Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mikael Aghal Sample Sale; $200 Dresses

Wedding season fashion can mean so many things. It can be simply dressing pretty for Summer, a rosé garden party or even a first birthday. The real meaning, however, is the need for a new pretty dress.

With so many seasonal parties it's hard to keep up and it's never a bad idea to pick up some inexpensive, but very stylish, closet alternatives. Mikael Aghal is an amazing designer of occasional and everyday dresses and the price point won't break the bank. What's even better is that Global Fashion is hosting a Mikael Aghal sample sale where prices will be reduced to 70% to 80% off retail, which brings most styles to just $200 or $300.

We have pictures of some of the Mikael Aghal sample sale highlights in this link. A long watercolor print gown is $300 from $995, a knee-length dress with architectural ruffles is $240 from $795 and a simple day dress with bell sleeves is $120 from $595.

The sale only runs three days. There is a full range of sizes from 0 to 14. At these prices, choosing which dress you want will be the biggest problem.

Mikael Aghal Sample Sale
Monday, June 4 through Wednesday, June 6
9am-6pm daily
49 West 38th Street

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Weekend Shopping Discount Cheat Sheet

Much of the seasonal merchandise in department stores and online retailers are on sale now. At most of our local shopping destinations, spring and summer clothing is discounted 40% off but the prices of shoes and handbags vary.

Some boutiques are offering even lower discounts than the department stores. For instance, Lanvin and Prada are both offering customers a 50% savings. Below is a comparison chart of Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Barneys has the best discounts but if not the greatest selection. If you're looking for shoes you will want to focus your attention on Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Bloomingdales still has an assortment of Gucci shoes discounted 50%. You can click here to see the available styles.

The next wave of markdowns usually comes pretty quickly. Stick around and we will be sure to keep you posted.

Chanel Opts Out of Sale Season

Almost every app allows you to mute or opt-out of specific features but who would imagine that a leading luxury brand would just unsubscribe from sale season? It's unimaginable but it's exactly what's happening at Chanel this season.

Chanel has put a giant do-not-disturb sign on its' boutique doors and will not, we repeat, will not be participating in any markdowns, discounts, sales or presales at its boutiques this season. The good thing is that this change of direction is not permanent.

The rumor is that Chanel will begin a process of preserving its overstock and bringing it back a year later.  That means, going forward, sale merchandise will have aged an entire year before you get to benefit from any savings.  As always, the sale next year will only include sunglasses, shoes, jewelry, ready-to-wear, a very small selection of small leather goods and an even smaller selection of seasonal style bags.

Not all hope is lost. Those looking to purchase sale Chanel will just need to focus their attention on multi-brand boutiques and department stores. Chanel's presale usually starts about June 18th and the official sale often begins around June 23rd. We expect that the department store dates will hold to tradition. The discount will be 40% at Barneys and the discounts at Bloomingdales and Saks will be 30%.

Sale lists haven't been distributed but stay tuned and we will be sure to post the information as soon as it becomes available. You can expect this sales season to be more competitive. We suggest you make contact with a salesperson asap if there is an item that you desire to buy during presale.

Chanel: Staci
Bergdorf Goodman: Jose 646-689-5601
Hirshleifers: Tova 516-627-3566
Barneys: Joseph 212-833-2092
Saks Fifth Avenue: Marjorie: 646-552-7292
Jeffery: Michelle 212-206-1272

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Louboutin Presale Starts Now

Most stores have already started their first markdowns on contemporary and luxury lines but there are always a few brands that hold off on discounts. Starting today, you can begin to presale seasonal merchandise from Christian Louboutin.

The best discount, of 40% off, can be found at Barneys and Louboutin boutiques, which includes the Louboutin department at Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC. The markdown on Louboutin at Bergdorf Goodman and most other retailers is 30% off.

We are always big fans of the styles of heels that are under 100mm. It means you can wear them all day and not get too fatigued. These suede slingbacks are the perfect in between for evening and daytime or Spring and Fall and come to $477 from $795. You can also get high with a So Kate 120mm and rose gold for $465 from $775 is a somewhat-neutral. This pastel multi-color So Kate
is our favorite from the season and is $465 from $775. You can pop-over this way browse pictures and prices of the entire sale selection from the Madison Avenue Christian Louboutin boutique.

The sale officially goes public on Friday, June 1. Purchases from most stores will be held until then. A selection of much of what's on sale is in the scroll above. We don't know when markdowns will be put into effect online but we will be sure to keep you posted.

Christian Louboutin Madison: Jose Padilla
Saks: Jay 561-537-9468
Barneys: Artie text: 702-526-0668

A New Era for Michael's Consignment Store

Preowned luxury fashion is hotter than it's ever been but that's nothing new to Michael's Consignment Shop. After 65-years at the same location, the fifth generation business has moved to a ground floor location, a bit further uptown to 84th Street and Madison Avenue.

Also known as one of Madison Avenue's best-kept secrets, Michael's has been a neighborhood fixture for those looking to retire old fashion or acquire great finds. The location change is just part of the upgrades coming to a business that originally started over 100-years ago. Tammy Fluhr-Gates, the great-great-granddaughter of the founder, is in the process of taking the reigns from her mother, Laura Fluhr.

