Saturday, October 31, 2020

Weekend Shopping: 🎃 👻 Obsessions & Impulses

This weekend is the convergence of several notable occurrences: it's Halloween, daylight savings, and a blue moon. As October briskly morphs into the holiday season, it's the perfect time to speak about our markdown and sale expectations.

The holiday shopping season started so early you can almost hear the twinkling lights as we packed up from the beach on Labor Day. This season, I expect to see heavier discounts earlier than we've ever seen. I also think that there will be waves of exclusions, depending on the popularity of the brand.

Everyone should keep that stores will be overwhelmed with shipping requests. You can expect there to be lots of delays from the convergence of increased online orders and sales associates shipping most purchases. You can expect shipping companies will pass along lots of delays too. My advice: ORDER EARLY!

This week we've already seen some serious promotions vailed in the celebration of Singles Day, which isn't even until November 11. Net-A-Porter is already offering 22% off a full assortment of merchandise with the code SINGLES22. (You can read more details about the promotion here.) 

You can shop at Harrods now and benefit from the price advantage and 10% off to those who register with their loyalty program. These Golden Goose seakers come to just about $310 from about $500 in the US. This Bottega Cassette bag (in my favorite teal color) is $2378 from $2800 US, here is this year's updated style with the heavy chain (which isn't very heavy at all) for $3186 from $3800 US and this woven linen tote is a great deal by all accounts for $1511 from $1850 US. Don't miss the Bottega rain boots for $470 from $650 US or Lido heels for $850 from $1200 US. 

If you need to stock up on beauty items and cosmetics, you should keep an eye on Sephora. Depending on your loyalty status you can save up to 20% off everything at the store. Rouge members, or those who spend $1000 or more a year at Sephora, can save 20% off right now. The Dyson hairdryer comes to $320 from a value of $464 for the gift set and the Airwrap styler (curling iron) set is $440 from $550. Don't miss all the holiday gift sets. Check out this YSL "Lipstick Vault" and this Artis brush set

This week we also dove back into 24S, where we have found a steady discount on LV items. French legislation has thwarted the tradition of destroying merchandise and luxury retailers are only beginning to figure out new ways to abide by the new laws. That means discounts for us. The selection is continually restocked. We suggest you check back often. You can click here to read more and to see all of my great finds

Moda Operandi is currently offering 25% off a large selection of Fall clothing. You can save 25% off by using the code FALL25 with anything in this edit.  Check out these high-rise boot cut leather pants from Goldsign that comes to $825 from $1100, these Paris Texas knee-high leather boots are about $630 from $840 and this Philosophy sweater is $356 from $475. You can check out more details here. 

Coming up this week, we can expect to see a lot more promotions leading up to Singles Day. We would keep an extra keen on European retailers, which have really started to heavily compete against US pricing.

That's it for now folks. Happy Halloween! Until next time... same time, same place?

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Net-A-Porter Singles Day Discounts

It's not even November and retailers are already getting a jump on promotions. Forget about Black Friday, Singles Day is quickly becoming the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season. The "holiday" started in 1993, by a group of Chinese college students, to celebrate the state of being single. The date November 11 (or 11/11) was chosen because of the ones-- obviously.

Net-A-Porter is getting an early jump on what's quickly becoming a holiday tradition. Right now, you can access this Singles Day link and use the code SINGLES22 to save 22% off everything that identified as "Seasonal Pick."

There are lots of great items that are perfect for self-gifting, which is opportune before holiday spending begins. It's no secret we are crazy about Bea Bongiasca's squiggly rings that are now $526 from $625. This Yuzefi bag with a heavy chain is priced exactly right for a trendy item and is $308 from $305. This Nanushka plaid wool coat is a perfect wear-now item at $721 from $935.

We pulled out some of our favorite items from the Net-A-Porter edit, including this Barbour rain jacket,  a Remain Birger Christenson sweater, and a Coperni oversized shirt.  We wouldn't be surprised if the selection is expanded. After all, Singles Day is officially a ways away. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Moda Operandi: 25% Off Fall 🍁Selection

It's officially midseason and all of our ambitious plans have the same fate as fallen leaves. That's not to say all is lost. Moda Operandi just started a private sale where you can save 25% off the entire assortment in this link when combined with the code FALL25

We are in love with these high-rise boot cut leather pants from Goldsign that come to $825 from $1100, these Paris Texas knee-high leather boots are about $630 from $840 and this Philosophy sweater is $356 from $475.

