Saturday, February 29, 2020

Weekend Shopping: Impulses & Obsessions

The Gucci fur-lined slide was introduced as part of Alessandro Michele’s Fall 2015 Gucci collection. The shoe was also an early participant in the Instagram influencer gifting strategy. It proved to be a brilliant move for this Gucci bourgeois signature item that still seems mildly relevant today.

Most people opted for the slide without germ collecting fur or the now-classic Princetown loafer. Both options are a staple for almost anyone fashionably include who is 15-years-old or over. Many people own multiple pairs and some have even overindulged in questionably tasteful colorways from neon to colorful tapestries. There is no doubt that the loafer is a highly utilized wardrobe staple but so much about fashion is expressing your individualism and I set out on a hunt to find Gucci loafer alternatives.

This season, Prada ($850) is offering a lug sole with its iconic triangle emblem. Bottega Veneta's kitten heel loafer ($970) is already a big hit for Spring as it is perfect for showing off a logo sock and can be easily paired with a skirt or dress. The Row ($940) offers a classic no-logo no buckle option but those one team Row will always identify their kind.

My personal favorites are the Givenchy option ($890), which has a chunky chain ornament, the tow-tone Celine loafer ( $920) and the Louis Vuitton ($1140) two-tone style with a hit of logo on the back. Finding these styles on sale is difficult at the moment but they are worth watching if you're in the market for something unique.

By way of sales, there aren't many highlights this week. Coltori, an Italian boutique, continues to offer the most attractive deals. Sale items are an additional 30% off with the code EXTRAMOON30 and full-price merchandise is 25% off with the code DEALMOON25. The highlight of the sale is that there is no sales tax, no duties and many items are already priced less than in the US.

I found a floral print Dolce & Gabbana dress is $575 from $1500,  a PVC Fendi bucket bag is $910 from $1370, and Amina Muaddi boots are $370 from over $1000 US. From the full price assortment, there are lots of brand exclusions but you can apply the code to Paris Texas boots that come to $331 from $700 US and a Zimmerman dress is $600 from $850 US.

The site is absolutely worth a scroll. Coming up this week, we are preparing for a few great promotions and sample sale season is about to begin again. Stay tuned. Happy scrolling and have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Moda Operandi Winter Sale: 50% Off

The ski season is drawing to a quick end and retailers are beginning to aggressively reduce winter outerwear and ski gear. Now is the perfect time to stock up and replace whatever you need with discounts topping 50% off.

Moda Operandi is reducing all things "ski" by about 50% off. No code is needed. The most stylish skiers shred the slopes in Cordova bodysuits. Here is a classic black style that's $640 from nearly $1280 and here is a shell jacket to wear on top for $390 from $780.  Perfect Moment is another trending ski brand. We love the retro style even for streetwear. A wool bodysuit is $255 from $610 and a quilted jacket is $340 from $680.

While there are lots of new fashionable ski brands, Bogner is always a classic for style and quality. Their sample sale runs through Sunday. At the sale, you'll find some seriously great options even if you don't ski and prefer looking at hot at the Surf Lodge Aspen or the Grand Prix in St. Mortiz.

Nordstrom Late Winter Sale (Including Moncler)

Nordstrom just kicked off a late winter sale where discounts run to 60% off. The big standout is the great selection of Moncler jackets. Unfortunately, the markdown on most Moncler items is 25%to 40%  off but even small discounts can add up to hefty savings on big-ticket purchases.

Some of the highlights include this pink quilted puffer that's now $570 from $950. This Moncler Genious is $1640 from $2185 and a sequined style is $1095 from $1825.

Outside of Moncler, a Max Mara Teddy coat is $1475 from $3700 and a Herno gradient coat is $710 from $1165.  Other new sale items we spotted are a silk Gucci equestrian scarf for $350 from $500 and this red style is reduced 50% off, Paris Texas boots are $305 from $610, and a Frame print blouse is $140 from $350.

Nordstrom is still sitting on a lot of old styles of Christian Louboutin shoes. We are waiting for that shoe to drop-- so to speak.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Italist: New Season Markdowns

Italist is celebrating the end of Milan Fashion Week with a round of discounts focused on Italian brands. Right now you can find, new season merchandise reduced from 30% to 50% off when compared to US prices.

