Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Private Lanvin Sale: 90% Off

Some sales are so wonderful that it's hard to post about them. The current Lanvin sale is one of these sales. The (loosely) invite-only sale started on Monday and offers a great assortment of clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags and accessories for men, women and a tiny rack of kid's.

All dresses-- long and short-- are discounted 90%. All other men's and woman's merchandise is 80% off retail. Most of the clothing is from 2016 and 2015. We did see some Albert Elbaz throwbacks, which of course, are the nicest. (We snatched a few pictures over here.)

We spotted this metallic lace blouse that was about $400 from $2000 the dress version was even nicer and came to just $385 from $3855, this multi cover silk top that was under $300, this ruffled dress tat comes to about $200 and this ruffled blouse in blue dress is under $300 too. (Over here it's 70% off, which isn't bad either.) There was this crepe dress in black, which fits like a glove and is only $170 from $1740.

 Shoes are divided by size under the racks of clothing. Most shoes were in the $250 range from $1200. There were some ballet flats but not many in each size. We spotted these heels that are about $220 from $1100. You can see pictures of other bags at the sale right here. Jewelry can be found on a long table. Among the baubles, we spotted a lot of items like this necklace. Prices were about $200 to $500 from $1000 from $2500.

The sale has some bags but we aren't fans of the current collection. We spotted this hot pink cross body that's about $300 from $1500. There are also several Jiji styles in various colors, like this stripped version for about $420. (We have pictures over here.)

Men can also make it out big at this sale. We didn't go through the merchandise closely but an entire half of the showroom is devoted to men's items. There are also men's shoes, bow-ties, lapel pins and cufflinks.

This sale is always very civilized and orderly. There is a guard at the door taking names. Sometimes they check the list, sometimes they don't. If the sale becomes too crowded, we are sure the door policy will become more strict. If you do get in, be kind and make sure to share the one tiny dressing area mirror. It's a tight squeeze!

Lanvin Private Sale
Through Friday, October 20
9am-7pm daily
37 West 57th Street, 9th floor


Anonymous said...

Hi Lila, by any chance, do you know how to get an invitation?

Anonymous said...


Are you sure all dresses are 90% off?

Anonymous said...

the sale is 80% off retail. Not 90!

Anonymous said...

ohh ignore people bitch

Anonymous said...

obviously Lila is a mute bitch

Anonymous said...

All dresses are 90% off. There are no additional markdowns for the last day. Thank you for the review!

Anon said...

Are there any Jiji bags left?