These markdowns are great for picking up a mid-priced item that might not make it to the discount season.  This Apparis coat is a great alternative to a Teddy from Max Mara as it comes to just $240 from $320 and offers a similar oversized look. The same goes for this Volon bag with a heavy gold chain that has a similar effect to the Bottega heavy chain pouch and comes to only $513 from $685. We love the belt on this Acler cotton shirt that's $221 from $295.

It's really the perfect time to take advantage of being outside and looking --decent. It won't be long until we are hiding under our duvets. That's equal parts duvet blankets and duvet coats. 

Neiman Marcus: 25% Off Clearance Prices

It's hard to know when, or if, good sample sales will begin this year. Finding a good discount online and circumventing the lines and crowds is always preferable and, this year, probably the most reasonable.   

This weekend, Neiman Marcus started a promotion where sale merchandise is discounted an additional 25% off. The discounts are very close to what you would find at a showroom sample sale but without the headaches. In addition, most beauty merchandise is discounted. 15%. Both promotions run through Tuesday.

Among the sale selection, we found this Barbour jacket for $150 from $400, a Dolce & Gabbana cardigan is $378 from $1400 and a Perfect Moment ski jacket is $180 from $480.  This Balenciaga blouse is not far from sample sale pricing at $312 from $1150 and this one-button jacket from The Row is $300 from $1590. Actually, fans of The Row should just click here and review the entire sale assortment. The options are plentiful and the prices are about as low as you will ever find them.

These are the types of discounts where it really pays to pick one or two quality items and add them to your closet. Beauty addicts should also seize the opportunity to save 15% off premier beauty brands. The promotion includes Chanel, La Mer, Dior, Creed, and Hermes

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Weekend Shopping: Obsessions & Impulses

It's no secrete how much I love vintage stores but over the past decade prices of preowned merchandise seem to have surpassed what could be found during a good markdown. Michael's Consignment, on the Upper East Side, is probably one of the most highly regarded stores of its kind in the City and maybe the country. 

Michael's is currently managed by the fourth generation of the same family and is famed for its high-quality assortment of Chanel and Hermes. I have never met a more knowledgeable staff and the quality of every item is always superb. (Far more merchandise is rejected than accepted.) For the past several months, I've been stalking the store's website but instinctively knew that the store would provide an abundance of great quality post-lockdown discounts. 

At the front of the store, shoppers can dependably find a full rack of Chanel ready-to-wear. The section always contains a gem or two but the rack is currently packed with an abundance of sensational items, including lots of Chanel tweed blazers, sweaters, and coats. Most of the prices range from $1000 to $2000 for blazers and between $450 and $750 for Chanel sweaters. 

Those with a keen eye might be able to snag an item that's even further reduced. I added some pictures in the jump of my favorite finds. If you see anything you like, the store does take phone orders and shipping is $25. Many items are on the website too

Moving on to shopping current trends, Prada's Nylon collection seems to be the hottest ticket in town. Items continually sell out quickly. I suggest not waiting until Christmas if you're counting on one of the less expensive items. Selfridges had a restock of the Prada collection this week. The British store has some of the collection priced under US retail and pieces under $800 are duty-free. It's a win-win. I suggest going for the Prada bucket hat that's $380 from $420 US and the mini-drawstring bag is $380 from $440 US. Details about shopping for the super popular collection are over this way.

Those looking for less niche shopping can click their cursers over to Neiman Marcus. On Sunday, the site will begin a sale where clearance items are an additional 25% off. I'm keeping an eye on this non-descript Moncler tweed jacket that's $841 from $2100. I love that it doesn't have a big logo on it. Here is a Balmain dress that's $661 from $1349 and this Saint Laurent coat is $1336 from $3690. Sometimes the promotions start a little early. Now you have an eventing activity. 

