Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Bergdorf Goodman 60% Off: Inside 60+ Pics

Bergdorf Goodman started its second markdown just last week. Most designer clothing is 60% off and most shoes and bags are reduced 50%. With just a few days before Christmas, we couldn't help but wonder what treasures we could find in the store.

Starting off, on the main floor, we found a few tables of bags. Bright pink and blue Balenciaga City bags and totes are reduced 50%. The most attractive sale assortment is the Valentino bags, which can be found at the center of the main store.  A gorgeous, light blue, Rockstud Spike bag that's now $1600 from $3195. We also found a black Demilune bag that's $1300 from $1200. A Dries top handle bag is about $500 from $950 and mini Givenchy Horizon bags in blue and purple are about $1000 from $2000. (You can see pictures of more bags over this way.)

Moving upstairs to shoes, there is still a great assortment of Chanel, Dior and Louboutin shoes but they are both discounted 30% off still. Most other shoes are now reduced 50%. (See pictures over here.) Red velvet Louboutin heels are $586 from $695 and Dior lace mesh heels are $609 from $870. We even found small sizes of nude Louboutins in patent and flat leather. Among the more discounted shoes are Saint Laurent slingback with a rose flower that are about $1000 from $2000, No.21 satin and jeweled mules are $420 from $820 and Manolo velvet BBs are $490 from nearly $700.

A majority of the designer clothing can be found near the back of the third floor. Most everything is discounted 60%. A printed Prada puffer is $888 from $1720, a Delpozo top is $420 from $1050 and an Alexander McQueen two-tone knit dress is $900 from $2245. Click here to  see pictures of everything we mentioned and a lot more.

Take note, Bergdorf Goodman will offer an extra 25% off online sale items starting Christmas Day. Third markdown, which is up to 75% off will begin January 2. Stay Tuned.

Handbags: Noemi (text) 917-968-2747
Shoes: Paul (text)347-504-3269



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! Can you please not use filters for the photos next time? They don't make the items look any prettier, and most of us are more concerned with the actual colors of the stuff more. In some pictures the Balenciaga City look hot pink and in some they look red.

Lila Delilah said...

Thanks for the feedback. It’s a new camera and we have been experimenting. Xx