We spotted this small Prada cosmetic pouch that's $260 from $320 US and new season Prada logo sneakers are from $560 from $650 US. Here is a small Gucci logo camera bag for $760 from $980 US and Gucci x Mickey silk pants are $1057 from $1700 US. This Fendi pouch for $370 from $550 US and is definitely worth a cheap thrill.

Above are some of our favorite items. The discount doesn't seem huge but when compared to US prices you will see significant savings. We suggest targeting your search to Italian designers. Here is a direct link to the edit.

Bogner Sample Sale

It's been a fantastic ski season, which means you've likely had a great time shredding the slopes. With memories not too far removed, it's easy to know what you need and what needs to be replaced. We highly suggest you take advantage of Bogner's epic warehouse sale.

The brand is really one of the best resources for fashionable and functional ski-gear and cold-weather accessories. We are told that merchandise will be reduced up to 70% off retail. The selection will include ski apparel, winter and summer apparel, winter boots, helmets, fur-trimmed accessories, and kids styles.

Take advantage of these discounts while the assortment is plentiful. You know if you don't, you will regret it!

Bogner Sample Sale 
Tuesday, February 25 through Sunday, March 1
Tues 10am-8pm, Wed-Thur 10am-7pm, Fri & Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-5pm
151 Wooster Street

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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sale Reminder: Global Fashions Sample Sale

Global Fashions is opening its showroom to the public starting Monday. For this sale, the newest collection will be indicated with a silver sticker and discounts for shoes, bags, and accessories will be 60% off and clothing will be reduced 75% off. Older merchandise-- or items that don't have a silver sticker on the tag-- will be 70% off for shoes, bags and accessories and 85% off clothing.

Some of the highlights include an abundance of single and bi-color Rockstud heels that come to about $400 from $1000, a pink bag with white studs comes to $618 from $1545 and a classic black leather Rockstud Boston-style bag is $938 from $2345. There is also a great assortment of men. Click here to read more and to see pictures.

Global Fashions Sample Sale
Monday, February 24 through Wednesday, February 26
9am-6pm daily
49 West 38th Street
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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Weekend Shopping: Impulses & Obsessions

A lot of our attention has been focused on the new collections being shown throughout European fashion capitals. What's most struck us after watching show-after-show is the demise of sneakers.

For several seasons, men and women have worn designer or utilitarian sneakers alongside their front row ensembles. This season, we have seldom seen sneakers. Most fashion stars have opted for flats, heels or boots. Even on a gloomy Sunday, during New York Fashion Week, sneakers were not really seen at the shows.

Obviously, this observation turned into a deep dive for shoes. TheOutnet has several styles of Christian Louboutin shoes reduced 50% off. Here is a pair of ankle boots reduced to
$819 from $1628. Century 21 is also a good destination to find Louboutins at about 50% off. These SoKate 120s are $420 from $700 and classic black Fifi pumps are $400 from $700.

If Manolos are more your jam, as they should be, you should check out Savannah's, there are lots of great styles reduced 40% off and more.  Satin red Nadria heels are $600 from $1000 and brocade denim pumps are $280 from $700. Almost every color of Hangisi can be found on Gilt for 30% off.

Some standout sales for the weekend include a new round of markdowns at MyThereasa. We spotted lots of Roger Vivier shoes for up to 60% off. This rosebud style is reduced to $470 from $1200.

If you haven't looked through what's left in Bergdorf Goodman's sale section, we suggest you do right away. Everything is an additional 20% off but that promotion will only run through Sunday. You can click here to see the detailed post of what we found.

Over at Coltorti, you can still use the code EXTRAMOON30 to save an additional 30% off sale merchandise or use the code MODESENS15 and save 15% off everything on the site. The 15% off might not seem like a lot but many items are already a lot less expensive than the price in the US. There is also the added bonus of no sales tax and duties are included. This Fendi blazer with leather pockets comes to $980 from $2890 US. This Saint Laurent 61 small camera bag comes to $670 from $1000 US and the popular Saint Laurent Becky is $1425 from $2800 US, Opyum sandals are $716 from $1200 US and the Cassandra sandals with the YSL plus the little palm tree are $561 from $845.

So there are a lot of great weekend scrolls. Kick-off your shoes, drink a glass of wine and happy weekend. 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Get Ready: Global Fashions Sample Sale

Global Fashions is set to have its first sample sale of 2020. The showroom is fully stocked with new season shipments directly from Valentino. The best part is that the studs are plentiful and the discounts are rocking.

