Thursday, March 15, 2018

Yoox Clearance Hits 80% Off

It's amazing that Yoox bought Net-a-Porter and hasn't engaged that expertise to ease the shopping experience. Shopping on Yoox is a disaster. There is just too much merchandise. Sorting is difficult at times and understanding the pricing structure is nearly impossible.

Nonetheless, the site does offer some great deals from time-to-time. Well, this is the time. Since Yoox is Italian we always like to start out searching for the Italian designers. We found this red Miu Miu dress reduced to about $300 from $1400, a tweed Miu Mia skirt is $80 from $640 and ankle boots are $190 from $590.

Among the Prada assortment there is this plaid skirt that's $330 from $1450, another skirt with silver piping (which I have and love) is $180 from $1350 and this mini-dress is $400 from $1550. Check out this adorable Valentino mini-dress, which is just $650 from $2400 and this iconic valance print dress is $600 from $3300.

Moving across the EU, there is a Comme des Garcons belted coat for $460 from $1800, Maison Margiela ankle boots are about $100 from $690 and a dramatic Yohji Yamamoto hat is $300 from $1305. Clearly, it's easiest to sort the 1600 pages of product by designer and then by size.

Take note, this sale will only run for one day and ends March 15. We don't see these extra 25% off Yoox sales too often. We wish they offered that discount more frequently. On another note, we've noticed that the site will email you a code if you leave an item in your 'Dream Box' for a few days.


Anonymous said...


The 25% off Yoox has been going on since Monday, it is not a one day only sale. Nor is 25% off a Yoox rarity. Last week they had 30% off, followed by 25% off. And in February there was a 25% off sale lasting four days. And to say that if you leave something in your dream box they'll send you a code is 100% wrong and any regular Yoox shopper knows this....just as they know that the section marked "clearance" is ALWAYS 80% off, 365 days a year. it did not "hit 80% off" in a one day sale today. Don't mean to criticize but completely misleading post. Thank you.

Lila Delilah said...

Thanks for the clarity. I never would intentionally be misleading. As I started in the post, I find Yoox to be a miserable experience to shop and hardly go into the site. I thought I found some good deals and passed along the information. I am sorry you didn’t personally find it helpful. Xx