While in conversation, both mother and daughter denied any fashionista association but rather preferred the title of 'business woman'. "It's my job to take the business to the next stage," said Tammy Fluhr, who alluded to many upcoming projects but wouldn't elaborate on any details.

For now, we will let the future brew while we dig into the present. The new iteration of Michael's is a more finely edited and modern variation of its former self. The new store is only one level but still contains all the important Michael's features. At the center of the store is a satellite display of showcases that contains high-valued bags and jewelry.

While browsing, we overheard other shoppers repeatedly commenting how Michael's never fails to turn up an unexpected surprise. Women who are from the neighborhood or visiting from out-of-state (or even from out the country) couldn't help from recalling their favorite past finds to a friend or an employee with a familiar face.

While shopping the grand opening, we spotted some amazing pieces. We found a large assortment of quilted Chanel and Dior bags, various vintage and like-new Hermes bags and in-season Prada flats and pumps for more than 50% off the retail prices. Fear not, the new store still has its famous Chanel rack, which always seems to have a tweed of temptation.

You can click over this way to see some in-store highlights but everyone knows what's there today could be gone tomorrow. On the bright side, there is always something new to explore.

Michaels Consignment Shop
1125 Madison Avenue @84th Street
(212) 737-7273
Mon to Wed 10AM–6:30PM, Thurs 10AM-8PM, Fri 10AM–6:30PM, Sat 10AM–6:30PM, Sun 12–6PM

Monday, May 28, 2018

Bloomingdales Markdowns Include Gucci & More

Bloomingdale's has a sexy new shoe salon with lots of pretty designer boutiques to explore. We have our eyes on two departments in particular. That would be Gucci and Chanel, of course.

The big rumor is that Chanel boutique will not be hosting any markdowns this season. This news is still unsubstantiated but it means a lot more shoppers will be watching for presales at department stores. More on Chanel later.

For now, you can focus on all the Gucci that's on sale for 50% off at Bloomingdales.  Some Gucci styles are even available online. High-top 'Blind for Love' sneakers are $420 from $840, lace pumps are $550 from $1100, and pearl embellished pumps -- which we don't recall ever seeing-- are $1200 from $2400 and latex 2-in-1 booties $625 from $1250. The Gucci selection is a little different in stores. You can see pictures from the new shoe floor right here.

Beyond Gucci, there is an assortment of Jimmy Choo summer shoes, Fendi and Givenchy reduced 40% off. In the jump, we have pictures of what sales shoes aren't listed online.

Moving out of the shoe department, we love these old-fashioned Stutterheim rubber rain jackets. They come in a variety of colors and some styles are now on sale. This Marni collaboration with color-block style is now $255 from $790. In the store, there are even more color options available at a discount.

Elena Ghisellini is one of our favorite handbag designers. She has created iconic styles for everyone from Givenchy, Tods, and Pucci. Her own label is just as iconic. Over this way, the small Angel is $777 from $1300 and this larger Eclipse is $810 from $1350.

There were extra Bloomingdale's shopping incentives over the holiday weekend. They are set to expire Monday. Don't feel too bad if you missed shopping this weekend. Most additional discounts don't apply to designer brands and can be sure that there will be another promotion bonus points "event" coming soon.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Holiday Weekend Shopping: The Best of Sale

It's sale season-cum-Summer and just because everyone has headed out of town, doesn't mean the discount hunt comes to an end. So while you're sipping your rosé, you can browse the hottest sale items on the internet.

You can scroll through the slideshow below to see some of the most wanted sale items and find a full list of available holiday weekend discounts. As always, shoes and handbags are a hot commodity but uptown girls will never underestimate the value of a great dress.

Calvin Klein
Extra 40% off Sale
Ends: May 29
Favorite Item: Western-style shirt that is almost identical to the Collection version

Take an extra 20% off to 50% off select sale & clearance items and and $50 gift card when you spend $200
Ends: May 28
Favorite Item: Stutterheim rubber hooded raincoat

Extra 20% off sale
Code: SUMMER20
Ends: May 28
Favorite Item: Flutter sleeve dress

Five Story
Extra 20% Off sale
Code: EXTRA20
Ends: May 28
Favorite Item: Off-White cropped jacket

J. Crew
40% Off Your Purchase
Ends: May 28
Favorite Item: Aloha bag

Extra 20% off sale and final sale
Code: MEMDAY18
Ends: May 28
Favorite item: Milly Minis sequins shift dress

Moda Operandi
Extra 20% off Sale items
Ends: May 28
Favorite Item: Self Portrait asymmetric peplum top

Extra 40% Off Sale Styles
Ends: May 28
Favorite Item: Vika Gazinskaya skirt

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Round-Up: Sale-ing on Madison (Round I)

Temperatures are rising and so are tthe disocunts on Madison Avenue. We've collected markdown intelligence from some key Madison Avenue boutiques. Most stores have already taken first markdowns and discounts span from 30% to 50% off retail.

Before making an impulse purchase, we suggest you do a quick review of what sales are online. Sometimes you can find even steeper discounts if you look beyond a brand's boutiques. Other times the brands offer the most attractive deals.