Prices will run a little differently than usual. For this sale, the newest collection will be indicated with a silver sticker and discounts for shoes, bags, and accessories will be 60% off and clothing will be reduced 75% off. Older merchandise-- or items that don't have a silver sticker on the tag-- will be 70% off for shoes, bags and accessories and 85% off clothing.

I personally requested a full stock of Rockstud shoes and my wish was granted. You can see pictures over here in the jump. Most styles are 60% off retail. Most single color and bi-color Rockstud heels come to about $400 from $1000. Some of my favorite combinations are the blue patent heels with a nude stud background or the black patent heels with matte black studs.

The bag selection is nearly as good. There are lots of white studded "Candy Bags". A pink bag with white studs comes to $618 from $1545 and a classic black leather Rockstud  Boston-style bag is $938 from $2345. The sweetest small black leather camera bag with black Rockstuds and gems is $738 from $1845. You can see pictures right this way.

The selection for men is really very good too. There is a large assortment of Valentino sneakers and backpacks. The clothing selection is also great with plenty of sweaters, jackets, and suits. We even spotted a VLTN basketball. Click for pics.

This is one of the best assortments we've seen at a Global Fashions sample sale for some time. No restocking is planned. I suggest you make time to attend the sale first thing Monday morning because we all know what items will go first.

Global Fashions Sample Sale
Monday, February 24 through Wednesday, February 26
9am-6pm daily
49 West 38th Street

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Scoring Bottega Veneta For Less

Under Daniel Lee's creative direction Bottega Veneta has seized the attention of the fashion world. There is no other brand is currently turning out hit-after-hit. At 33-years-old Daniel Lee is the first designer to win four British Fashion Council awards in one year--Brand of the year, accessories designer of the year, women's wear and designer of the year.

As Daniel Lee fights to be more an It-bag, shoppers remain in sticker shock. The now-famous Pouch debuted at $2400 but in just months jumped to $2700. The extra price hardly matters to those that needed to have It. The Bottega Veneta must-have items expanded and the Cassette Bag and various shoe styles have become part of the front row uniform.

Finding these items for less can be difficult considering that they sell out as quickly as they come in. There are, however, a few places to stalk if you're looking to grab some classic BV for less.

The most dependable destination for advantageously priced Bottega is Italist. Right now, you can find a classic black Pouch for about $2000 or $700 less than it would be in the US. As an added bonus there is no sales tax or duties, which means New Yorkers can theoretically save a total of $970 from ordering from Italist. The merchandise comes directly from stores in Europe, which allows for the currency benefit.

Some other standout items include sandals with an ankle wrap for $900 from $1200 US, the newly released Jodi bag in suede for $1825 from $2450 US, and the low heel with a buckle is $746 from $970 US.

Another strategy is to search for your desired product on European sites. Net-A-Porter's European site ships internationally for free and you can save a little too on the currency conversion. The small Pouch is about $1100 once you convert from Euros. The US price is $1390 for the same item. The Cassette bag is about $2375 from $2800 US and the woven version of the large Pouch is about $2600 from $3100 in the US.

Other sites worth scrolling are the LVMH owned 24S. The large Pouch is $2500 from $2700, and again, no sales tax. (Take note, not all items are priced less than the US.)

From time to time, hot Bottega items pop up on the Italian, Coltorti boutique and there is usually a coupon to add even more savings. We also suggest checking LuisaViaRoma and Tessabit.

Be careful. Not all European stores offer savings. Selfridges, for example,  has the small size Pouch in assorted colors for $1155 from $1390 US but once you add duty and shipping the savings is minimal.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Bergdorf Goodman: Extra 20% Off Sale (Moncler Too)

Okay. We are trying this again.

It's a day late but hopefully, you're not short on any dollars.  Bergdorf Goodman just started a promotion where all sale merchandise is an additional 20% off. The sale is OFFICIALLY live.

The best part of this sale is that Bergdorf just added Moncler to its online sale section and but the French brand isn't included int he promotion.

We would definitely add this reddish color Betula hooded jacket to the coat closet for the bargain price of $750 from $1335. This matte style is $1100 from $1885 and I'm really crazy for this pink cropped style that's $970 from $1740. The Moncler selection for men and kids is even larger and worth the extra scroll before checking out.

