Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Gucci Presale Continues: Gucci.com, Bloomies, Saks and Neiman Marcus

Gucci started their private presale today online. Unlike past seasons, access takes more than just a special link. VIP shoppers need to sign into their accounts to view the discounted merchandise. Gucci shoppers who weren't granted access will have to wait until the sale goes live after the weekend (we are told). For now, you can browse some of our screen shots.

Saks Fifth Avenue also started the private sale. Saks VIP shoppers were emailed a one time code to use on Gucci merchandise. If you were special enough to get an email code, be sure to check out all at once. Saks will not grant you a second code. Trust us, we spent 45 minutes on hold trying.

If you can't access the other sites, go to Neiman Marcus right away if you're looking to snag a great discount. The discounts range from 40% to 50% off. Here is a small Padlock GG that's $990 from $1650, a medium Dionysus tote is $1500 from about $2500 and a vintage style wallet on a strap is $527 from $900. Among the shoes that are half-off are these floral painted rain boots that are $285 from $570, floral jacquard Dionysus pumps are $475 from $950 and super high color block platforms are $500 from about $1000.

Over at Bloomingdales there is a private link too. Frame loafers are $320 from $640, spiked block heels are $925 from $1050 and Lady Bug ballet flats are $447 from $995. The site doesn't have any bags but you can shop the sale merchandise in stores and save 40%.

Be careful, these markdowns are dangerous. It's easy to find yourself filling your cart with sale merchandise because the discounts are so good. Just be sure you really love the items you're buying. Closet space in Manhattan is variably more valuable than most merchandise-- especially when it's on sale.


Anonymous said...

When will the sale go live on gucci.com???

Babi Martins said...

Same here. Looking for the Gucci sale.
I'm sad that the private sale wasn't open this time. I always buy my bags in the private sale

Anonymous said...

I went to Gucci. My sales lady/manager of 10 years left and we had a good relationship. I have an ok relationship with another sales lady. She COMPLETELY denied a sale was occurring! Told me she didn't know when anything would be marked down, if ever. I showed her this page from Madison Ave. Spy. She told me to hold on and she came back with 4 sheets front and back with dresses, sweaters, tops, shoes, boots, bags, etc. marked down 50%!!! It was all Alessandro Michele, not left over Frida. She let me pick what I wanted. I got some things but I am so disenchanted with Gucci now!!!
I shop enough pre-sale/private sale that I've never seen something like this.

Lila Delilah said...

Hi Anon. I am so sorry you encountered this situation. I have to admit that Gucci was part of the inspiration behind starting this blog almost 9 years ago. I was in a store buying merchandise on presale and the person next to me was charged full price. There was no place on the web to find this information and... Madison Avenue Spy started!

The company has been like this for years. I can't explain why. I can only try to make as much information available as possible. I hope that you were able to find the items you wanted.

Happy Holidays!! Xoxo

Rrohit Singaania said...


Gucci has discontinued Sale from this season. There is only one preview sale going on for selected customers. Thats it


Melzbrat said...

I made a purchase from the preview sale via telephone from a SA at Gucci Bellagio .. By the time I realized that I had the email from Gucci there was nothing left thank goodness for good sales associates !! :-)