Below is a sample of what we found at our local stores. Be sure to look at the pictures in the jump to get a sense of what's on sale at each Madison Avenue boutique.

Alexander McQueen
Most everything from the spring and summer collection is 40% off. We can't say anything much caught our eye. The clothing collection is much better than the accessories or handbags. We especially like the floral narrative but it doesn't feel very McQueen. This is one brand that is in need of a revamp --and fast. Some pictures of what we found on sale at the McQueen boutique are over this way.
Daniel 212-645-1707

Anya Hindmarch
Discounts for the British designer's playful bags, accessories and shoes range from 30% to 50% off. Most of the merchandise is just 30% off but cute beach slides are discounted 50% and come to $450 from $500. A crossbody Smiley Face bag is 30% off and many of the items from the 'Chubby" collection are also discounted 30%. The markdown isn't live online but we are told it will be shortly. Take note, some Anya items on Net-A-Porter are more highly discounted. See pictures of the Anya Hindmarch sale here.
Maria 646-852-6233

Is there any brand hotter than Balenciaga right now? Arguably not. The discounted shoe selection isn't as extensive as what you might find elsewhere but the savings is higher at 50% off. Market bags and select City bags are discounted 40% and most clothing is reduced 40% too. One of the best deals is the Blanket Reporter XS bag that's discounted 50% to $845 from nearly $1700. Pictures of what's included in the Balenciaga sale are over here. Take note, Triple S sneakers are back in stock but not on sale (obviously).
Nico 212-328-1671

Dolce & Gabbana
Expect to find a fresh bloom of discounts and floral prints at Dolce & Gabbana. The markdown is 40% off most seasonal merchandise. Be sure to check out the beachwear downstairs. We have an assortment of colorful pictures of the Dolce & Gabbana sale merchandise over this way.
Billy: 212-249-4100

Emilio Pucci
The discount at Pucci is 40% off for the cruise and the summer collections. There are hardly any shoes or bags included in the sale but the kids' collection can be found for 40% off too. We suggest you browse the large assortment of sale scarves. Most silk scarves are reduced to $262 from $420. You can click on the jump link to see what Pucci clothing and scarves are on sale.
Terina: 212-230-1145

Anyone in the market for a couture wedding gown? Well, you won't find it at the Madison Avenue Givenchy boutique but you will find a small selection of sale merchandise discounted 40% off. There are no Horizon bags included in the discount, despite the fact that they can be found on sale at numerous retailers like Barneys. The sale selection for clothing is also a lot bigger over at Net-A-Porter. Pictures of what you will find at the Givenchy store are in the jump.
Alee 212-650-0180

Prada boutiques only do one markdown each season. Shoes and clothing are 50% off and handbags are reduced by 40%. There aren't many sale surprises in the boutique. It seems as if all the same items are discounted everywhere. You can see the entire sale selection of shoes and bags at Prada here. The second markdown at Barneys tops 60%, which will be a better deal if you can hold out and if you what you desire stays in stock.
Myra- 212-327-4200

Roger Vivier
It's hard to resist a new pair of Roger Vivier shoes, especially when they are 40% off. The entire front room, of the second floor, is stocked with lots of beautiful discounted options. Sadly, we missed some of the jewel styles that you can find at some department stores. Unfortunately, Viviers discounted at many places online. We linked to a few but this is one brand where they prefer you physically get your prize. We have pictures of the sale Roger Vivier shoes and bags that we found at the store.
Edouard 212-861-5371

Expect to fund Rockstuds galore at the Valentino boutique. The discount is 40% off, which is higher than most other retailers. That means that many of the most desirable styles are going very quickly. You can shop the sale selection online here or you can take peek at the Valentino Madison Avenue sale via our pictures.
Paula: 212-772-6969

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Where to Find Gucci on Sale

I often get asked how we came up with the idea for Madison Avenue Spy. Frankly, it started at the register at the Gucci boutique on Madison Avenue. I was buying an item during the presale and the customer next to me was buying the same item for at full price.

To me, it felt like an injustice. It was at that moment, that I realized that sale information should be shared on the internet so everyone could benefit from presales, private sales and VIP promotions. Since then, Gucci has changed designers three times and is currently reigning as the king of fashion.

As brands find themselves at the top of a fashion trend cycle, it's not uncommon for them to hide from markdown season. Last season, Gucci declared that its boutiques will no longer be participating in sale season or offering any customers any markdowns on any items. Instead, sale merchandise is being distributed among discount stores and outlets.

Not all hope is lost if you're planning on snagging some discounted Gucci. The key is looking for non-Gucci owned retailers. Unfortunately, Gucci controls most of the space in New York's department stores. Shoes are the big exemption. We already highlighted all the Gucci shoes that are on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys. Bloomingdales also has it's Gucci shoe selection on sale-- stay tuned for pictures and prices.