Some other sale items we've been watching include, this pink Chloe bag that will be $699 from $1590, this Khaite wool trench is $575 from $2880, and this Isabel Marant dress will come to just $260 from $1200. (Most sizes are still available.) There are some great shoe options but there is usually only one size in each style still available. It's totally worth sorting by your size as not to be disappointed.

We wouldn't suggest sale-ing through the store. All the discount merchandise has already been shipped out. We are just waiting for it to officially upload to Neiman Marcus Last Call. This promotion will run through Sunday.

LN-CC: New Season Gucci and Prada 30% Off

This season, we noticed that luxury retailers are starting promotions very early in the season. The discounts might not be huge but it appears to be getting more aggressive earlier every season. Even so, many of these shopping incentives exclude major designers.

It only was a matter of time until we hit the designer jackpot. European luxury emporium, LN-CC is actually focusing on just the items we really want. Early season discounts are up to 30% off. You must use this link to view the promotion discounts. Men can use this link to access the sale assortment.

Here is a new style Zumi Gucci bag that's down to $2000 from $2980 US.  these updated Prada "Cloud Burst Thunder" sandals are impossible to find and they are reduced to $756 from $890. Here is a new style YSL Kate bag with a chain that's $1428 from nearly $2000 in the US.

Before you click off, be sure to check out the site's sale section. There are lots of interesting fashion finds for 60% off. Some items we never even saw on markdown, like this Prada puffer and this Saint Laurent pea coat.

The good thing is that LN-CC is not on the shopping radar of most luxury customers and you have a moment to digest your options before everything sells out. It also doesn't hurt that this sale is very private.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Weekend Shopping: Impulses & Obsessions

Fashion month is in full swing. The shows just wrapped up in New York and have moved over the pond to London and will continue the world tour in Milan and Paris. As we watch the newest trends and fashions emerge it's hard not to shop with an eye towards the future.

So much of the conversation within the fashion industry has turned to sustainability but the definition is so obtuse. As I've been considering how to become sustainability sensitive, I've come to realize that it's always been part of my ethos. Looking inside my personal closet I see so many wonderful pieces that I've had for ten years and even longer. Some items I've had since college and even represent the technical term of vintage.

Good fashion is like good art. It's not anything that goes out of style when it's truly fine. An item found on sale is no less valuable than it's full price counterpart. That turns us to this week's 'Impulses & Obsessions."

A long holiday weekend calls for some notable additions. Nordstrom took an extra cut on some Moncler jackets. This sequined jacket is $1100 from $1825, a grey version with sparkle is $1200 from $1800 and a Lena puffer is $570 from $950.

The most attractive deals of the weekend can be found in Italy. Tessibit is offering 20% off a selection of new Spring & Summer merchandise with the code DEALMOON20XT.  You must use this link to access the selection, which includes lots of Saint Laurent, Fendi, and Givenchy. This Givenchy tote, which unsnaps to lay flat, is about $1600 from $2000 and has never been on sale yet.  A Saint Laurent quilted mini bag is about $1490 from $1780.

Over at Coltorti, you can use the code EXTRAMOON30 to save an additional 30% off sale merchandise or use the code MODESENS15 and save 15% off everything on the site. The 15% off might not seem like a lot but many items are already a lot less expensive than the price in the US. There is also the added bonus of no sales tax and duties are included. This Saint Laurent 61 small camera bag comes to $670 from $1000 US and the popular Saint Laurent Becky is $1425 from $2800 US, Opyum sandals are $716 from $1200 US and the Cassandra sandals with the YSL plus the little palm tree are $561 from $845.

The Net-A-Porter end of season sale is surprisingly still going strong and more items keep popping up.  This week, we spent a lot of time (and money) on the Prada assortment. This Gabriela Hearst corduroy blazer has been a huge temptation at $450 from $1500. I would love it styled under a hoodie and with jeans for a casual but chic Sunday.  Peter Do's newest collection was received with rave reviews and I'm contemplating this organza dress for Summer that's just $312 from $1040. I've banned myself from Prada until I spotted this wool polo for 60-%70% off, depending on the print. (I immediately thought of five outfit pairings from my closet and it was add-to-cart, continue to checkout and done.)

