Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Intermix: Extra 40% Off Sale Items

It's time to start the holiday weekend sale-ing! Intermix just started an incredible promotion where sale merchandise is an additional 40% off. The discount on many items translates to a total discount of nearly 80%.

Some of the highlights include this Balmain oversized blazer that's $990 from $2750, a Blaze Milano blazer-dress is about $600 from $1750, and this Zimmerman linen top. Here is a link to all the Zimmerman.

 There are also some good shoes like these embellished Manolos that are $430 from $1200 and these Jimmy Choo iconic mules are $360 from $1000. The sale section also has a large assortment of Valentino but it's excluded from the promotion. Most items are 40% off, which is about the same as other retailers.

We love these sales for picking through the great assortment of denim. These SLVRLAKE jeans are   $120 from $320. Here is a Boyish jean skirt that's is $47 from $275 and white Frame jeans that are $80 from $225.

This sale will last through July 7. These extreme sale-on-sale events usually only happen around the holiday weekends. We suggest you start scrolling fast because the best merchandise tends to go fast.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Serious Finds at Ssense

Ssense has been leading the charge through sale season. The site's official designer sale started last week but there have been amazing discounts for months. What's most surprising is that there are continually new finds.

We found python mules for $410 from $1100. This Mansur Gavriel pouch is a great substitute for the Bottega version and it's reduced to $300 from $600. These Balenciaga slingbacks are $$500 from $950 and Saint Laurent sneakers are $275 from $600.

Don't forget to take a peek at full price items. Sometimes you'll find that the retail prices are more attractive than at other stores. For instance, this Gucci belt is $335 from $360, Braxton red or blue loafers are $575 from $730  and thong sandals are $495 from $520.

The same price advantage goes for this Bottega black pouch that's priced at $2200 from $2700 and this Cassette bag is $2300 from $2800. Speaking of Bottega Veneta, the site already posted the fall collection and is fully stocked with some often-sold-out items like this Jodie mini in black and various color Lido sandals

The thing with Ssense is that you have to spend time and explore continuously. We will be sure to add more finds to the post if we over the next few days.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Weekend Shopping: Impulses & Obsessions

Sale season ignited this week with brands ranging from Dior to Celine taking big markdowns. Right now, you can point your cursor at nearly any brand and find something titillating to buy.

During a big first markdown, I like to direct my attention to sale surprises. Those are the items I really like or wanted but didn't anticipate finding on sale. Those are usually the classic and iconic pieces found in designer collections.

If I considered a full-price purchase, 30% to 40% off savings is amazing. Usually, this merchandise is the first to sell out. These finds usually reveal themselves only at select stores because of an inventory overstock. It's best not to hesitate because it's likely lots of other shoppers are vying for the same piece.

Some of the hottest items of the week were select Dior Dway slides that were only reduced at some stores and the available units were very limited. You can click here to read the full Dior post and to browse through a pretty complete sale assortment.

Nearly all the big department stores took price cuts on the big European heritage brands: Balenciaga, YSL, Valentino, Gucci, and more. The best selections can be found at the brand's online boutiques.

The Saint Laurent's private sale still has an incredible amount of merchandise discounted 30% to 40% off when used with the code YSLPRIVATESALESS20. This Kate bag with a tassel is still available for $1225 from $1750 and this Angie quilted bag is $1575 from $2250. Tribute flats are still available in some colors for $452 from $645 and Opyum heels are $767 from nearly $1100.  Check back to the original post if you're having issues viewing the sale price and to see more of our sale highlights.

Dolce & Gabbana fans can access this private boutique link here. Here is a floral print dress for $340 $1400, a tee is $255 from $425, and jeweled shoes are $585 from $975. I anticipate the sale will expand but this selection is a good start.

The Balenciaga private sale link includes an assortment of Spring merchandise that's discounted 30% to 50% off. There are a variety of Triple S sneakers reduced to $690 from $1000 and Speed sneakers are $550 from $800.  A leopard canvas tote is $700 from $1200 and my all-time favorite graffiti mini City bag is $1160 from $1935.  More favorites can be found here.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Net-A-Porter have a huge selection of designer sale merchandise. Keeping tabs between all the VIP extra discounts and hidden links is nearly impossible.

You can access the Nordstrom Private sale here. You'll find a selection of Prada shoes mostly discounted 50% off. These thong sandals are $325 from $650 and Cloudburst sneakers are $475 from $890. Saint Laurent bags are 33% off and shoes are discounted 40%. The Balenciaga sale selection has some different sale options than the B boutique. These finge heels are $450 from $750 and a mini tote is $570 from $950.  Most all Givenchy is 40% off.  Valentino clothing is 50% off but shoes and bags are 40% off.