If you're looking for a sale selection of Gucci bags, you're going to have to be a bit more enterprising and identify retailers who sell Gucci but aren't Gucci managed. The Gucci store in Boca is one good source or you can just head online. Right now, there are about two dozen Gucci bag styles posted in the sale section of the Saks website. Over this way, there is the Gucci Dionysus embroidered GG bag with the angry cat for $2786 from $3980, this red, white and blue top handle Dionysus is $2240 from $3200, a Willow Hill chain bag is about $2000 from $2980 and a laptop case is $400 from $590. Here is a link to all the sale shoes at Saks and there is still full size runs available. We suggest you act fast with this Saks sale because once news gets out stock will go fast. (Ah-hem).

Neiman Marcus had a nice assortment of bags and shoes on sale but a lot of them have already sold out. You can still grab a green Jacquard Dionysys for $2240 from $3200 or this cubic pattern from last season for $3290 from $4700. Among the shoes, are a patent leather pair of classic loafers for $465 from $620, pool slides for $465 from $620 and Elaisa heels with a removable pearl bow are $1162 from $1550. There is also a small assortment of men's clothing reduce 40%.

If you can make your way to a Nordstrom that carries Gucci you might have some luck too. Online we found a few items that might be able to quench your thirst for sale Gs. Here is a pink Marmont that's $1300 from $1950, a jeweled tiger shoulder bag is $2278 from $3400. There are some shoes still available but the assortment of children's clothing is the most plentiful section.

We added the contact information for sales associates who might be able to help if what you desire is already sold out online. We would also suggest keeping your eyes on the more traditional online retailers who sell Gucci. After all, not many brands can avoid for very long.

Nordstrom: Selma 704-763-1146
Saks: Jay 561-537-9468
Neiman Marcus: Chiara 551-502-0465

Kid's Moncler, Trussardi, Simonetta & More to 90% Off

We are in the heat of markdown season, but fortunately (or unfortunately), we have more responsibilities than just buying whatever we went for ourselves. Truthfully, is there anything sweeter than a finely dressed mini-me?

World Wide Kidz is hosting a sample sale of gorgeous European childrenswear that's all discounted between 60% and 90% off. Brands include Moncler, Dolce & Gabbana kids, Trussardi, Simonetta, Bébé Sweeney, Mimisol, Fay, Hilly’s, Bikkembergs and more. Sizes run from newborn to 16-years-old and include a variety that will finely suit your children for camp or a fancy occasion.

For the tiniest of baby boys and girls, we found an assortment of gorgeous stetchies from Bébé Sweeny that are all priced at $25. Retail prices usually extend to more than double. A Trussardi one-piece with a matching bib is $33 and girl's baby Moncler coat is $190. For bigger kids, we found a boy's Dirk Bikkembergs blazer for $79, a Simonetta dress comes to just $63, boy's Moncler shorts and swimsuits are about $50 and a variety of gorgeous Mimisol Summer skirts are $79. You can click through this way to see pictures from inside the children's European Clothing sample sale.

The sale is scheduled to run until the end of the month. We are told that there will be replenishments throughout the course of the sale. We suggest asking if you don't find exactly what you want. You never know what can be hiding in an errant rack of kiddie clothing.

World Wide Kidz
Tuesday, May 22 to Friday, June 1
10am-7pm daily
 605 Fifth Ave, 3rd Floor (one block from Saks)

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Net-a-Porter Begins First Markdown

Net-a-Porter's started its first markdown this morning. The sale scales up to 50% off and this first markdown has a wide selection of designer brands. We even found some items discounted more highly than many department stores.

Generally speaking, most popular bags styles are discounted 30% but there are some discount surprises. Here is a Valentino Rockstud Spike discounted 40% or $1677 from $2800 and we haven't even seen this embellished style anywhere in stores. The same bags are only discounted 30% at Saks and Bergdorfs. Some other interesting sale items include this Fendi Zucca print Kan I that's $2500 from $3600, a Prada ribbon bag is $1700 from $2860 or this YSL Monogram crossbody is $1400 from nearly $2000.

If you're looking for even more savings on a bag splurge you can grab this Off-White tote that's reduced 50% to $640 from $1275 or this "Virgil" pouch is $300 from $600. This Danse Lente crossbody is only $$212 from $425.  Balenciaga market bags are also discounted 40% off, which beats out many other stores.

Among the shoes and clothing, we think a Princess Di tribute tee is very appropriate at 40% off, this Calvin Klein collection trench is reduced by 50% but is still pricey, and a lot of the Prada collection is 40% off-- including this illustration top. This Sacai denim dress is really cute and reduced 40% to $430 from $715.  Vetements logo shoes are reduced 50% but are unsurprisingly still over $500. None of the good styles from Ancient Greek have been discounted yet but these Fendi pool slides are reduced 50% to $350.

Take note, some of the bags (shoes and accessories) included in this first wave of markdowns are from prior seasons. Expect to see more popular styles and brands added in during the second markdown, which will happen in the next two weeks.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bergdorf Goodman Presale Begins

For the first time, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman will begin their first markdown on the same day. The official start of sale season for both retailers is Tuesday, but we've found that markdowns at Bergdorfs have already been put live online. That means that right now, you can start planning your wardrobe for the first weekend of unofficial Summer.