Happy Weekend Scrolling!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Net-A-Porter: Prada & Miu Miu Up to 70% Off

Last week we were slipped a private code (TAKE40) for Prada and Miu Miu that revealed a 40% discount on all merchandise. Today we noticed that lots of the full price assortment has been reduced dramatically and some items are even an additional 20% off.

Among the more highly reduced items is this blazer that comes to $762 from $2540. (You might want to swap out the belt to make any outfit pop.) This very iconic print coat is $1000 from $3400, a print poplin dress is $894 from almost $3000, and this trench seems like a worthwhile investment at $830 from $2760.

There are also some great buys among the shoes and handbags. These suede low boots with the metal logo plate on the back heel come to just $270 from $900, this leather-trimmed nylon utility bag is $875 from $1750 and this little camera bag from last year's collection is $810 from $1620.

As Prada seeks to end several years of financial decline, the company appears to have pulled back greatly from its distribution channels. Italian stores that have carried the brand for ages, don't seem to have the new collections. Farfetch has closed up any US price-related discrepancies and doesn't appear as Net-A-Porter took delivery on the Summer 2020 collection and we speculate that this sale marks the end of Prada on the site.

You can still grab some great deals on Italist. This Prada Staffiano belt is $350 from $460 US  and a classic logo shopper is $789 from $1270 US.

If the item you like on NAP is still at full price you can still use the code TAKE40 to save 40% off. This visor comes to $204 from $340 and nylon shorts are $330 from $550. There are more items on sale than not. I can keep up the mentions but it would be most of the assortment. It's no secret I'm a big Prada groupie.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Neiman Marcus Hits Last Call at 80% Off

If you've ever wondered what happens to all that wonderful merchandise at Neiman Marcus that goes un-purchased, we have the answer. It promptly pops up at the brand's discount store, Last Call.

Neiman Marcus Last Call stores have received new arrivals direct from Neiman Marcus. The discount usually starts at about 65% off original retail but extra promotions often bring the total savings to over 80% off.

While sorting through the selection we found some good finds. Here is an Etro dress that's $182 from $1535, a Brandon Maxwell gown is $261 from $3000, a Givenchy blazer is $716 from $2865 and an Erdem dress is $435 from $1740.

Keep your eyes open, we have heard recent reports of Moncler coats and in past years we've spotted Chanel clothing discounted almost 90% off retail. We've also heard that the discounter receives Chanel bags from time to time but doesn't display them. We suggest asking a sales manager if you're on the hunt. If you don't believe us, we have pictures to prove it right here.

Please be sure to let us know if you spot any unicorns at your local Last Call. There is nothing we love more than sharing.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Fashion Week: Sally LaPointe

What's most interesting about Sally LaPointe is her ability to stay true to a monochromatic aesthetic but still turn out a collection every season that seems fresh, timely and interesting.

This collection was comprised of bold color statement-making ensembles that were glamorous and urban. There was an electric chartreuse segment that was followed by sea green, royal purple and later unfolded into holographic sequins.

Each individual look was assembled from various materials and fabrications. There was slinky double-faced satin, stiff patent leather, eye-catching latex, rich furs, chunky knits and supple leather combined together to form the perfect balance of layer and texture. You can click here to see more pictures.

I've never seen LaPoite show an outfit that didn't glow with glam. One attendee was wearing a full runway look from the prior collection, which was novel to see in the backdrop of a "in the wild" on Varik street. Even off the runway, the outfit looked opulent and tasteful and that's even with the oversized hat.

I just hope that as Lapointe becomes more of a household name that she stays true to the spirit of luxury and quality. While shopping this season, I noticed a pair of the designer's track pants and was thoroughly disappointed that the fabrication was similar to those offered by Adidas.

Lapointe's individual items might draw inspiration from the current trends but the overall look is classic. Right now you can find a lot of pieces for up to 85% off. You might even be lucky and find a full ensemble in your size. Here is are soft yellow silk straight-leg pants for $258 from $1290 and the coordinating shearling and cashmere sweater is $260 from $1300. You can also opt for the same color suede skirt that's $765 from $2550. Above are a few more outfit ideas comprised of Sally Lapointe items that are on sale now.

Fashion Week Trends: The Amorphous Clutch

Fashion week is heating up. We are serving up all smoking hot trends while we get through a marathon of shows. These top trends are what you can expect to see on the street and in the pages of your favorite fashion magazines, next fall.