The biggest sale news of the week was Net-A-Porter's friends and family sale. The promotion includes a great assortment of merchandise that's 25% off. You can see the full selection within this link. No code is needed but you better get clicking because the promotion ends Sunday. These Iro high-waisted leather pants come to $862 from $1150 and a Tom Ford tote is $1642 from $2190. You can see more of my favorite items from the sale here

This week, we become acquainted with Verishopand haven't been able to stop the add-to-cart habit. Through Monday, you can save up to 20% off a large variety of items with the code FALLSALE. I am a sucker for the Smeg x Dolce & Gabbana collab and carted electric kettle that's $510 from $650. More practically speaking, I checked out with this Ball & Branch duvet cover that's $187 from $250. The matching shams are $41 from $55. More of my favorites are here

I suggest you keep one eye on the Saks Fifth Avenue site at all times. Some great sale items keep appearing at insane prices. There is usually only one or two sizes available and you need to move fast when it's the right fit. The Manolo Blahnik options are very, very good. This suede BB is $266 from $665 and embellished sandals are $400 from $1000. Lots of my previous sale finds can be seen here

Coming up this week will be the start of first markdowns for contemporary lines. Keep an eye out on Bergdorf Goodman and Saks if you're looking for moderately priced denim and sweaters. 

That's it for now folks. Until next time... same time, same place?

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Verishop: Up to 20% Off Sale Now

Sponsored by Verishop & ShopStyle

This time of year always has us yearning for things that are warm and cozy. This year, in our current state of flux, there is a heightened intention to feel safe and comfortable in your own environment. Verishop has been the perfect online destination to fill those needs for my entire household.

The best part is that through October 26 Verishop is hosting a sitewide sale where you can save 20% off fashion and 10% off home and beauty items with a purchase of $75 or more. Just use the code FALLSALE to engage the savings. 

My most recent Verishop purchase included this playful sweatshirt that comes to $55 from $68 and sweatpants that are $52 from $64. I imagine myself living in this set while at home all season. 

For the house, I added a bit of warmth to my oversized marble kitchen center island with a trio of Normann Copenhagen colored bubble vases. You can choose your favorite shapes and colors here.   I truly love the way the vases look empty as much as when they are filled with flowers. This Normann Copenhagen tray is $121 from $135 and centers the entire vignette. The promotion extends to a great selection for your pets, beauty items and fantastic kids finds too.

Verishop is well regarded for its great assortment of sustainable, ethically sourced, and clean products. The site even has a give-back initiative. That's not to outshine Verishop's great customer service, fast shipping, easy returns, and best price guarantee. Don't you wish all of life was that reassuring?

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Saks Sale: 40% Off Balenciaga & More

 Saks Fifth Avenue started a sale today where lots of merchandise is discounted up to 40% off. This time of year, we usually begin to see first markdowns on the more contemporary designers. It's rare that a sale at this early date would include designers like Balenciaga and Margiela.

This Balenciaga card holder is $245 from $350, this sad face "Happy Tote" is $1365 from $1950 and Maison Margiela combat boots are $610 from $1525. In the sale section, we also spotted these Saint Laurent suede high boots for $478 from $1200, a Givenchy crossbody bag is $700 from $1400,  and these Valentino suede boots are $650 from $1650.  

Saks has started to regularly upload highly reduced designer merchandise to its sale section. We have been trying to crack the formula so that we can catch it right but haven't been able to do so. For now, all we can do is suggest becoming a full-time Saks  stalker. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Net-A-Porter's Friends & Family Sale

Net-A-Porter just started its friends and family sale today. All the items included in the promotion are 25% off and can be found in this Seasonal Edit link. No code is needed, the discount is applied once your items are added to the cart. 

There are lots of little surprises included in the sale. We spotted these Amina Muaddi iridescent shoes that come to $472 from $630, the iconic Acne Studio hat is $112 from $150, Chloe scalloped pumps are $456  from $680 and this small Givenchy GV3 is perfect at $937 from $1250. 

If you love Roger Vivier, you will want to check here right away. These sneakers are amazing and are reduced to $1312 from $1750 or these shearling-lined boots are $1500 from nearly $2000. Classic square buckle pumps are $656 from $875.

We even found lots of great beauty items in the friends and family edit. Here are Louboutin and Gucci lipsticks, which we have never seen discounted in any promotion. We would say that 25% off is excellent

The friends and family promotion will run all week and ends on October 25th. We suggest you don't wait on those items that have been sitting in your cart. Few things are as heartwrenching as going through the checkout process to be alerted that your item is sold out. 

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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Weekend Shopping: Obsessions & Impulses

As the holiday season approaches, it's hard to differentiate between the items we like and the items that we will actually use. It's been far too long since I've been offered a glass of champagne off a silver tray or experienced the roaring sound of music and loud chatter as the elevators open to The Boom Boom Room.