The discount, at both stores, is up to 40% off. Most clothing is discounted 40% and shoes and bags are reduced 30%. The sale doesn't officially start until Tuesday but Bergedorfs has some of their sale items live already.

Take note, the first markdown includes Fendi, Prada, Balenciaga, Givenchy and more but you'll have to wait until early June for Chanel and Louboutin.  Everyone in fashion is talking about Givenchy and you can snag an ombré Horizon bag for about $2100 from nearly $3000 and the Infinity Hobo is $1715 from $2450. A hobo bag from The Row is $2300 from $2150. A Valentino Rockstud Spike is $1956 from $2800, the Calvin Klein fringe bag is $1350 from $2250, and a Tom Ford shoulder bag is $1500 from $2400. We stumbled upon this Balenciaga doodle/ graffiti wallet that's $486 from $700.

Among the reduced shoes is an assortment of Prada. These Jacquard mules are $533 from $870, flats with the new sports strap are $474 from $790, and espadrilles are $342 from $570. Bergdorfs has the best selection of No21 shoes. A Gingham print mule is $434 from $620 and a palm tree print flat is $437 from $625.

Among the clothing, we have our eyes set on this classic floral print from Erdem that's $570 from $815,  this one-shoulder pleated blouse from Rosie Assoulin that's $960 from $1600 and this mini-skirt from Thierry Mugler that is reduced to $276 from $790.

We highly suggest that online shoppers start their shopping and editing right now. Many items are already discounted online and more will be trickling in over the course of the next day or two. Once news gets out, the best items will be gone very, very, very quickly.

Contact BG: Jose 646-689-5601

Friday, May 18, 2018

Saks Fifth Avenue Pre-Sale Begins

We have a confession: It's been two years since we've set foot in Saks Fifth Avenue. It's a little hard to admit since luxury shopping is our job. In our defense, we didn't think there was anything that we were missing but we were wrong.

After a two-year hiatus, we were shocked by what we found. First, you have to see the new fifth floor. They call it "Advanced Designers" which could easily be mistaken for Anne Klien or Ellie Tahari but  the more accurate description would be the "Avant-Garde Designers." Shoppers can find a full selection of street wear labels, like Alchemist, Unraveled, and Off-White, along with more experimental designers like  Rosie Assoulin, Delpozo, and Comme Des Garsons.

The best part is that it's presale time and most clothing items are now 40% off. Handbags are reduced between 30% and 40% off and most shoes are reduced 30% to 40%. The sale officially begins Tuesday, May 22nd, which means the discounts will then be available online too. This season, presale favors Sake Fifth Avenue credit card holders. If you don't have a Saks card, the full amount will be charged now and the price difference will be credited once the sale officially begins and items ship.

On the first floor, towards the escalators, is where you will find most of the sale bags. The biggest surprise was the selection of Loewe bags. A large Puzzle bag is $1710 from $2850 and the smaller size is $1470 from $2450. There are also plenty of Valentino white Rockstud Spike bags included in the markdown. Most of the selection is 30% off and a few older versions are discounted 40%. This "Belt Bag" comes to $1050 from $1500, a zip-around wallet in the same style is $577 from $825 and a the same style shoulder bag is $2240 from $3200. You can see pictures of most of the bags on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue using this link.

Upstairs, on the eighth floor the sale selection is already set up on racks. We wish Saks would stop treating the sale shoe section as if it were an outlet. Shoes were already strewn all over the floor and it's hard to feel good about $1000 shoes when the store isn't treating them much better than dropped french fries. On the bright side, the assortment of sale shoes rival Barneys. The discount is between 30% and 40% depending on the style.

Some of the highlights in the shoe department are the Roger Vivier slides with an oversized rhinestone buckle that come to $1250 from $875, Valentino Rockstud Spike pool slides are $507 from $725, and Manolo Hangisi satin flats are $668 from $995. Pictures of Saks' sale shoes are just a click away. We also found assorted Gucci shoes thrown into the mix. These embroidered espadrilles are $378 from $630. We spotted these lace pumps discounted 40% and these fur lined Princetown loafers for $564 from $940. More of what's on sale from Gucci is over this way.

Remember, the sale goes live online on Tuesday. We always suggest stocking your cart in advance. It's faster to pull the trigger if you have already done your final edit. If you're still questioning whether you should actually go the store, you can always see pictures of practically everything we saw over in the jump.

Handbags: Irina 212-940-2443
5th Floor "Advance" Clothing: Marjorie: 646-552-7292

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sale Update: Anya Hindmarch Prices Slashed

The Anya Hindmarch sale ends Thursday evening but there is still time to grab one last item from the playful Brittish designer. Prices have all been slashed to 80% off. Remaining items include just a few oversized totes that now come to just $500 from $2500 and a small wallet is $80 from nearly $400. Click here to see pictures we took at the start of the Anya Hiundermach sample sale.

Anya Hindmarch Friends & Family Sale
Through Thursday, May 17
9am-6pm daily
49 West 38th Street

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FarFetch Private Sale 50% Off

Farfetch is known for bringing the world's most popular fashion boutiques, and local and emerging designers and brands to a single website. Usually, sales start a bit later on Farfetch because many of the origin boutiques are European. Excitingly enough, this week Farfetch launched its sale.