Left: The Row, Top: Area, Bottom: Ulla Johnson

Bottega Veneta released the now-famous Pouch this past Summer and the minimalistic clutch skyrocketed to the top of the fashion ecosystem. The oversized amorphous accessory was offered in a variety of colors and found tucked under the armpit and on the 'gram of every Insta-star. The bag was subsequently duped by contemporary brands and has made its way down the fashion ecosystem to Amazon copies.

Amazon isn't the only "fashion house" to try and capitalize on the iconic style. This season, we've already seen numerous designers offering their own interpretation of the oversized amorphous clutch. The Row's 10th-anniversary collection was precise in cut, layering, and styling. By no coincidence, oversized supple leather bags were highlighted neatly tucked into the forearm. It's unclear if there is a handle once the bag is unfolded.

NYC homegrown, Ulla Johnson showed lots of leather on her runway and offered of contrasting pops of color via an oversized, you guessed it, clutch. Johnson's iteration has a prominent frame top and a thick gold chain, which looks more like an accessory than it was added for practical uses.

Area’s Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk haven't received the notoriety of some designers of their generation but it's long overdue. The newest collection showcased their structural aptitude with lots of architectural looks that highlighted exaggerated looks. It was not surprising to see a duffle shaped styled as a clutch. The bag seems to have a strap but the size would normally be used as a weekend bag rather than an under the arm style.

We have no doubt that this is only the start of this Bottega Pouch reinterpretation. You can accomplish a similar look right now by tucking away the strap of a supple bag. There are a few suggestions above. Feel free to call out more designers taking inspiration from the amorphous underarm silhouette.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Neiman Marcus: Extra 30% Off Clearance

Neiman Marcus just started an online promotion where you can save an extra 30% off sale items. This is a huge extra discount and comes on the tails of rock-bottom clearance pricing. The deal is even sweeter because there were some great items added.

Most shoes and bags come to over 70% off their original price. Check out this Balenciaga logo allover bag that comes to just $511 from $1490 and this Loewe straw beach bag is $462 from $1350. Balenciaga buckle booties are nearly affordable at $460 from $1490 and most sizes are still available. Gianvitto Rossi ankle boots are $300 from $1000 and Givenchy slingbacks are $276 from $900.

The discounts on clothing are even higher and top 80% off retail. Sally LaPoint sequined pants are $300 from $1450. Here is the coordinating matcha hue wool coat. Be sure to grab a pair of Saint Laurant skinny jeans for $144 from $700 and this Isabelle Marant dress for $224 from $1070. This Isabelle Marant cable knit sweater is now $216 from $790, just a little more than the Zara copy.

The promotion started and only run for two days-- through Tuesday. Neiman Marcus doesn't do these types of extra 30% off sales too often. We suggest you take advantage of the situation while the opportunity presents itself. It's quite the treat to shop for discounted merchandise that's this good.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Net-A-Porter: 40% off All Prada & Miu Miu

We were just slipped a note that Net-A-Porter is hosting a private sale where all  Prada merchandise (except eyewear) is 40% off. To engage the discount use the code TAKE40.

Prada's struggle among elite legacy brands is no secret. The company's share price is down 35% over the last five years and rumors of a company sale have started swirling. Prada has blamed over-distribution as part of its difficulties. It doesn't appear as Net-A-Porter took delivery on the Summer 2020 collection and we speculate that this sale marks the end of Prada on the site.

Some sale standouts include classic knee-high boots that come to $580 from $950, a Pink satin authentic satin headband is $144 from $250, and a leather belt bag is $690 from $1150. Some of our favorite past season iconic fashion items include this dress with a rose print, a lightening bolt-rose sweater and we've always been a fan of the Spring '18 illustrations.

It appears as if this sale has been shopped already, probably by NAP VIPs. Some items are sold out or running low on sizes.

Before you enter your credit card information, be sure to price check against MatchesFashion, which has even bigger Prada discounts  with markdowns running from 50% to 70% off. We are crazy for this lightening bolt skirt that's $500 from $1000, this PVC tote that's $630 from $1050 and this ruffled miniskirt that's $465 from $930.