It doesn't appear as if any of these opportunities will present themselves any time soon. Even the awkwardness of being at a social event, surrounded by strangers, seems nostalgic. So how will we be shopping and for what? That remains the question.

Bags and shoes are always a safe purchase. Will sweatpants and heels become a thing? Let's hope that times don't become that desperate. Earlier this week,  I dove into the elevation of outerwear in anticipation of increased outdoor socializing. You can click here to see what's caught my eye. 

Speaking of seasonal dressing, I worked with Intermix to and picked the perfect wardrobe heroes. You, know those items that save the day and keep you looking great over and over again. You can click here to see my favorite items

If you're looking for discounted Gucci, Jomashop already started a holiday sale where discounts run up to 50% off. Here is a classic Gucci belt for $299 from $460 and there is also another $20 off at checkout. This logo scarf is $224.

We also spotted lots of great deals on Italist this week. Discounts one new season merchandise are up to 50% off when compared to US prices. A small Prada beauty case with a handle is $300 from $380, Golden Goose sneakers are $388 from about $550, this Fendi bucket hat is $454 from $630. and a YSL Becky bag is $1341 from $1750. There is also a great selection of Max Mara coats that are drastically less expensive than you can buy them here. 

The Franch tax on destroying merchandise has 24S discounting Louis Vuitton items. You can also save an additional 10% off "reduced" prices with the code: ULTIMATESFIRST10. Click over to the post for full details

Tessabit is still offering 30% off new season items. You can see all the merchandise that's included in the promotion in this private link. Use the code  MID30MADISON at checkout to engage the savings.  Balenciaga speed sneakers that come to about $500 from $795 US. Other intriguing items include this Saint Laurent leather pouch for $262 from $375 and a Balenciaga City bag is $1540 from $2190. Don't miss this Balenciaga all over sweater or the Fendi sunset By the Way bag. Click here to read the full blog post.

Coming up, on Sunday, keep your eyes on the Saks sale section. We are told there will be some great markdowns. In the meantime, here is a kids Balenciaga sweatshirt (size 8) for $150 from $300. There will also be a big Monday surprise from another luxury retailer. The discounts aren't live yet but you might want to begin browsing this link. (Maybe bookmark it too, in the case I need to delete it.)

That's it for now folks. Until next time... same time, same place?

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Italist Begins November-Type Markdowns

We all eagerly await November's first markdowns but how exciting would it be if you could get similar discounts today? Italist has already started to chisel away at prices on Fall '20 merchandise. The additional savings on top of the currency difference adds to some big savings. You might even go as far as saying it's as good as a first markdown.

Take a look at this new Gucci Marmont bag in powder blue that's $1264 from $2100 in the US and this hard to find Marmont pouch is $370 from about $530. Don't miss this lace Gucci bodysuit is $677 from $980.

Beyond the great Gucci, we found this Bottega Veneta pouch for $2027 from $2800, a small Prada beauty case with a handle is $300 from $380, Golden Goose sneakers are $388 from about $550, this Fendi bucket hat is $454 from $630. and a YSL Becky bag is $1341 from $1750. 

 Italist's prices may not seem so discounted when you are looking at the site straight on. We suggest you do a search on Net-A-Porter or Neiman Marcus to get an accurate retail price. We don't need to wait until November to pull the trigger. We can start enjoying now.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

INTERMIX: Choosing the Perfect Wardrobe Hero

This post is sponsored by Intermix and ShopStyle

Update: Lots of our favorite Wardrobe Heroes are now up to 70% off. Click here to access the VIP link and shop the discounts now.

It's no doubt that we all have more than enough clothing to keep our bodies covered. Staying fashionable is a little more challenging. Before adding anything to my closet I consider how easy it will be incorporated with what I already own. 

Items that seamlessly carry over into multiple ensembles that are crowned as 'Wardrobe Heroes.' INTERMIX has plenty of heroes with many from their INTERMIX line and exclusives. I recently found this Ronny Kobo strong shoulder cashmere sweater tank and haven't gone more than a few days without putting it on.  

Some of my favorite pairing ensembles include these high waist leather pants, Frame skinny jeans, and this ALC pleated midi skirt. The top looks great alone or draped with lots of various lengths of gold necklaces

Some other amazing heroes found at INTERMIX include this Blazé Milano blazer and this jeweled button cardigan. Both can easily integrate and enhance the wardrobe that you already have. After all, isn't that the job of a hero?

