Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Before You Move: BulidNRate

The sticker price of New York real estate isn't the scariest part of living in this city. When you're habitually in close proximity to others, moving can be filled with anxiety. There are so many unknowns.

BuildNRate is the secret to alleviating your fears. The new site allows you to research the details of any building in New York City. From a $400-a-month rental to a $40-million penthouse, you can find out about the "crazy woman" on the "eighth floor" or the wonderful playroom for your kids.

There is only one way to share and find out: BuildNRate

Sign up now to share the inside scoop on your building,  find out the scoop about other buildings, or ask current residents questions to create a stronger community.  We are sure you will be happy to find out about the "cute guy on two" as the extra motivation to put down that big downpayment.

For a limited time, NYC residents can earn $5 free Starbucks card when you leave a review. Take note, on Thursday evening, BuildNRate is also hosting a woman in entrepreneurship event featuring award winning start-up queen, Emily Kumler Kaplan. You can click here for details.

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