Thursday, November 2, 2017

Madeline Weinrib Sample Sale 80% off

It's hard to admit, but interior design aficionados might be even more fashionable than fashion lovers. Interior design is almost like fashion on steroids. The problem is that the most fashionable furniture and home accessories are sooooo expensive. That is, unless you can find a good sample sale.

One of fashion's favorite textile design experts, Madeline Weinrib is hosting a sample sale at ABC Carpet & Home. The designer's incredible rugs, pillows and tapestries are discounted up to 80% off.

We passed by the sale a little early and were 'floored' by the incredible inventory. We spotted a 2x2 throw pillow for $129 from $550 and another classic cotton version was just $59 from $250, a silk 1x2 throw pillow is $199 from $800. The sale even includes a selection of vintage Moroccan rugs, most of which are 60% off. There are also dozens of runners, which can be used on the table top or floor, starting at $129. (You can see pictures and prices here.)

As for the bigger rugs, there are plenty. A classic cotton 8x11 Echo pattern, in royal blue, is $629 from $2550, an iconic orange 10x14 pink geometric pattern rug is $799 from $3200 and a huge 15x20 (which is great for a loft of Summer home great room) is just $2639 from $10,500. Some of the best finds are rugs that were custom manufactured for clients that never received delivery. We spotted some of these for 80% off.

You won't want to miss the accessories corner --by the stairs. We spotted dozens of items that are hard to find and not even offered online. A lacquer tray is $400 from $800, cashmere print throws are $800 from $1600, a set of napkins is $38 from $120 and iconic print tunics are $199 from $425.

We suggest home design gurus and brand fans should hit this sale early. Today was just a preview day and it was already buzzing. We know that those with a great eye will snag the best merchandise first. We know we did!

Madeline Weinrib Sample Sale
Friday, November 3rd 2017 to Sunday, November 5th 2017
Fri-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11am-6:30pm
ABC Carpet & Home: 881 Broadway, Lower Level

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8x10 about $4400 from $11,500

8x11 $629 from $2500

10x14 $799 from $3200

Starting at $125

Suzani embroidered pillow

Vintage Moroccan 

Vintage Moroccan 
Home Accessories

Clutches $39

Tunic $199 from $425

Cosmetic bags and accessories

Cashmere throw blankets

Assorted pillows


Nancy said...

Hi Lila! Do you know if they do mark downs at all? On the last day maybe? Or when their online sample sale starts??! I was able to go yesterday and picked up one pillow but would love some extra in case they do always thank you!

Lila Delilah said...

I don’t know if they do markdowns. It can’t hurt to swing by. Let me know if they do!! Xx