Before checking out don't forget the biggest wardrobe staple of the year-- the face mask. The assortment from Lele Sadoughi and Cosabella, consistently receive great reviews for comfort and style. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The IT-it: Hats, Gloves & Scarves... Oh My!

The foliage has already started changing from Summer's zesty-green hue to Fall's vibrant combination of marigold, Bordeaux, and turmeric. There is a foreboding chill in the air but it's not only from the sliding temperatures. 

So much about our current environment remains unknown but we can be sure that there will be lots more outdoor time this Winter. In preparation, we are scouring stores for the best hats, gloves, scarves, boots, and jackets. After all, that's all anyone might see-- along with our favorite masks, of course.

Above are some items on my watch list. I'll periodically update the post as sale opportunities and new merchandise manifests itself.

Friday, October 9, 2020

24S: Extra 10% Off Louis Vuitton & More

In February, France passed legislation that prohibits the distruction of merchandise. “Projet de loi relatif à la lutte contre le gaspillage et à l’économie circulaire” – or “Bill on the fight against waste and the circular economy,” imposes hefty fines to companies that don’t donate unsold non-food goods.

This puts companies like LVMH in a peculiar situation as they have always destroyed unsold merchandise. In a turn of protocol, Louis Vuitton has been liquidating past season merchandise through its e-commerce site 24S.

Right now, 24S is offering discounts that can save 10% off nearly everything on the site. You can use the code ULTIMATESFIRST10 to engage the discount, which includes reduced Louis Vuitton.

Over this way, you need to grab this Louis Vitton hat that comes to $269 from $420 and the matching scarf is $475 from $620. Seems like we are going to be socializing outside a lot this winter and some outdoor fancy might be just the thing you need. In addition, there is this Damier belt and this classic monogram Artsy bag

24S is LVMH owned and therefore offers brands, like Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Celine, which you can't find on many other websites. The best value of shopping on 24S is that all duties are included in the sale price, shipping is free, and there is no sales tax. Even if an item isn't less expensive the savings of no tax and the awkwardness of in-store shopping makes online designer shopping even more attractive. My last order from 24S arrived in 30 hours after my "complete order" click.

Beyond the most elevated brands, you can use the code MID15 and save 15% off merchandise from the likes of Valentino and Canada Goose

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Savings from Havey Nichols

Most US stores haven't started any promotions but we've noticed that many many European stores are starting sale season with small but tasty discounts. The famed UK department store, Harvey Nichols has a is offering 15% off full-priced merchandise with the code HNGOLDEN. All beauty is 10% off with the same code. 

The small discount becomes much more substantial when you realize that many items are priced a lot less than US retail. Golden Goose is a prime example. Most styles start at about $100 less than they do in the states and the extra discounts make them even more attractive.  This style with a silver star and contrasting laces come to $350 from $550 US retail and this pair that runs into men's sizes is $318 from over $500.

A similar savings formula can be applied to Balmain items. A black Balmain tank with gold lettering comes to $250 from $395 US retail and this classic Balmain blazer with gold buttons is $1445 after the promo code from $2300 US. 

Don't forget that it will be getting cold shortly. The site has a great selection of Canada Goose jackets and coats. This classic long parka is $845 from $995 and a shorter jacket with a fur trim hood is $773 from $910.

In addition to the great prices, Harvey Nichols covers duty and taxes. Shipping is free and everything arrives super quickly by DHL. There are few things more satisfying than a next day arrival. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Tessabit's Mid-Season Sale 30% Off

Italy has been head of the curve when it comes to discounts and it doesn't seem to be yielding as we go into Fall. The Italian boutique, Tessabit is offering Mad-Spy readers 30% off all the new collection merchandise in this edit. You can see all the merchandise that's included in the promotion in this private link. Use the code  MID30MADISON at checkout to engage the savings.

Some of the standouts for Fall include these Balenciaga speed sneakers that come to about $500 from $795 US. Other intriguing items include this Saint Laurent leather pouch for $262 from $375 and a Balenciaga City bag is $1540 from $2190. Don't miss this Balenciaga all over sweater or the Fendi sunset By the Way bag.

The best part of the Tessabit promotion is that the merchandise is coming from Italy and many of the items retail for less money when compared to our retail prices. Shipping costs are free for purchases over $600. All duties are covered and even returns are free. You won't do any better than this (right now.)

