Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Herve Leger NJ Closing Sale 70% Off

The Herve Leger store at the Garden Sate Plaza, in Paramus, NJ is closing on Sunday. In order to clear out older merchandise, the store is offering an extra 20% off merchandise that's already discounted 60%. That brings the grand savings to 70% off.

The selection is two full racks of clothing with some additional sizes in the back. An adorable aqua a-line dress comes to just about $300 from nearly $1000, a navy knee-length mermaid style dress is $550 from $1740 and a classic black bondage dress is $430 from $1340. You can see more pictures from our crossing of state lines right here.

Remember, New Jersey doesn't have sales tax on clothing. That can equate to an additional savings of almost 10% for us New Yorkers. The Jersey store will ship merchandise but all sales are final. If an item isn't available in your size you can always stalk the Herve Leger online store. Twice a year, the company offers similar discounts through the website.

HERVE LEGER Garden State Plaza
(201) 843-2900 | (201) 843-2904
One Garden State Plaza
Paramus, NJ 07652 USA


Anonymous said...

inaccurate. The last day for this sale is actually today (saturday, April 25th). The whole store is not on sale. Just called. They are doing their regular discounts that most Herves do. Current season normal price. Past season 60% off.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, the whole store is NOT on sale, and there is no additional 20% markdown. I was disappointed in this misinformation.