At Saks Fifth Avenue, the discounts are very similar but the assortment is a bit different. This Valentino PVC tote is $1700 from $2845 and Valentino leather slides are $417 from $700. The Prada selection is hidden over here in this link.

The code A19B28C brings the discount to 40% off clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. The discount for men's merchandise is even more at 50% and worth the scroll because a lot of the accessories are unisex. This Nylon tote is a great item to have in your fashion arsenal and comes to  $1000 from $1700 and espadrilles are $350 from $580.

The Net-A-Porter sale added some merchandise and extra discounts on existing sale items. Here is a Balmain blazer for 50% off and a Balenciaga mini tote, which is sold out at most places is $665 from $950. There is a large selection from The Row that's 30% to 40% and most Valentino is 30% to 40% off.

This past week we also found some good deals at Harvey Nichols in the UK. Some items retail for less and there are no duties or taxes, which puts them at a very large price advantage even before discounts. You can read the full post here.

Speaking of Euro shopping, MatchesFashion has discounts up to 80% off. An assortment from Valentino is discounted 50%, which is more than other retailers. A fedora hat is $350 from $700 and rope-like leather sandals are $490 from $975.

Looking forward, there will be a lot of July 4th promotions. There might not be beach fireworks this season but there will be explosive sales.

Stay tuned. Until next time... same time, same place?

Thursday, June 25, 2020

On Sale Now: Balenciaga, Prada, YSL, Valentino & Celine

The big designer brands hit a hard first markdown today. Right now you can find a great selection of current Balenciaga, Prada, Saint Laurent, Valentino, and Celine discounted from 30% to 60% off.

Find the best deal for the item you want can take a bit of combing. Lucky for you we have been scouring and processing various sites for selection and discount.

The biggest hit of the day was the Balenciaga sale by Balenciaga. Discounts range from 30% to 60% off. You must click here to access the private sale. Any sorting or filtering will kick you out of the sale section. So just stay focused.

Some of the sale highlights include this mini Graffiti City bag that's $1160 from $1935, a top handle Ville bag with a pink logo is $1170 from $1800, and a denim tote is $640 from $925.  The "daddy" Triple-S sneaker is 30% off and comes to $670 from $975 and the original sock Speedtrainer is $550 from $800.  There is also a large assortment of clothing but most of the most desirable items aren't quite a deal at 30% off.

If you don't find exactly what you want as part of the Balenciaga sale, you can check our Nordstrom. The site has lots of additional items, like this metallic mini tote for 40% off, and these Balenciaga fridge mules for $450 from $750.

If you're partial to Prada, you should point your tapping finger to  Nordstrom. There are lots of shoe options at 50% off.  Saks Fifth Avenue started a  private sale and when the Prada selection is combined with the code A19B28C the discount goes to 40% off clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. The discount for men's merchandise is even more at 50% and worth the scroll because a lot of the accessories are unisex.

Some highlights include these Miu Miu wedges that are $510 from $850 and Prada thongs are $385 from $550. This tote bag is $1014 from $1690 and a leather card case is $144 from $240. Take note, the code doesn't apply to the entire selection.

The Saint Laurent private sale remains the best place for YSL goodies priced between  30% to 50% You can use the code YSLPRIVATESALESS20 to engage the discount after logging into your account and going to "view shopping bag." The men's selection can be found here. Remember, you can't use the search function or filter or you will be thrown out of the sale section. It's a scrolling only zone.

If you're in the market for something Valentino Rockstud, we suggest you first peruse Net-A-Porter and scroll Nordstrom as a backup. Most items are reduced 40% off but Net-A-Porter has a few pieces at 50% off and past season finds are discounted 70%. These Rockstud wedges are $400 from $800 and thong sandals are $412 from $825.

It's unusual to find Celine mixed in with designer sales but Hedi Slimane isn't exactly creating must-have collections. You can click this way to access the private sale. Discounts range from 30% to 60% off. The best deal is the "Underarmor" logo sneakers that are $220 from $550.

Coming up this week, we should expect to see discounts from Fendi Boutique and Givenchy. We are still hoping that Gucci will drop a sale link but the chances aren't too promising.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

New Markdowns at MatchesFashion

MatchesFashion started its sale pretty close to what would be a normal schedule. For Memorial Day, discounts were up to 50% off but the selection was pretty dismal. We gave it only a C+ sale rating. Today the luxury online retailer announced discounts of 80% off and we are raising our guidance to a "shop-now".

The site's sale section has a lot of second markdowns and designer additions.  A classic Balmain blazer is $1040 from $2600 and this draped dress is further reduced to 70% off. If you haven't jumped on the Balmain blazer bandwagon (say that fast a few times), you should check out the options from Blizé Milano. They are more understated and very finely made. Here is one for $609 from $1524.

The shoe and handbag selection isn't stellar. We spotted this pair of Christopher Kane shoes from $350 from $875 and Prada lightning-bolt shoes are $330 from $1100.

 The best selection is among the beachwear with discounts hitting 70% off on some items. This oversized straw hat is $190 from $475 and this Love Binetti cotton mini-dress is $190 from $635.

We are still waiting for some of the bigger designers to hit the markdown section. It shouldn't be much longer.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Harvey Nichols UK Markdowns

Most US stores have already started a first or second round of markdowns but many European stores are on their second or third round of discounts. The famed UK department store, Harvey Nicholas has a great assortment of sale merchandise that shouldn't be overlooked.

Most of the markdowns hover at about 40% to 50% off but the savings are even more once you account for currency savings. You should check out the Manolo Blahnik assortment. These Mufasa buckle heels are about $500 from over $1000 in the US and Ticuna strappy sandals with a gem buckle are $520 from $1035 US retail. Off-White slides with a logo are $225 from $555 and Valentino Rockstud sandals are $585 from $975.

Some other standouts include this Valentino Rockstud spike bag that's $1300 from $2900 US retail and this Rockstud camera bag is $525 from $1345. This Dolce & Gabbana floral print skirt is $399 from $925 US retail and this Balmain blazer is $850 from $2300 US retail.

In addition to the great prices, Harvey Nichols covers duty and taxes. Shipping is free if you spend over $250, which is easier than any of us would like.

NOW LIVE: Saint Laurent Private Sale

The Saint Laurent private sale is LIVE!  The discount is 30% to 50% off on a very large variety of bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories. You can use the code YSLPRIVATESALESS20 to engage the discount after logging into your account and going to "view shopping bag." The men's selection can be found here.

Some of the sale highlights include this Lou mini bag that is $805 from $1150, a small Jamie that's $1482 from $2470 and the Vicky camera bag is $1295 from $1850. Among the shoes, we suggest you snag a pair of Tribute mules that are $452 from $645 or Opyum sandal heels for $767 from nearly $1100.

You can click here to see a photostream of the available bags that are included in the sale from the Saint Laurent store on 57th Street in NYC. Here is a link to the shoe selection.  Saint Laurent doesn't usually do a second markdown. If you're looking for steeper savings we suggest you direct your attention towards multi-brand department stores and boutiques.

Boutique Contact: Kathryn (email) kathryn.bubar@ysl.com

Monday, June 22, 2020

Sales Begin at Dior: 40% Off

Dior is one of the very few brands that stay completely in control of its product distribution. Like Chanel, Dior doesn't allow retailers to sell its products online. The only authorized site to sell new Dior is online 24S, which is owned by the parent company, LVMH.

If you're looking for a discount on Dior, you will need to set your focus on physical retailers, like boutiques and department stores. Starting today, you can save up to 40% on a full assortment of Dior shoes, clothing, scarves, sunglasses, accessories, and jewelry. There are no bags included in the markdown.

We filled the jump with an assortment of items included in the markdown. Click here to see the selection.  The sale includes men merchandise too but we haven't received photographs yet. We will be sure to add an alert as soon as they are posted.

24S also has a great sale that includes a great assortment of other brands. A few highlights include a Dodo Bar Or swimsuit for 70% off, a Givenchy wallet is $445 from nearly $900 and a Balmain denim jacket is $900 from $1500-ish.

The most interesting site assortment is the past season Louis Vuitton that's about 20% less than it would be here. Who says, LV never goes on sale?!

Brian Neiman Marcus (Hudson Yards) 202-733-8528
Saks Columbus: Mojie 614-581-3142
Dior Boutique (FL): JJ 305-930-2690
Bergdorf Goodman Wendy: 347-504-3075
Bloomingdales Dior boutique Nicole: 212-705-3522

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Weekend Shopping: Impulses & Obsessions

Chanel was the overriding headline of the week. While simultaneously beginning its seasonal markdown, Chanel announced 2019 sales of nearly $12.3 billion, up 10% from $11.1 billion in 2018. Chanel, however, warned that 2020 results will be significantly less due to the COVID-19 crisis, which has forced store closures and crushed consumer demand for luxury goods.

Despite the gloomy retail outlook, the value of Hermes reached an all-time high breaking a whopping €80 billion Euros. During the 2008 financial crisis, Hermes and a few other select luxury houses also experienced an inverse correlation with the overall economy.

Analysts speculate that Hermes's signature Birkin bag is one of the major factors contributing to the label’s resilience. The implication of an imbalanced business strategy stemming from over-reliance on a singular product channel causes some worry among retail observers. So far, it hasn't been an issue and the launch of beauty products will add another valuable revenue stream/

LVMH announced that revenues dropped 10% to 20% due to COVID, and Kering group, which owns Gucci, shared that sales are down 15% for the first quarter of the year. As a result, Gucci has raised the prices if it's most popular bag styles including the Dionysus and Zumi between 5% and 9%. These price hikes follow the strategies already implemented by LVMH and Chanel.

Only time will tell if price increases have the desired effect or if customers take their dollars to other industries like travel and home improvement. I happen to think that shoppers find this type of manipulation distasteful and would rather opt for a Viking oven or trip to St. Barths than a new Jumbo Classic.

The good thing is that not all Chanel is increased in price. This week we saw sweeping markdowns on shoes, jewelry, accessories, and clothing. With the help of readers and followers, we were able to crowdsource an incredible catalog of Chanel sale items. You can click through to the post to browse thousands of pictures and to find various sales associate contacts. 

This week, Net-A-Porter started its first markdown. Considering the late break some shoppers were a little disappointed by the selection. If you're looking for more plentiful discounted designer options you can head to the UK version of NAP.

Stuart Weitzman also started its big summer sale. All shoes are now 50% off. This versatile slide is $175 from $350 and classic suede pumps are $199 from $400. The selection is very large and at half-off, there are a lot of very reasonably priced options. You can click over to the original post to see some of my favorites.

We lucked out with Tessabit, which offered MadSpy readers an additional 15% off with the code MADISONAVENUE15N. The extra savings can be applied to anything within this edit. This Valentino shift dress is $750 from $2200 and this Balmain tee is $200. Click here to see more finds.

Over the course of this week, we combed Italist for some deals and also spied online Gucci markdowns. The Gucci discounts have been very good but most haven't been available online. We are sure they will come soon. It's just a matter of time.

Looking forward, Dior is the latest designer brand to hit the sale racks. I put a few sale highlights in the jump link. Discounts range from 30% to 50% off at department stores and brand boutiques.

This was a busy week. It's hard to anticipate the same buzz next week but, at this point, there's nothing that will surprise me.

Dior: Brian Neiman Marcus (Hudson Yards) 202-733-8528

Friday, June 19, 2020

Lake Como's Tessabit Extra Discounts

The sales in Italy are very competitive this season. The Italian boutique, Tessabit is taking its sale section and reducing designer merchandise even more for it's 'best customers'. MadSpy readers can receive an additional 15% off through this link with the code: MADISONAVENUE15N.

Remember the extra discount code can only be applied to items in this edit. Don't worry, there's a lot from which to choose. This Off-White Binder Clip bag comes to just $380 from $1055 US retail.  A Ferragamo crossbody is $360 from $730.  Both make great graduation gifts.

The shoe selection is a little light on sizes.  Among the options, you'll find Roger Vivier heels for $425 from $775 and sandals are $370 from $775. Guiseppe Zanotti sandals are $270 from $700.

The best merchandise is within the clothing edit. This Alanui cardigan comes to $1072 from $2800 and an olive color Balmain blazer comes to $850 from $2300 US retail. Here it is in black too. A Rick Owens dress is $265 from $757 and this Isabel Marant linen and cotton dress is $262 from $571.

The selection for men is even better than the woman's finds. These Drumohr polos look amazing for $85 from $155. There's also a lot of Ferragamo loafers for those needing an upgrade.

The best part of the Tessabit promotion is that the merchandise is coming from Italy and many of the items retail for less money when compared to our retail prices. Shipping costs are nominal, all duties are covered and even returns are free. There's also no sales tax, which can mean a savings of an additional 15%.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Stuart Weitzman Summer Sale

Sponsored by Stuart Weitzman and ShopStyle

Summer temperatures are rising, and toes need to be liberated. It's the perfect time to update your shoe selection with functional yet trendy pieces guaranteed to keep you cool all season. From chic sandals to fashionable flats and slides,  Stuart Weitzman has the shoes you need to elevate your summer wardrobe.

Right now you can save 50% off of every shoe you might need. LEONITA slide sandals are $175 from $350 and are perfect to keep at the door for quick exits. MERINDA flats with an ankle strap are $175 from $350,  WYLIE STAR loafers are $188 from $375, and The Daryl sneaker is $148 from $295. The best part is that most shoe styles are available in a variety of colors.

The right shoe can elevate any outfit and we love how Stuart Weitman is able to offer a top-quality and stylish shoe for such affordable prices. Snagging one (or two) of these summer sale styles is really a no-brainer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Italist Serious Sale Finds

Like most everything else in life, this sale season has been disjointed and confusing. There are no comps and every retailer is on its own schedule. Today we took a scroll through Italist and found lots of great items for less than other stores.

We spotted this gorgeous lots of gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana pieces at seriously discounted prices. This Dolce & Gabbana skirt that's just $380 from $925 US retail and a classic style floral dress is $862 from $1682. Expanding the search, we found a Balmain sweatshirt for $281 from $495 US retail, a Versace tee is $225 from $775 US retail,

Among the purses and shoes are these Gucci sandals with a horsebit for $515 from $850 US retail. New style Bottega Curve sandals are $929 from $1650 US retail and here is a classic Pouch in violet for $1930 from $2700 US retail. Celine espadrilles are $375 from $550 and a logo tee is $281 from $415 US retail. Check out this Prada belt for just $162 from $440 US retail and these iconic lightning bolt heels are $220 from $1100.

These Italist items will go fast once word gets out. They usually don't get restocked. Or, you can always take your chances and wait for another markdown.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Net-A-Porter First Markdown Up to 50% Off

After months of waiting, the Net-A-Porter sale is live! The sale includes a large assortment of merchandise with discounts extending up to 50% off. There are some exclusions, like Gucci, Louboutin, and Moncler but most all else is up for grabs.

This sale is NAP  sale expansive. Be sure to check out the sale assortments from Valentino, Fendi, Saint Laurent. There are some great surprises. Check out this Valentino tote for $1050 from $1745 and a pouch from $417 from $700. There is also a great assortment of shoes for 50% off.

Among the bags, we spotted this Saint Laurent Nolita bag that's $2485from $3550, this Valentino quilted wallet is $237 from $400 and this Chloe box bag is $1295 from $1850 and feels perfect for Summer. We also love this white Colperni bag that's $363 from $695.

The shoe selection is even better. Check out these Gianvittor Rossi heels are $507 from $845, Isabel Marant sandals are $581 from $845, Loeffler Randall mules are $175 from $350.

Before it sells out, quickly snag a Balmain sports bra for $157 for $225 or a classic blazer is 50% off. Check out the Zimmerman assortment. This linen dress is $1225 from $1750 and this palm print top is $330 from $550. Don't miss this Blazé Milano blazer $1071 from  $1530 or this Alex Perry vinyl dress for $1095 from $1665.

The sale includes some great pieces to keep your pool fashion game on point this Summer along with lots of great beach accessories. This Eugenia Kim hat is a chic way to block the sun along with a full crop of Gucci sunglasses that are 30% to 50% off.

We suggest you check back often.  Net-A-Porter sale tends to regularly add to the sale section, which always makes sale season a little more eventful.

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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Chanel Private Sale Details (Pics)

Chanel's private presale begins Monday. The discount is 40% off and is comprised of last year's merchandise. Some stores are allowing presale. Other stores won't allow the merchandise to even be previewed until the sale officially begins.

Before you get too excited, there are no bags included in the markdown. Most of the sale selection is comprised of clothing. There is also a bit of jewelry and shoes.

Chanel is one of the hardest brands to track during the markdown season. The company is secretive and riddled with rules that are always changing. This season is even more complicated because so many local stores are still closed.

For this reason, we are eliciting all of your help. Please message or email us with any pictures pertaining to the Chanel sale. We promise to always keep our sources confidential. We can also use some help compiling an updated list of active Chanel specialists. Let us know if you work with someone excellent. I already listed some of our best contacts below.

You can click here to see some pictures of what will be included in the sale. We will be sure to update this post as we assemble more details.

The sale starts in London for VIPs on June 19 and in Paris on July 1.


Neiman Marcus Coral Gables, FL Lisandra: 786-405-6062
Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards, NYC  Brian: 202-733-8528
Chanel boutique 57th Street: Christina 347-851-1684
Hirshleifers: Tova 516-627-3566
Hirshleifers: Thomas 516-580-0262
Saks NYC (RTW): Sook 646-236-5336
Saks Columbus: Mojie 614-581-3142
Saks Boca Jay: 561-537-9468
Saks Houston Tima: 832-578-3063
Saks Beverly Hills Joan: @Jyfavorites
Bergdrof Goodman Miriam: 973-277-4600
Bergdorf Goodman: @getstyled_bergdorfgoodman

Gucci Sale Starts Now

Markdowns at Gucci started today. We were initially afraid that stores would not put the selection online but we are in luck--kind of. A limited selection of discounted Gucci is available at SaksNordstrom, and The Webster.

The discounts are up to 50% off. The situation is that it's nearly sold out. Zuma pumps are $623 from $890, jelly pool slides are $200 from $290 and a two-tone dress is $1200 from $3200. You can click here to see the entire Saks Gucci sale selection.

In past years Gucci has offered up a private link to its sale merchandise. We haven't seen one this season but we will keep our fingers crossed.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Weekend Shopping: Impulses & Obsessions

New York City is the most hard-hit by the Coronavirus but it's also the country's more important economy. This week's opening of NYC represents the reawakening of capitalism and is the first step towards normalcy. Some stores, like Macy's and Gap, have announced that they will not be swinging their doors open at the first opportunity. Other stores, like Saks Fifth Avenue, are offering curbside pickup.

New York City luxury stores might have a more difficult recovery than other cities because so much of the economy depends on tourism, which is currently barely existent. To further exacerbate matters, many local luxury shoppers have taken residence outside of the city. I don't foresee the recovery of stores on Madison, like  Givenchy, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana happening any time soon.

On the bright side, data shows that online luxury shopping has been robust. There has been a flight to quality, as analysts would call it. Shoppers are opting to spend their money on more expensive quality items and have nearly forsaken the ephemeral satisfaction of fast fashion.

While on the topic of quality shopping, this morning we received notice that the online arm of  Parisian Le Bon Marché, 24S, dropped Louis Vuitton merchandise to the site. This isn't such a stretch considering the store is LVMH-owned. We were most surprised by the fact that the listed items are currently offered at French value and not at US prices. For instance, an Alma mini is $1068 from $1460 US retail and LV high heel sandals are $784 from $1090 US retail.

Most of the best LV items are already sold out. Some pieces don't even show up on the site anymore. Early this morning, I spotted a Pouchette for $600 less than it's sold here. What's even better, is that duties are included and there is no sales tax. Don't miss 24S's Dior options, which can't be found at any other retailer and the site's great sale section.

Earlier this week we posted about the eminent private Saint Laurent sale. Inside sources say that there was a last-minute decision to move the sale to the end of June. Check out the full story here to see what's included and to begin pre-shopping now.

Monday begins the Gucci sale. Discounts will be 30% off at Saks and Bloomingdales. We aren't sure if the sale will be offered online too but it doesn't hurt to be on the lookout.

As temperatures heat up we started thinking more about our Summer wardrobe and mainly swimwear. After all, it seems like poolside socialization is as social as it will get this Summer.  Moda Operandi is currently offering an extra 15% off sale merchandise. The swim options are great.
This Versace one-piece is $117 from $275 and this Marie FranceVan Damme gold bikini is $140 from $330. Catch the full story with all of our favorite items here.

This week, Louboutins went on sale and Manolos saw another markdown at many stores. You can head this way for all the details. Manolo slingbacks are still available for $312 from $700 and floral mules are $202 from $675. You also can't miss The Outnet's sale where prices are reduced up to 90% off retail. Click here for all the details.

Shopbop started a sale-on-sale promotion where merchandise is an extra 25% off with the code SPOTLIGHT. This is a great type of sale to pick up a few basics, like shorts and pool-side essentials.  A Poupette St. Barth coverup is $120 from $320 and a Mara Hoffman bikini is 65% off.

Next Sunday is Father's Day. Click over to our gift guide for some ideas and inspiration. Mr. Porter also started its Summer sale. It's not a bad idea to browse the sale section for the perfect gift. Here are a few standouts that I found.

Before you move out, check out the Blue & Cream Golden Goose selection. All styles are 40% off with the code GG40 (EXPIRED). This Super Star Skate sneaker is $330 from $550 and this Ball Star style is $250 from $415.

The wait for the Net-a-Porter sale isn't far off. We suggest you begin pre-shopping now.

Stay tuned. It's going to be an eventful shopping week. Until next time... same time, same place?

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Outnet Clearance Sale

The Outnet is heavily discounting old merchandise in an online clearance sale. The markdowns extend to 90% off. The sale will run for about two weeks with increasing promotions. Right now, most items are running at full stock, which means you have your option os sizes and selection.

The handbag section isn't amazing. We spotted a Balenciaga triangle bag is $1000 from $2000, a Marni bucket bag is $532 from $2130 and a textured Volon bag is $400 from $1000.

You'll probably spot some better finds among the shoes. There are Kirkwood boots with pearl heels that are almost 70% off, which is less than the sample sale.  Saint Laurent rain boots are $280 from $700, Stuart Weitzman heels are $224 from $400, and Alaia lace-ups are $168 from $1680.

If you have some time to browse, I suggest you sort through the clothing because that's where you will find the best deals. Here is a Victoria Beckham coat for $400 from $4000, a Gabriela Hearst blazer for $280 from $2800, and an Iro leather jacket is $144 from $1500.

Sizes and merchandise are disappearing quickly but The Outnet often adds additional merchandise during the clearance sales. It's best to keep checking back. We'll try to keep the post updated as stock becomes available,

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Moda Operandi Extra Discounts

Moda Operandi started its seasonal markdown without much fanfare. To amp up the excitement, the site is now offering an extra 15% off sale prices with the code 15OFFSALE.

This promotion appears to be very good at offering us exactly the merchandise we need now. Hitting the swim section might not be a bad idea considering that most of our stores are still closed to trying-on.  This Balmain one-piece comes to $221 from $520 and a Versace logo bathing suit is about $125 from $275.

We love the Johanna Oritz swim collection this season. It's both feminine and stylish. We also really like the Onia selection that's already reduced 50% before the additional promotional discount.

Some other sale highlights include these Stuart Weitzman shoes that come to about $190 from $425.  (Not so much more than the company's online sample sale.) Off-White sandals are about $300 from $690.

Those looking for meaningful fashion pieces should check out this Paco Rabanne sequin chainmail dress that's reduced to $1500 from $3350. Here is a Safiyaa dress that's backyard wedding-ready at $850 from $1800 an embroidered Zimmerman dress is $790 from $1750, and this Alex Perry sleeveless dress is $475 from $1100.

Don't miss the accessories. An oversized Sensi hat is $160 from $300, a Lele Sadoughi embellished headband is under $80- from $170 and Stella McCartney shades are $190 from $365.

There isn't an end date for this Moda promotion. There should be another round of markdowns but it's best to plot your game plan beforehand.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I know we really laid it on thick for Mother's Day. It was a hard Spring. There was COVID, Zoom school, the constant cooking, and yes, staying at home. All the while it's been the Dad's who kept everyone in line.

He is the man that can recognize the power of any look you throw him. He knows exactly when to round up the troops and clear the house. Without him, who knows how we would have all survived. It's the time of year when we get to recognize his contributions. We searched the cyber universe for the best Father’s day gifts. Below are a few of our favorites gifts to celebrate on June 21. Show him how it's done!

Off-White industrial belt: $110 from $220

Cucinelli sneakers: $745

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak: $47,500 from $60,900

Givenchy belt: $315 from $525

Drumohr polo: $101 from From $144

Gucci retro sunglasses: $328 from $505

Golden Goose sneakers: $324 from $432

Tom Ford denim tote bag: $272 from $545

Gucci loafers: $700 from $850 US

Montblanc wallet $232 from $330 US

Monday, June 8, 2020

Updated: Manolos & Louboutins on Sale Now

It's the perfect time to spring your feet into something new. Right now, you can find a great assortment of shoes discounted 40% to 60% off. The selections include a terrific assortment of Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Saks Fifth Avenue just reduced a large assortment of Manolo Blahnik to 55% off.  Patterned flat Hangisi shoes are $460 from $1025 and embellished mules are $537 from $1200. More printed slingbacks are $335 from $745 and floral print mules are $303 from $675.

Saks Fifth Avenue removed all their Christian Louboutin shoes from the sale section but Nordstrom has a few styles priced at 40% off. Silver slingbacks are $525 from $875 and platforms are $477 from  $800.

Some more web searching presented these Louboutin loafers for $457 from $653, black heels for $650 from $990, and suede So Kates for $500 from $700.

Both stores have lots of other great brands of shoes available at similar discounts but these Louboutins and Manolos are not discounted as often as other brands.

Mr. Porter Sale Begins Up to 50% Off

If you weren't 100% convinced that 2020 was wacky and upside-down, we have further evidence. Today, Mr. Porter started its seasonal markdown with discounts up to 50% off.  The sister site, Net-A-Porter won't begin its public sale for about another week.

Usually, men's sales start several weeks after women's but that's not the 2020 situation. Some of the discount highlights for men include the assortment of Common Project sneakers. This retro style is $232 from $465 and Tournament leather sneakers are $309 from $515.

Among the clothing, we found an Amiri tee for $180 from $300 and a Motley Crue collab sweatshirt is $474 from $790. Street style enthusiasts should check out the selection from Ev Bravado that's now mostly all half off.  Embroidered jeans are $390 from $780 and a denim jacket is $275 from $550.

There are some great finds among the Tom Ford assortment. This belt is $400 from $800 and a wallet is $220 from $440. (Remember: Father's Day!) Among the Off-White selection, there are sneakers for $250 from $500 and a hoodie with arrows is $250 from $450.

There will be more markdowns later in the season. The timing is the remaining question.

NOW LIVE: Saint Laurent Private Sale

The Saint Laurent private sale is LIVE!  The discount is 30% to 50% off on a very large variety of bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories. You can use the code YSLPRIVATESALESS20 to engage the discount after logging into your account and going to "view shopping bag." The men's selection can be found here.

Some of the sale highlights include this Lou mini bag that is $805 from $1150, a small Jamie that's $1482 from $2470 and the Vicky camera bag is $1295 from $1850. Among the shoes, we suggest you snag a pair of Tribute mules that are $452 from $645 or Opyum sandal heels for $767 from nearly $1100.

Saint Laurent doesn't usually do a second markdown. If you're looking for steeper savings we suggest you direct your attention towards multi-brand department stores and boutiques.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Weekend Shopping: Impulses & Obsessions

Update: Blue & Cream is hosting a sale where all Golden Goose sneakers are 40% off. Use the code GG40 to engage the discount.

I remember having a teacher who would never say it's been "a bad day" or "a hard day" because she believed that every day was a blessing. A "challenging day" would be referred to as simply "A Day." I think it's fair to say we've had "A Week."

We are living through what is likely to become the most remarkable moments of our lives. We are collectively scared and confused. Regardless of politics, it's important to be kind, generous, and compassionate. When we can check all those boxes, progress begins.

Today, Target launched a trio of designer collaborations: LoveShackFancy, Cushnie, and Lisa Marie Fernandez. Here is a white linen blend dress from Lisa Marie that's $60, and a cotton floral print dress from LoveShack for $50. I always suggest looking closely at fabric content when shopping for budget-priced designer collaborations. Items made with natural fibers may cost a bit more but they will wear better over time.

If you're looking for some bonafide designer finds, check out Coltori boutique where you can save 20% off with the code DEALMOON20. The savings become extra-large on top of the euro-dollar savings. The Saint Laurent LE 61 is $662 from $995 US and a YSL canvas tote is $840 from $1600 US. There is also a Bottega Jodie bag that's $1900 from $2800 US. I also spotted these Bottega Lido heels on Cettire for $975 from $1250 US, a mini-pouch is $1020 from $1390 US and a mini Jodie is $1310 from $1720.

My favorite find of the week was Manolo Blahnik shoes that were discounted to 60% off this week at Nordstrom. There are still plenty of good styles available. Suede BB heels are $266 from $665 and floral print heels are $280 from $700.  You can read the full post here. The Louboutin shoes mentioned in the post were pulled from the Saks sale but will be available again on June 10.

The Shopbop extra 25% off promotion ends Saturday night. Use the code JUNE25 at checkout to engage the savings. A mini dress from SEA is $255 from $365 and Rosie Assoulin ankle bracelets are  $24 from $60. You can see more of my favorites in the Shopbop post.

The MyTheresa sale started this week with discounts of up to 50% off. A Balmain tank is $276 and an Isabel Marant sweatshirt is $231 from $330. Here is the post from earlier this week. Balenciaga items didn't convert over to the public sale.

The Stuart Weitzman sample sale is still going strong and all shoes and boots are under $200. Suede stretch boots are $170 from $575 and nude ankle-strap sandals are $150 from $400. Click over to the blog post for more details and finds.

The Net-A-Porter sale started for select VIP shoppers. It will be a little over a week until the sale goes public for all. This week we should start seeing some second markdowns begin. We wouldn't be surprised if we saw some good Gucci items hit the sale racks.

Until next week... same time, same place?

Thursday, June 4, 2020

MyTheresa Private Sale

I am often asked about MyTheresa and its roll with Neiman Marcus. The online luxury site was started in  Munich, Germany in 2006. The site was acquired by Neiman Marcus in 2014. Late last year, Neiman Marcus was accused by its creditors of attempting to secretly transfer the lucrative  MyTheresa asset into the hands of its private equity group.

The transfer to new ownership blocked creditors from making claims on the asset during bankruptcy. Just this week, Neiman Marcus was accused of inaccurately disclosing assets. You can read the full story here.

MyTheresa is always a little slower on markdowns than many other luxury retailers but the discounts are coming. This week, MyTheresa started a private sale and MadSpy readers can access it now with this link.

The markdown is 30% off on most items and the assortment includes a variety of designers including,  Balenciaga, Balmain, and Versace. Some standout items include Balenciaga heels are $630 from $900, a Balmain cropped tee is $200 from $300 and a Versace dress is about $1300 from $1925.

This sale opens to the public on Friday. MyTheresa will likely follow this up with a promotion and then another markdown. It's hard to grab them but the deals on MyTheresa can get very good. You can be sure we will be sleeping with one eye open.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Shopbop: Extra 25% Off Sale

It's been more than a moment since there has been a good Shopbop sale but the time has come. Right now you can save an extra 25% off sale merchandise with code JUNE25. The extra discount brings the ultimate markdown to about 85% off on a few of the most reduced items.

This is a great time to grab a new something for your Summer wardrobe--  shorts, sandals, or sunnies. We suggest starting your browsing through the small 70% off section. It's all final sale but the prices are right to take the risk. We spotted Lee Mathews paper bag-tie shorts that come to $75 from $350 and Kate Spade star earrings are $33 from $150.

Outside the most reduced items, we spotted a minidress from Sea for $190 from $365, Off-White sneakers for $272 from $605, Versace palm print leggings for $350 from $625, and a Zimmerman romper is $240 from $530.

The sale is one of the really good Shopbop sales but it will only a few days. The promotion ends Saturday at midnight (PT). This is the best deal you can expect, outside of Shopbop's friends and family sale. If you ask us, it seems like a good opportunity to celebrate the warmer weather months.

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