Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wolford Sample Sale: Getting a Leg Up

Wolford's hosiery and tights are lauded for their fine fit and modern designs. The quality is known for being outstanding and the styling is always at the forefront of fashion. At the same time, they are often four times the price of most hosiery brands.

Today, the Wolford sample sale opened its doors at the 260 Sample Sale space was buzzing with excitement as women of all ages and sizes sifted through neatly arranged bins of leg wear. Prices start at $18 tights and stockings with retail values under $100. More expensive tights are $45. Are the stockings and 'stay ups' that are $15. (Good luck trying to stay up. We've never had luck with any brand.) Styles range from sheer stockings to the most current trend of oversized fishnets. You can click over this way to see pictures of some of the stocking styles available at the sale.

Beyond the leg wear, the sale includes a variety of undergarments, bras, panties, shareware and lingerie. There is also many racks of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. The shapewear skirts and tops are $55, bodies are $75 and dresses are $95. Ready-to-wear is a straight 75% off retail.

We are huge believers of stocking up on, well, stockings when a discount opportunity presents itself. At $18 a pair, however, we didn't feel very inclined to completely restock our dwindling tights and stocking inventory. You can regularly find similar pricing on luxury leg wear at discount stores like Century 21, TJ Max or Off Fifth. At 75% off the ready-to-wear is also not very attractive and the merchandise found in a boutique's bin and priced at $5 an item.

By no means are we saying that there aren't a lot of great pieces to pick up. We just think the pricing is a tad too high for a big stock up . Stay tuned for markdowns. We'll be sure to update the main sample sale page as discounts occur.

Wolford Sample Sale
Tuesday, March 7 through Sunday, March 12
Tues 10am-8pm, Wed to Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-5pm
260 Fifth Avenue @ 28th Street





Anonymous said...

You are obviously not a regular customer of Wolford. If you were, you would know that the quality of their products is way ahead & above that of the grocery store brands commonly bought at the bargain prices you mention. Try them, you might just fall in love with them.

Lila Delilah said...

Im not denying the quality. I have a stock of Wolford stockings and they last forever. I am just saying you can sometimes find them at discounts stores for less.

Anonymous said...

checked in first this morning and there were no markdowns.