ shoppers that physically shop the aisles of participating stores. Amazon Prime Now makes overnight delivery look like the Dark Ages with their fully stocked warehouses that's stocked with everything from food to Play-Doh to technology and workout gear. The options are truly mind- boggling.

We've been ordering and consuming through all three companies for the past several months. These services all offer same day delivery within Manhattan but their specialties and fees slightly differ. Above is a handy cheat sheet that breaks down the major differences and our opinions. You can click on the image to enlarge the text.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lisa Perry Celebrates With 33% Off

Lisa Perry is barely a toddler among Madison Avenue's institutions. as brand continues to get its walking legs it is celebrating its third year on the Avenue by offering shoppers 33% off everything in the store.

The sale started today and is also accessible online with the code 3YEARS. This season's apparel highlights include these wide-leg pants with a racing stripe, the two-color Wow dress and the rainbow windowpane Jamie top.

Lisa Perry
988 Madison Ave
(212) 431-7467

This Week's Best Sample Sales

This week's sample sale line-up appears  to be bit of a snooze but we found just a few sales that are worthy of further investigation. Below is a carefully curated a selection of our favorite sample sales for the week. Be sure to share your experience in the comment section below.

Through Tuesday, April 14
Mon & Tues 11am to 7pm
Store & Showroom 220 Lafayette Street (btwn Spring & Kenmare)
Expect to find bras and panties exclusively at the Cosabella sample sale. We are told that thongs will be $13, soft bras will be $30 and underwire bras will be $35. Take note, only major credit cards are accepted.

Costume National
Tuesday, April 14th through Thursday, April 16th
11am—7pm daily
151 Wooster St (btwn W Houston & Prince sts)
Hosted by 260 Sample Sale
According to our records, this is the first time Costume National is hosting a standalone sample sale. It is hard to predict pricing but we are sure that it will considerably less than the current prices at Barney's. If you plan on poking your head in, please let us know what you find.

Jill Jill Stuart
Wednesday, April 15th through Friday, April 17th
10am—7pm daily
550 Seventh Ave (btwn 39th & 40th St.), 24th floor
We are huge fans of Jill Stuart's main-line brand and are often puzzled why the designer hasn't opened a store on Madison. Besides being closer than traveling to Soho, this sale is poised to be a lot more affordable. We are told that prices will be up to 80% off retail. The stock is primarily women's sample size dresses but there is a a small selection of open stock.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The IT-it: Lace-Up Sandals

After a long bitter Winter it's about time we let our toesies take a deep breath of fresh air. For Summer 2015, designers are still pushing Birkenstock-like sandals, flat-forms and even Teva-inspired styles but our favorite are lace-up sandals.

These cagy lace-ups tend to make your gams look longer and leaner. Gladiators on the other hand, are only wearable by featherweight goddesses who tower above us mere mortals. Our favorite of all the lace-ups is a version by Isabel Marant. It's the perfect mixture of naughty and nice.

There are lots of other great styles, click through the lookbook above to see more than 15 great lace-up options ranging in price from $200 to over $1200.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Shopbop Friends & Family 25% Off

The hugely popular Shopbop friends and family sale has kicked off today. Shoppers can use the code SPRING25 and save an additional 25% off most items on the site. Of course, there are designer exclusions and Shopbop's list isn't too bad but it's growing. You can click here to see the full list of what items to avoid.

The best part of this sale is that you can apply the discount to previously reduced merchandise. For this reason, we always like to start our browsing in the sale section. This Jill Jill Stuart jacquard dress comes to just $100 from $278, this Clover Canyon off the shoulder dress is $120 from $277 and a Dannijo ear cuff is about $80 from $210.

Another option is to always use the savings to get a jump ahead of the trends. Take fringe as an example: Here's a fringe bag, fringe earrings, a fringe skirt, a bikini and sandals. Were you thinking of overalls? Of course you were. Try these in leather if you're daring, classic Levis, shorts or super prim Red Valentino.

Remember, the trendiest of items go fast at this sale. Better to snatch them up now than to wait until the sale ends on Thursday. Get shopping.

Monday, April 6, 2015

J Crew: Extra 50% Off Final Sale Items

Spring is finally starting to show it's bright yellow face. It's time for a transitional wardrobe and metamorphosize your look into something lighter and brighter.

J. Crew's current promotion should help put a bit of spring into your step. Right now, you can save an extra 50% off final sale items or an extra 40% off non-final sale items. Just use the code SHOPNOW at checkout.

Sometimes we find J. Crew can be hard to shop but some items are attractive basics. This Resin coated cotton twill jacket is perfect for April showers, especially for $50 from almost $200. A collection bonded denim coat is $380 from almost $800 and Italian satin belted shorts are $48 from $168.

The deals for kids are even better. Here's one of Crew Cuts signature girls sweatshirt with a satin ruffle hem for $12 from $62 and skirt with hearts is $26 from $55.

It might seem counterintuitive but when confronted with a sale like this we prefer to spend an extra 10% and have the luxury of returns. That is, unless you're sure of what you're buying. Hurry, this sale ends midnight on Tuesday. (Good thing is that you always know there will be another soon.)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ralph Lauren: Save 25% and Support Cancer Research

Ralph Lauren is running a sales promotion where you can save 25% off all your purchases until April 8 with the code GIVE15. In addition, the company is giving 10% of the proceeds to Pink Pony, which supports women's cancer or the Ralph Lauren Center for cancer care and prevention.

Seems like a double great deal, right? Well, there is a snag in the small print: Only select merchandise is eligible for the 25% discount and the discount is not available in stores. The good news is that the discount will afford you additional savings off already discount merchandise. Be sure to check out the RXL collection and customizable polo collections.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Sale Hunt: 90% Off Surprises

While the children play with food coloring and hard boiled eggs, you can spend your time hunting for some great designer deals. The fashion discount site, Amuze, is hosting an Easter sale where their amazing designer merchandise is discounted an extra 25% using the code EASTER25.

The sale includes hundreds of amazing shoes, bags, clothing and accessories for men and women. These Nicholas Kirkood mule sandals come to just $185 from a retail price of $850. This Nancy Gonzalez croc and lizard satchel is now about $850 from $3450 and this Valentino stud leather tote is just about $900 from over $2700. And really, how can you pass up these Saint Lauren cat eye sunnies for around $80 from $275. Seriously?

For men, there is a full selection of Saint Laurent shoes and tons of Gucci clothing. Don't hesitate too long, the best items are already selling out. Use the discount code before it expires on Monday.

Last one to check out is a rotten egg...

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Forzieri's Cruise Sale 60% Off

European online luxury store, Forzieri, is offering customers an extra 20% off sale items, which brings the total savings to 60% off some of their great designer merchandise. To engage the extra discount you need to use the code EXTRA20VIP at checkout.

Here's a Jil Sander bag that comes to about $700 from $1800. A set of three Sonia Rykiel lip pins are $80 from $180 and a girl's Dolce & Gabanna dress is about $175 from $555. Mouse this way and you'll find several Valentino items, including bags and accessories that all come to about 60% off. Over here there are about a dozen Proenza shoe styles.

With Easter coming up, you can be sure that this sale is just one of many great deals that will be coming our way this weekend. Stay tuned!