Thursday, April 27, 2017

Everything You (Didn't) Miss at the Manolo Sample Sale

The legendary Manolo Blahnik sample sale kicked off today at the Warwick Hotel. The sale is only one day and this review might not be much help now but we thought it would be the perfect reference guide for next year's shoppers. You can also share your personal critique and experiences in the comment section below.

The first reports this morning were from sample sale shoppers to arrived before 7am. They say there were lots of people already waiting. Doors officially opened to VIPs at 8am. VIPs with invitations were organized by lettered tickets and other shoppers were grouped by 20 and given numbered tickets.

At 10am the crowds of VIPs had thinned and the shopping environment was very civilized. Sizes 37.5 to size 39 were already running thin. The best selection was for sizes 40.5 and up or 36 and below.  When the doors opened to the public at 11am sharp, the room filled with many more shoppers. We also spotted several resellers and hoarders loading shoes in huge blue plastic bags. That's never a happy sight.

Prices were the same as they have been for the past few seasons. Basic pumps are $125 (or $136 with tax.) Shoes with any embellishment were $150, shoe boots were $100 and ankle boots were $250.  You can click here to see the complete price list.

Many of the styles looked like they were several years old. We spotted a few pairs of these shearling boots, lace-up ankle boots and glittery BBs. We didn't see any Hangisi styles or Mary Janes but there were a lot of low-heel basics. There were several styles from the Picasso inspired fall 2016 collection.

The assortment at this sale seems to be much thinner than it has been during previous sales. That generally means that business is very good for the Manolo Blahnik brand. It's always a double-edge sward.


Anonymous said...

is balenciaga having a sale today? where is it?

Anonymous said...

I will agree that the selection was not as abundant as years past but still, over the knee leather and suede boots for $400 was worth it for me. I got 3 other pairs as well but those made it go from an ok sale to a story worth repeating!

Love your blog!

Lila Delilah said...

Yes but it's invitation only.

Lila Delilah said...

Sounds like you did well. I personally only got one pair. I don't really see anything that made my hear skip a beat.

Anonymous said...

When I was there around noon, they were replenishing size 37. I believe there were maybe 3 bins of shoes coming out and I saw some hangsi

Lila Delilah said...

That's great. I think I saw those bins in the "hold area." I don't think I've ever seen replenishment at this sale.

Luxestyle said...

65 bleecker street. They don't check the list just make up some name and look confident. It will close tomorrow at 1pm