The sale includes items for men, women, and children with discounts ranging up to 50% off. Take note, some of the more highly reduced merchandise is older and can be found for less at other retailers. Among the more current items, we found a Jacquemus skirt that is reduced 50% to $280 from $560, a pleated Stussy skirt is just $90 from $136, and this Benedetta Bruzziches princess bag is $590 from nearly $1000.

When shopping Farfetch's first markdown, our advice is to stick to the brands that aren't easily found in the US or are already sold out. Be aware, most of the discounts aren't as high as what you will find during the first markdown at most local stores.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Barneys Presale Begins With 40% Off

Barneys shoppers can officially begin to presale for the first markdown. The discount is 40% across the board-- clothing, shoes, and bags for men, women, and children. Besides the outstanding selection, 40% discounts make Barneys the best department store to shop for Summer deals.

Presales used to be treated as a big secret but, these days, stores promote their presales and use it to create a buzz among shoppers. All purchases are held by credit card until the sale officially begins on May 24th. Some brands use a different markdown schedule, for example, Chanel and Louboutin will not be marked down at any department store or boutique until the beginning of June.

The biggest surprise, this season, is that Gucci shoes are included in the presale. Before you get too excited, you might want to visit the sale styles. Most of them are very trendy, like these floral cowboy boots ($1500 from $2500), glitter platform sneakers, and lace mary-janes ($660 from $1100). The whole Gucci sale selection can be found in the jump.

Among the bags, there aren't many sale surprises. You can count on finding assorted Balenciaga, Fendi, Givenchy, and Valentino. One of our favorite styles is this pink bucket bag from the Calvin Klien collection ($1017 from $1700). We also found this Fendi 3Jours ($1590 from ($2650), a backpack with pearl detailing and a mini By The Way ($1260 from $2100). There are also lots of Balenciaga shoppers. The highlight was this Balenciaga City Blackout ($1770 from $2950). You can click over this way to see pictures from Valentino, Saint Laurent, and Givenchy.

Moving upstairs to the shoe department, the only designers excluded from this round of markdowns are Celine, Dries Van Noten, Celine and Christian Louboutin. All other sale shoes are 40% off. It's no surprise there are no Balenciaga Speed Trainers or Triple S's included in the markdown but we did spot logo pumps and those crazy spiked shoes ($990 from $1650). Our favorite sale shoes are from the lesser known designer Giannico. Pictures of all the Barneys presale shoes are over in the jump.

Among the clothing, we spotted lots of amazing Prada skirts and coats. Upstairs we also spotted some Off-White tees and jackets. Calvin Klein has a great fashion selection that is included in the presale. This striped mini-skirt is close to incredible and this tee is classic CK and will be used in high rotation this summer. Pictures, Pictures. Pictures.

We suggest you grab what you can during presale or have your trigger finger ready for online shopping when the sale goes live on May 24. There will be another wave of markdown merchandise in mid-June but that's when Barneys loses its competitive edge.

Joseph 212-833-2092

Monday, May 14, 2018

Inside the Bonpoint Sample Sale

The Bonpoint sample sale has become somewhat of a status symbol among New York City moms. Social rank is closely correlated with how early you're given VIP access.  Usually, the earliest VIP slots are given to celebrities, press and uber-VIP shoppers. Those are the moms who spend more than $100,000 a year buying $100 onesies. Kelly Ripa and Nicki Hilton are among the most recognizable NYC moms given early access.

This afternoon, we were among the first shoppers given access to the sale. (Do you think that can be used on an application to the 92nd Street Y?) The early morning hours on Tuesday will continue as some variation of VIP until the sale opens to the general public at 1pm. There are normally long-ish lines once the sale opens to the public but nothing like the Jimmy Choo sale.

Bonpoint sample sale alumni will identify this year's sale as standard fare. Most of the merchandise is from the 2017 Summer's collection. Most items are reduced 60% off the retail sticker. Other items like shoes, sweaters, and pants are reduced 70%.

More formal style dresses are normally priced in the $300-range and come to $120-ish. More casual dresses are about $80 from an original price of $200 at the boutique. Boy's trousers are about $60 from $150 and the collared shirts come to $48 from $120. You can click here to see pictures we snapped from inside the Bonpoint sample sale.

Sorting through the clothing, there is almost something for everyone-- spanning from the tiniest newborns to tweens. The slimmest inventory is usually size 2, but this evening's twos selection was plentiful. We can't promise it will stay like that for very long.

The sale also includes accessories, swim, sunhats, blanks, summer sweaters, and pajamas. Most shoppers were loading bags of merchandise. We suggest that Bonpoint shoppers use their connections to gain VIP access. Really, who has time for Soho House anyway?

