Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Valentino Now on PreSale

It took a few days but Valentino has finally hit the sale racks. The discounts range from 30% to 40% off depending on the item and the season it was released. (Some stores are still showing past season merchandise.) As we suspected, the bag variety is focused on the very expensive embroidered and embellished styles.

📸 Louise Red Knapp 

Among the discounted shoes are several Rockstud styles. We find that Saks Fifth Avenue has the best selection and best discount at 40% off. Presale is already underway. The sale officially becomes public on June 1. Among the styles on sale are these classic style Rockstuds in blue (Denim), taupe and blush. The point-toe pumps are available in 'Stone' and a burgundy and a variety of d'Orsay styles have also been marked down, including the basic black.

The bags at Saks are discounted 40%. Among the included styles are a butterfly denim tote, a medium size Lock shoulder bag in ivory and the Rockstud bucket bag. Our favorite is this My Rockstud, which is sure to sell out as soon as the sale goes live.

MatchesFashion is likely to take it's Valentino markdown soon and also has a large assortment. NetaPorter is likely to put the merchandise online after June 1. Neiman Marcus will begin at the same time and the discount will also be 40%.

Alex text: 347-882-0621


Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find the presale item on the discounted price and I need to order asap. What do I need to do ��

Lila Delilah said...

The items don't presale online. You need to wait until June 1 if you want to make a online purchase. Xx

Anonymous said...

Anywhere in the city that has the rockstud heeled sandals on sale?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, please do you know when MatchesFashion is likely to start their Valentino sale. Thanks