 MatchesFashion has Sumer 2020 merchandise posted, so it's probably safe to assume that they won the online Prada war. Let's hope that they can help turn Prada's troubles around.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Inside NordstromRack: Gucci, Valentino & Louboutin

This week, I was in the Union Square area and decided to take a peek into Nordstrom Rack. I'm not always the biggest fan of off-price retailers because prices are often higher than end-of-season markdowns. The potential of finding a hidden gem is enough to keep me going back. And I'm glad I did.

You'll immediately notice a full rack of runway Gucci. Before you get too excited, most of the items look like they are from the Spring 2016 collection. That means, lots of rainbows and sequins, which are important Alessandro Michele fashion moments but seem a little dated not yet retro. A Gucci knit with a dog in a bow-tie is $900 from $2300 and a dress with a sequined collar and a striped pleated bottom is $2000 from $8585. You can click here to see pictures.

Higher-end finds are harder to find online. There are Valentino Rockstud stock booties for $381 from $1145. A Catherine Malandrino cashmere sweater with fox fur sleeves is $165  and a Tom Ford Natalia bag is $862 from $1930.

My next in-store observation was the wayward clothing hanging on a carousel marked "Revive". It's a collection of Rent The Runway castoffs. The selection is quite awful and is interchangeable with what you would expect to find in a Goodwill store but for a lot more money. A washed-out black hoodie from Goen J is $99 and an Apiece Apart knit is the same price from a "suggested retail" of $545. You can see the sorry items over here.

If you sift among the standard clearance racks there are some decent finds. A Rocksanda dress with bell sleeves is $500 from $1440, but again, it looks dated. If you had it, you might wear it, but it an expensive investment for this moment. A Jason Wu herringbone blazer is $189 from $700 and a Frame leopard print blazer is $181 from $595. Click for pics.

The shoe department might serve up the most luck. Gianvitto Rossi velvet booties are $116 from $875, Saint Laurent high heel sandals are $300 from $900 and one pair very ugly square toe Christian Louboutin shoes in a size 35 is $200 from $625.

As expected, I left empty-handed. In my book, that's a successful day.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Moncler on Sale NOW

If I had a dollar for every time a salesperson told me that Moncler wasn't going on sale this season...well, I wouldn't be writing this post. (Okay. Yes, I would. It's a labor of love.)

As we always anticipated, Moncler will go on sale and it has. Today started a semi-coordinated markdown on Moncler outerwear. That means that local retailers throughout the city all put the French puffer jackets on sale today. Online shoppers should focus on Neiman Marcus.

In the woman's department, a houndstooth style is now $1990 from $2845, a pink plaid style is $1000 from $2000 and a classic black matte style is $1582 from $2260. The selection is just as good for men. We suggest you grab any of the styles offered by Neiman Marcus right now because a full range of sizes is still available. That won't be the case for very long and the store is very good at marching prices or making adjustments if there is another markdown.

Saks Fifth Avenue already took a double markdown on Moncler during the last week of January and reduced many other styles on Thursday. The initial sale items already hit 70% off and they blew out very fast.  For example, this reversible floral print jacket went down to about $600 at Saks.

There are some discounted Moncler jackets on the Bergdorf Goodman but some styles are priced a little higher than at Neiman Marcus. This cropped style is a good price at $780 from $1115 and this powder blue style, which looks lighter weight, is $812 from $1160. It's a good idea to cross-reference prices and sizes between the two sites.

The instore selection at Bergdorf Goodman is a leased space. That means that it's run and managed by Moncler as if it's a private boutique. The same goes for the Moncler assortment at the Bloomingdales flagship. You'll notice that there a lot of the same styles on the Bloomingdales site but there are no discounts. We expect that they will come later in the week.

Don't feel overwhelmed. A big markdown like this can be a lot to digest. Just remember, that Moncler does go on sale and if you don't catch it at this moment there will be opportunities in the future.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Give Love & Self Love For Valentines Day

Popular culture has decided that Valentine's Day bashing is more fun than celebrating. We couldn't agree less. Who cares if it's an imagined holiday to promote retail and antiquated relationship philosophies? Shopping and love really can't be an enemy.

Valentine's Day doesn't require a huge grand gesture but rather something sweet and thoughtful. On the flip side, we don't know any girl who would turn down a 20-carat diamond necklace from Lorraine Schwartz. Below are some "thoughtful and sweet" gift ideas we love and we think she too:

Gucci logo knee-high socks $100: Chances are she already has the Gucci tights. We bet the stocks are next on her list for Spring. 