Monday, October 5, 2020

Bergdorf Goodman: Diving Into 75% Off Deals

After four months of court proceedings, Neiman Marcus is officially out of bankruptcy. The Dallas-based luxury department store has shed a $5 billion debt load and gained new owners, including Davidson Kempner Capital Management, Sixth Street Partners, and Pacific Investment Management. Investors traded debt for equity, erasing much of the debt the store accumulated through two separate leveraged buyouts, in 2005 and 2013.

As part of the bankruptcy, Neiman Marcus closed it's first New York City store, at Hudson Yards after only just opening in 2019. 

At least we will always have Bergdorf Goodman-- or so we hope! After a too-long hiatus, it's time for us to dive back in and grab some lavender shopping bags.  

The sale section is stocked with lots of great designer items that are reduced up to 75% off. Here is a striking Alexander McQueen bag that's reduced to $1200 from nearly $3000, this little Ascot bag from The Row is $500 from $990, and this Tom Ford box bag is $1375 from $2550. There are lots of more sale bags here. Don't miss the Hayward selection, the discounts are amazing and the quality is fantastic. 

Jumping over to shoes, the Manolo Blahnik options are amazing. Here are denim pumps for $266 from $664, metallic leather slingbacks are $318 from $800, and snakeskin slides are $332 from $825. (I have them in black and love them because they are perfect packing.) There are also these Gianvitto teal loafers that are $472 from $990 and patent leather Saint Laurent booties for $400 from $1000.  Sizes are limited, so It's best to sort by size before facing disappointment.

The clothing options are plentiful. If you need a Moncler jacket don't hesitate. There are lots of options reduced 50% off and more. This houndstooth puffer is $1400 from $2800 and this pink plaid style is $1000 from $2000. Here is a Dolce & Gabbana skirt for $352 from $975, a Balenciaga blazer for $622 from  $2500, and a Balmain dress for $661 from $1350. 

Later this week we will be sure to tackle the Neiman Marcus site. In the meantime, Bergdorf Goodman should keep you busy enough-- for now.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

HauteFind: Valentino Up to 85% Off

The newly launched discount site, HauteFind is ushering in the cold weather season with deals you won't want to miss. Right now you can click over to the site and save up to 85% off a host of designer items including Valentino and Stuart Weitzman

This week, the site is sending us a little gift with extra special deals on coats. Here are is an ivory cashmere Valentino coat that's reduced to $981 from nearly $6700, a men's Moncler x Valentino collaboration coat is  $724 from $4200, and a woman's navy belted style coat is $776 from $4500.

HauteFind is a unique designer discount site that works on a weekly rotation of markdowns. New heavily discounted designer merchandise is added every Sunday and each following week the reductions increase. The deals start out very good and waiting can mean a missed opportunity or increased savings. It's your call but these are the type of missed opportunities that will haunt you. 

This week, the focus is on boots but that doesn't limit the deals in other categories. Here is an oversized denim Rockstud bag that's  $1418 from $3545, a bi-color Candy Rockstud bag is $1200 from $3000, and a tri-color clutch with a chain is $1200 from $3045.  There is also a great assortment of clothing for both women and men.

Everything sold on HauteFind completely authentic and brand authorized. Just a warning, the site is legitimately a discount lover's addiction. Once you get your Sunday shopping started it might be hard to stop.

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Italy: Half-Off Past Season Merchandise

In the past year, we have found ourselves shopping at Italian retailers as much as big neighborhood department stores. Even if the merchandise selection is very similar each store offers a distinct point of view and there is always an opportunity to find something new.

Modes, which is located in Sicily, is hosting a sale were past season merchandise is discounted up to 50% off. Check out this Saint Laurent blazer that's $1645 from $3300, a Balmain tank is $198 from $395,  an Isabel Marant mini drawstring bag is $263 from $438, and this Balenciaga quilted leather belt bag is $532 from $887. 

These Benedetta Bruzziches beaded bags are super popular throughout Italy and France and are reduced to $421 from $700. They have a similar shape to the Bottega Veneta pouch but the beading makes it a more glam and the prices are a lot less expensive. These Fendi espadrilles are $414 from $690, a Givenchy tote bag is $1074 from $1790 and these Balmain boots are $875 from $1750.

Modes offers free shipping and returns and all duties are included. That adds up to triple savings and is a great reason to keep the site bookmarked for future markdowns.