Monday, May 11, 2015

Krakoff Sale Has Krazy Deals

It's always sad when the good brands die too young. Such is the case with Reed Krakoff. The designs were very good, the quality was excellent but the price point was deadly -- literally.

Shoppers who love the Reed Krakoff brand but found the sticker prices too shocking will be very pleased with the designer's going-out-of-business sample sale. Today we got a preview of the event and only wish we had more closet space.

Those who get to the sale early will want to go straight to the handbag section in the back left. There aren't a lot there and the prices are quite attractive. Non-exotic style skin bags start at $100 and top out at $400. These mini-RK40s are $300 and ones missing the shoulder strap and older style minis are just $125. The big sizes, which are available in a few colors are also $300. Flap bags with a chain strap are available in assorted colors and priced at $200. Many clutches are $200. Exotic bags are more relatively much more expensive priced between $500 and $1500, depending on the size. You can see lots of pictures of what's available in the jump but keep in mind there there isn't a lot of stock and they will go quickly.

Serious shoppers will quickly wan to continue towards the back of the room to the samples racks. Dresses and jackets are $125 and tops, skirts and pants are all $75. Most of the current summer season collection could be found, along with older merchandise. The only problem that but many of the items are size tiny. Those who are a cupcake bit larger than waif, should still take a serious sort through the racks. We found a few dresses and tops that could accommodate a smallish-medium. Jump to see more.

Once you're done with the sample clothing turn 180-degrees to the sample shoe racks. Shoes are $75 and boots are $100. Just about every shoe from the current selection can be found and some shoes and boots from prior seasons. Again the only problem is that most styles are only available in an 37 or 39. We also found a few 40s and 41s but didn't see any small sizes.

All open stock at the sale is discounted 75% off. There aren't many shoes at all. Most styles have only one or two sizes available and you know those won't last long. There are also lots and lots of open stock clothing. The only problem, which has always been the company's issue, is the insane retail prices. Even at 75% off the ready-to-wear is still not inexpensive.

For example, this leather-paneled mesh skirt is a hefty $1190 and even after the 75% off, comes to $300. Not expensive but not exactly inexpensive. This foil print dress is very beautiful and priced at $2200. After the discount it's $550. Again, a good price but few sample sale shoppers are purchasing $500 dresses in bulk. Click here for lots of pictures.

We found the same mathematical problem comes into play with the jewelry collection. A costume metal cuff or leather bracelet is still not really a steal when reduced to $300 from $1100.

The sale opens Wednesday at 10am and runs for five days. We suggest showing up first thing if you want to grab one of those insanely priced bags or any of the great samples. Otherwise we suggest you sit tight until prices are slashed to 90% off retail.

Reed Krakoff Sample Sale
Tuesday, May 12 through Saturday, May 16
Tues & Wed 10am-8pm, Thurs 11am-8pm, Sat 11am-7pm
151 Wooster Street (Bwen Houston & Prince)

$300 Flap Bag
Flap Bag $300
Tote $300
Chain strap $200
Micro bag $125

Clutch $125
Sample sale racks
Grey Concept pants/skirts $75, sweaters/stops $100
Sample Dress $125
Sample Dress $125
Sample Dress $125
Sample dress $125
Sample dress $125
Open stock $750 from $3000
Sample shoes $75
Small leather goods
Jewelry 75% off
Sample leather pants $75

Open stock 75% off retail

Belts $50

Open stock 75% off

Open stock 75% off retail


Anonymous said...

Are those literally all of the handbags available or were there some multiples under the table usually in that corner?

Lila Delilah said...

There are more bags than I photographed but there is only one of each style.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that "preview days" are reserved for bloggers and the best stuff is gone by the time they leave. I've been a patron of the brand since inception and am sad to see it end. First in line yesterday and nothing good at all left (maybe 10of the worst bags in these pics) in the handbag section except for one lone alligator RK40s. Save your money, ladies. Much better selection and better prices (85% off on RTW and shoes and for now, 70% off on handbags) at the Woodbury outlet. Everything is in pristine condition as well. Just give them a call and they'll be happy to help you.

Lila Delilah said...

I agree. It is a bit difficult to always get an accurate feel for a sale when you're the first one and there are only 10 shoppers. The experience is very different.

We do our best to predict what will go fast and let readers know. I think you're right, at this point, Woodbury is a better alternative.

Anonymous said...

Lila you do an awesome job with your review and pictures (rackedny and mizhattan also have pics) - we really appreciate you checking out the sale during preview days as in my experience it is a great precursor of what remains!! Sometimes sample sales are a hit or miss but they are fun regardless

Woodbury is a hit or miss as everyone knows - i recommend calling the sales associate - ESO is awesome and just tell them if you want a boxer and so on and so forth and when they do come - you can order them on the phone - i ordered 2 classic bags on the phone in pristine condition.

Lila Delilah said...

Thanks so much for your suggestions. We may need to take a ride out to woodbury soon...

Anonymous said...

It would definitely be worth the trip. In the coming weeks, once the NYC stores close, Woodbury should be getting the rest of their stock. I love the staff up there and want them to have a great final few months, remember that people will be losing their jobs and some last great commissions would be a nice send off....

Anonymous said...

don't feel too bad, woodbury commons is expanding and the few employees in that store will find other jobs in no time but i will miss he visionary reed krakoff

i absolutely love his bags and his aesthetic

you should thank us Lila, we thank you!