Fleur du Mal lingerie $85 from $170: What's Valentine's Day without something a little sexy? For some playful pregame, send him the link and tell him to choose what he likes. That's the type of credit card charge that can make a man happy.

Riki Skinny Mirror $205: I have one and I love it. It's even better if you're someone who likes to record makeup tutorials or take beauty selfies. (Obviously, that's not me.)

Commes des Garcon Play hearts tee $100: Show a little CDG love with hearts. It's classic, wearable and always in fas-hun. 

Baccarat red vase $540: I stayed at the Penninsula, in Paris, one Fall and they upgraded me to the most tremendous suite. I loved everything about the hotel but what's most memorable is the multiple bowls of white roses they delivered to my room daily. White roses now always remind me of Paris at the Penninsula and a little red vase is the perfect bedside luxury. 

Dr. Vranjes defuser $345: White roses remind me of the Penninsula and Dr. Vranjes takes me back to JK Place, in Rome. The assorted fragrances deliver a rich aroma that can only be found with the very best quality of oils. I especially love this decanter as it's a nice living room visual accessory. The exact fragrance from JK Place is Menograno Mento ($125). The top fragrance notes are black grape and watermelon with a tone of pomegranate-mint.

Staub 1.75qt heart-shaped pot $215 from $350: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, or so they say. Tell her how much you love her cooking from the bottom of your heart with a pot that says it all.

Kid's Kartell Ghost Chair with heart $195: The scribble heart on this classic chair design sparks much joy even if it's a mini size. 

Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag $495: This semi-mini bag is difficult to find in stock. (Would you believe there is even a smaller size?) They are fun and playful and don't require a serious financial investment as would a Chanel or Hermes bag.

Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady $265 (no sales tax): This has been my go-to fragrance all winter. It's light rose with black current and raspberry. It has similar tones to that of Diptyque's L'Ombre but is much lighter and refreshing. This scent seems to sell out frequently and can be difficult to locate. If this is on your list you might want to grab it now before they are all gone.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Coltorti: Big Savings on New Season

As prior season sale merchandise fizzles to discounters, we are excited to turn our attention to newly-arrived fashion. Once upon a time, it would be months of watching and shopping before you could expect any savings. Today, if you know where to shop, you can save big even at the start of the season.

Coltorti is a multi-brand store with several boutiques along the Eastern coast of Italy. They have an amazing selection of designer brands ranging from Saint Laurent to Bottega Veneta. To kick off the season with a bang, they are offering 25% off regular priced items with the code DEALMOON25.

There are designer exclusions like Fendi, Moncler, and Golden Goose*. Even with the exclusions, you'll find that prices are a lot more attractive than they are in the US. For instance, a Bottega Veneta pouch is $1900 from $2700 US retail. Even the newly issued shoulder pouch is $2000 from a US retail of $2800. A Fendi Kan U bag is $1800 from US retail of $2600.

Even better savings are available on items included in the 25% off promotion.  A Balmain blazer in classic black comes to $1219 from US Retail of $2300. A Dolce & Gabbana track jacket is $473 from  US retail of $975. Paris Texas slingbacks are $210 from $445 here in the US.

The site also has a lot of options for men. Some Off-White options are nearly half the price before the discount. Thom Brown retails for about the same as here but a 25% discount can be a big money saver.

Those who are still willing to scroll through sale merchandise can get lucky too. It's just hard not to be jaded as we've experienced final markdowns. Take note, the most reduced items are several years old. For the price differential, the new season savings seems like a much better value.

*Code brand exclusions: Fendi, McQueen, YSL, Stone Island, Bottega Veneta, Moncler, Max Mara, Golden Goose, and Chloe.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Where to Shop (Hint: Not Department Stores)

Winter sales started a few weeks early and the rest of the season unfolded in a hurried stride. This is usually the time of year that the sale assortment starts to feel like orphaned fashion. This week you'll find that retailers are shipping out any remaining sale fashion.

If you want to do some serious shopping this weekend, we suggest you click online. Take note, the Net-A-Porter sale went a little deeper this week but will wrap up shortly. This may be your last chance to do some heavy-duty scrolling. 24S is also wrapping up its sale this week. For the final days, you can use the code EXTRA20 at checkout to save an additional 20%.

Below are a few sale items that still remain in my saved folder: