Monday, August 29, 2016

Nordstrom Sporting Discounts of 60% Off

This time of year might be the most difficult time to find good discounts. It takes lots of browsing and sorting to find anything noteworthy. A sort through Nordsrom's sale section, however, turned up some interesting finds.

Among the items the reduced 60% is this great Comme Des Garcons twill topper that's $460 from $1160, a mini Fendi bag that's $680 from $1700 and an Alexander Wang denim skirt that's reduced to $118 from almost $300.

Beyond the sale section, it's definitely worth your time to take a browse through the more cutting edge designer merchandise that Nordstrom has grouped as 'Here + Now'. The Brandon Maxwell collection is so nicely tailored that it looks like fine art, the Lowe selection  as spot-on as any snooty niche boutique and there is more Vetements than anyone will ever need. Did you get your $2700 hoodie dress yet?

Beyond the Vetements, there is truly a lot to keep your eyes on. For now, we are happy with our baby Fendi on sale.

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