Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oh-Hum Finds and Nordstrom Rack

We've been doing so much upscale shopping that we decided to seek out some shopping action in a discount store. We headed due south to Nordstrom Rack, in Union Square.

The store was surprisingly crowded for mid-day. The line was somewhat long but those looking to expedite their purchases can ask for a mobile card swipe--as is done in an Apple store.

The first stop is always the shoe department. The first shoe we spotted was a Ferragamo silver chunky heel for $250 from $750 (71% off). We were encouraged to look further thinking that there would be lots of good finds but we were wrong. It was all down hill from there. Anything less than 60% off at a discount store isn't much of a discount considering that most items are marked down more than 50% during the current season. We found Kate Spade flats discounted 50%, Cynthia Steffe heels reduced 40% and Chloe wedges cut by 50%. Click for pics of the aforementioned shoes and more.

The clothing selection was predominantly contemporary designers, like Kate Spade, Theory, Helmut Lang, DVF and DKNY. Some examples include a Ted Baker print dress for $150 from $300, an IRO tweed jacket for $250 from $800 and a DVF dress for $170 from $428. The store contains lots of clearance racks but sorting through them seems like a rather arduous chore. Pictures are this way.

The best finds are among the beauty products. We found a full assortment of Fekkai hair care, large bottles of Neutrogena body soap and a comprehensive variety of Bliss products. The problem is that most items can be found less at Costco.

Overall, we always love Nordstrom but there wasn't much that was lust-wrothy. It's still always a nice destination to kill an hour.

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