Bonpoint Sample Sale
Tuesday, May 15 through Friday, May 18
Tues 1pm-8pm, Wed 9am-8pm, Thurs 9am-7pm, Fri 9am-2pm
The Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 West 18th Street (btwn 6th & 7th Ave), 5th FL

Anya Hindmarch Sale Continues & More

The Anya Hindmarch friends & family sale kicked off today. The sale contains a large variety of the designer's famously playful bags, shoes, accessories, and clothing. Discounts for Anya Hindmarch merchandise is all 75% off and you can mention Mad-Spy to receive an additional 5% off your total purchase. The sale also includes an assortment of Red Valentino and another Italian designer merchandise. Click here to see pictures inside the Anya sale and more.

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Post-Mother's Day: Celebrate Yourself

As Mother's Day comes to a close, it's nice to look back and appreciate all the sweet notes, kisses and love that goes into making an ordinary Sunday so special. It's also the right time to take a deep breath and, finally, relax.

In many ways, Mother's Day is much more work than an ordinary Sunday. There's the extra early wake-up call from excited children, navigating a messy breakfast in bed, fawning over questionable gifts and entertaining your own mothers and grandmothers. Mother's Day is as much about making the rest of the family happy as it is honoring motherhood.

Now is the perfect time to celebrate your own motherhood and all the work and love you selflessly provide. It's also not a bad time to start browsing Moda Operandi, which just started a VIP sale where a large selection of merchandise is discounted 40% off. Use the code FRIENDS40 at checkout.

We found sandal slides from Ancient Greek that have the ease of a Hermes Oran sandal but come to just $130 from $220 and a wrap skirt from Marissa Web is $207 from $345. We are itching to try these Joseph white high-rise trousers that are $267 from $445 and this icy blue metallic Proenza bag is quite perfect at about $500 from $845.

The sale only runs through Monday, which is just enough time to do some recovery shopping. We aren't suggesting you go nuts but you certainly need a pat on the back.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Anya Hindmarch Friends & Family Sale 75% Off

Anya Hindmarch is looking to you, to assist in a major Feng Shui space clearing session in the form of a friends and family sale. Starting Monday, Global Fashions will host a sample sale for the London-based brand. Close friends and family (that's you!) are invited to shop past season merchandise at 75% off retail.

Among the selection are bags, accessories, clothing, and shoes. We got a little sneak peak and spotted a nearly irresistible assortment of totes, handbags, clutches and small accessories. A zippy wallet comes to about $100 from $395, a handbag with a bandaid is $500 from $2000, an oversized tote is $625 from $2500 and a pouch with an oversized tassel is $250 from nearly $1000. You can click over this way to see pictures of some of the items that will be available at the Anya Hindmarch sample sale.

To make the sale even more friendly to friends and family, you can mention Madison Avenue Spy and save an extra 5% off your total purchase. That practically negates the cost of NYC sales tax!

The selection isn't huge and there won't be any restocking. We suggest you attend the sale early if there is a specific item you're eyeing. If you're lucky, you might also find some warehouse goodies from other luxury brands.

Anya Hindmarch Friends & Family Sale
Monday, May 14 through Thursday, May 17
Mon. to Thurs. 9am-6pm
49 West 38th Street

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Outnet: Extra 20% Off 'Important Designers'

When most sales exclude almost every important designer it's extra refreshing to see a sale dedicated to discounted merchandise from the designers we love most. Right now, The Outnet is hosting a sale where an assortment of items from several popular designers is discounted an extra 20% off from their already reduced prices.

This sale includes lots of pieces from Saint Laurent, Fendi, and McQueen. For instance, this Mugler jacket comes to $800 from $2500, this Miu Miu dress is under $800 from $1900 and this Maiyet jumpsuit is about $400 from almost $1300.

What's even nicer about this sale is that there are more than 1000 items listed. If you have an hour, you can truly get lost browsing through all the interesting merchandise. If you're short on time, personalize your sort options. When you find something you want you must be sure of your purchase because all sales are final.

We hear that the Outnet will be adding a large amount of Zimmerman items will be added before the weekend. Seems like an opportune time to get ready for Summer.

Inside: The Jimmy Choo Sample Sale

This morning, the Jimmy Choo sample sale kicked off for press and VIPs. By 10am the cue for general RSVP admission reached Sixth Avenue, nearly a full city avenue. An hour later, when we left the sale, the line wrapped around Sixth Avenue and spread to 19th Street. You can bet those ladies will be waiting several hours before they see any Choos. (While waiting in line, head over to  can see  Instagram Stories to see the extent of the wait.)

Inside, shoes are organized by color on racks. (Thank you, Jimmy Choo, for taking our advice and abandoning the sample sale method of just throwing shoes on the floor and tables.) The best deals are the men's shoes, which are all $150. Women's shoes start at $200 but most styles fall in the $250 category. The nicest styles, unsurprisingly, are $325 and the most glittery novelty shoes are found near the checkout and priced at $500.

Handbags are priced in a similar fashion. Evening bags are $350 and small handbags are $250. Most of the most attractive styles are the larger category bags ($450) and then there is a $200 supplement for exotics, like pony hair. (If only there were a truffle supplement, too!) You can see the full pricing list and pictures of shoe and bags from the Jimmy Choo sample sale over here.

So, what will you find? Lots of glitter style shoes!! Most are priced at $250 but much of the selection is what we could consider the most desirable Jimmy Choo styles. The best buys are the basic metallic Abel shoes that come in silver, gold, holographic and more. We find that a metallic Choo is a great investment because they are so wearable. Retail prices are normally about $700 from the Abel but they often come on TheRealReal for between $150 and $250. Many times they are even brand new.

Personally, we find the platform peep-toe sparkle shoe a little dated. We were more attracted to a basic suede in navy or purple ($250) pump, a flat with oversized gems ($325), a peep-toe with small jeweled details ($325) or a basic pump with studded jewels. You can click this way to see pictures and of our favorite shoe styles from the Jimmy Choo sample sale.

The sale runs through Friday. Even though the weather is beautiful, we would avoid waiting in line for hours with the early rush. Prices are usually reduced on the last day. That's when the fun begins!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Barneys 'Pre-Sale'; 40% Off

It's only the first Monday in May, otherwise known as MetGala Day, but Barneys isn't going to let BagGirlRiri, Anna, Donatella or the Pope steal the fashion show. Today, Barneys started a mini seasonal online presale. The discount is 40% off select merchandise. 

Presales are akin to the "quiet period" before a company goes public. You can't actually buy the merchandise in the store but you can have your broker, oh sorry -- sales person, hold your preferred items until the sale officially begins.

Take note, this isn't the true first markdown but there is still an interesting selection from which to browse. Over this way, we found Loeffier Randell ruffled slides for $229 from $375, Rag & Bone denim platform slides are $199 from $325 and Mari Giudicelli suede sandals are $319 from $535.

Among the clothing, we found a bomber jacket from Ben Taverniti Unravel Project for $800 from $1339, a Victoria Beckham dress with sexy cut-outs is $1500 from $2520 and an adorable Zimmerman stripped dress with ruffles is $480 from $800. This white Jourden drop waist dress is perfect for Summer and priced pretty perfectly too at just $399 from $500.

We realize this isn't the real first presale or markdown but it's always exciting to see a sale section. The first markdown presale usually starts around the May 17th. You can click over this way to see all the information about presale at Barneys last Spring.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Net-A-Porter Private Designer Sale; 25% Off

Net-A-Porter is hosting a private sale where you can save 25% off 1000s of items. To view the sale merchandise you must first log into your Net-A-Poter account. Afterward, you will see a Private Sale section appear.

This sale comes several weeks before most major designer merchandise will go on markdown. The best part is that even the top European designers are included in this promotion. We suggest you first browse the bags because they are always the items that go fastest during the first markdown. Over this way is the Loewe car-wash fringe bag that comes to about $1400 from $1890, this Off-White "Sculpture" tote is about $650 from $875, a pretty pink Bottega Veneta woven bag is $1725 from $2300 and a Karl 24 from Boyy is $830 from $1110. There is also a very large assortment of Saint Laurent and Fendi options included in the private sale.

There are even lots of sale surprises among the shoes. We haven't seen these Saint Laurent Opyum heels marked down very often-- especially basic black. There are still lots of sizes available and the price after the discount is about $750 from nearly $1000. The blue YSL heel version is starting to run low in sizing. Other shoe options include these Attico slides with an oversized buckle, Golden Goose sneakers, Fendi pool slides and dozens of inexpensive sandal options from Ancient Greek.

Among the clothing, we love this Rocksanda top with bows on the sleeves. It will look great with a pencil skirt or a high-waisted pant. This skirt from Jacquemus is on the top of our 'Summer-want' list. There is a dreamy Reem Acra gown if you need something last minute for the Met Ball. More casual pieces for your Summer wardrobe include an Off-White tee, an off-the-shoulder dress from the Calvin Klein collection, a Balmain tank top, a House of Holland denim jacket, a mesh top from Kith and a floral print dress from Erdem.

Last year, Net-A-Poter didn't start their sale rollout until May 23rd, and it didn't include many designer brands. We would suggest digging in now if there is something you like. Popular style bags tend to go very quickly during the first markdown.

Madeline Weinrib End of Era Sale

Madeline Weinrib has become famous for her iconic carpets and textiles, made in collaboration with artisans around the world. After 20-years in the business, Weinrib just announced that she will be closing her New York and San Fransicso showrooms in June, which will mark the end of an era.

The designer explains that the "decision has weighed heavily on me, but I have realized that I need to return to my creative roots and passion, which has been difficult for me to focus on while managing my business and has led to burnout. I have taken a new studio where I hope to focus on creative projects and collaborations that are close to my heart.”

As Madeline Weinrib shifts her creative focus, she will be clearing her showrooms and warehouses. Starting May 8, shoppers will be able to purchase her signature designs--- carpets, fabrics, pillows, tabletop accessories fashion, furniture, and fixtures for between 50% to 80% off retail prices.

You can click over this way to read about Madeline Weinrib's prior sample sale. You can also click on the jump to see a preview of what items will be included in this showroom closing sale.

We suggest home design gurus and brand fans should hit this sale early. It's unlikely there will be a 'next time.'

Madeline Weinrib Sample Sale
Tuesday, May 8 to Saturday, May 19
Mon-Fri 11am-6pm, Thurs 11am-8pm, Sat, May 19 11am-6pm
126 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor

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